999 Times Training System

Chapter 14: What if I don’t?

Early the next morning, the monster mountain range.

Ji You has been hunting monsters in the outer area of ​​the Monster Beast Mountain Range, and he hunted many monsters overnight.

"This afternoon is the alchemy class. Go back now."

Thinking about it, Ji You left the Monster Beast Mountain Range on foot and returned to Chaoyang Branch.

"Ding! Congratulations, master, Huang Tier's medium-level mysterious skill'Ling Yunbu' successfully broke through to the realm of'Fuhuo Qingqing'!"

When he reached the Chaoyang branch, Ji You’s "Ling Yunbu" also happened to break through to the "furnace and pure green". As long as he breaks through again, the middle-level "Ling Yunbu" of the yellow rank can be upgraded to the first-class mysterious skill of the yellow rank.

As soon as she walked into the hall, the female receptionist greeted her.

Under the leadership of the female receptionist, Ji You came to a large classroom.

At this time, there were quite a few people sitting in the arena, and these seemed to be young men and women in luxurious clothes. It was estimated that they were young men and young ladies among certain forces.

Ji You walked here wearing a black robe, even if he didn't deliberately hide his face, it attracted the attention of many people. After all, his outfit was still a little weird after all.

He glanced at the people around him casually, thinking to himself that there must be someone from the Chen family among them.

But he didn't care, because with his current strength, almost no one in the Imperial Profound Realm could compare him, even Chen Yan could not do anything about him.

Then, Ji You casually found an unmanned place under the podium and sat down, waiting for the start of the alchemy class.

Not long afterwards, the venue gradually became noisy, and it seemed that some big man appeared.

"Isn't that Lin Qitian, the young master of the Lin family? He is also interested in Dan Dao?"

"How is that possible? Don't you know that Young Master Lin is interesting to You Shuyun? He must be here this time for You Shuyun."

"Yes, Lin Qitian is the first genius of the Lin family's martial arts, and he doesn't waste energy to learn alchemy. This time it happens that Miss You Shuyun is teaching himself, so he will appear here.


Ji You also recognizes this Lin Qitian, how can he say that he has been a handyman in the Lin family for a year, and it is impossible not to have heard of the young master of the Lin family.

This person has outstanding talents, and is one of the best in the entire Chaoyang Ancient City. Today, the martial arts cultivation base is said to be almost the same as Chen Yan's guy. They are all in the nine-fold Consummation of the Body Tempering Realm, and can enter the Imperial Profound Realm just one step away.

I saw that Lin Qitian looked superior, and he didn't have to look at anyone present, as if these people were not qualified to let him take a look.

Seeing Lin Qitian's appearance, Ji You couldn't help shook his head.

I thought it was a character, but that was the end.

But don't know why, Lyn Qitian walked straight towards him.

"Boy, this position is missing."

Ji You frowned upon hearing Lin Qitian's command.

What's wrong with this guy?

Ji You suddenly felt a little inexplicable. He sat here well, why did Lin Qiyun come to trouble him?

"Ben Shao say it again, this position is missing."

This time, Lin Qitian's tone was not only an order, but also a threat.

It seemed that if Ji You did not give way, he would be rude to Ji You.

Seeing this scene happen, everyone around started talking quietly.

"This guy is really miserable. By coincidence, he sat in the position under the podium."

"Yes, that's the first row, and it's still under the podium. Lin Qitian will definitely not let go of that position for You Shuyun."

"This guy hasn't gotten up yet, Lin Qitian's methods are not joking."


Many people began to mourn for Ji Humor.

However, Ji You didn't have the slightest fear. He looked at Lin Qitian coldly and smiled: "What if I don't?"

When Ji You said this, there was an uproar in the court.

"This guy actually dared to provoke Lin Qitian, I originally sympathized with him, but I didn't expect to be a fool."

"This kid is done, dare to offend the Lin family, I'm afraid he will be destroyed."

"In the ancient city of Chaoyang, few people dare to speak to Lin Qitian like this, this kid is really not afraid of death."

Lin Qitian's eyes were cold, "Boy, you are looking for death!"

"You can try, am I looking for death after all."

Ji You did not show weakness.

He is alone now, without any concerns. Although he has a heavy identity in the Lin family, it doesn't affect him much.

He had already offended Chen Yan, a young master of the Chen family, and he didn't mind offending another Lin Qitian.

One more is not too much, one less is not too little.

Lin Qitian's complexion became more and more gloomy, but just as he was about to let this kid suffer, a cold voice suddenly came from outside the door.


With the sound of this sound, the hall suddenly became quiet, and almost even the sound of breathing could be heard.

The visitor was a beautiful woman in a white skirt, the same You Shuyun that Ji You had seen last time.


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