999 Times Training System

Chapter 17: 999 times success rate of alchemy

Climbing step by step through the steps to the stage, then Ji You stood beside You Shuyun.

"The materials are on the table, you take a copy and you can start trying to refine the strength element pill."

You Shuyun said in a friendly tone.

She is more optimistic about this self-proclaimed boy than the guys who can only play tricks in the audience.

Although this young man has little chance of success, at least he has the courage to try to refine the pill.

She intends to pay close attention to this young man's alchemy process later, so that she can make the best suggestions so as to help this young man.

Ji You didn't know what You Shuyun was thinking. At this moment, he had already brought a piece of material to the pill furnace and was ready to start refining the Li Yuan Pill.

Following the steps demonstrated by You Shuyun earlier, combined with the knowledge of alchemy in his mind, he naturally started to light the furnace.

"Ding! It is detected that the owner has begun to refine the gradeless pill Liyuan Pill, and the success rate of alchemy is increased by 999 times!"


Ji You was taken aback for a moment.

999 times the success rate of alchemy?

It took a long time for him to react.

This also means that the success rate of refining the power element pills has increased 999 times? !

Ji You couldn't believe what he heard. If the 999 times success rate of alchemy was true, then he had no possibility of failure at all!

From the beginning to the present, the system has not deceived him, this time the 999 times success rate of alchemy should also be true.

He already possesses the alchemy level of a first-grade mid-level alchemist, plus the alchemy success rate has increased by 999 times, no matter how he can fail.

Ji You became more excited the more he thought about it, and he didn't have the slightest psychological pressure to refine the pill.

Now he was very casual, feeling that the temperature of the pill furnace was almost the same, so he threw the materials into the pill furnace at will.

Seeing this scene, You Shuyun frowned slightly.

Throwing away materials like this is not afraid of causing some bad effects.

Subsequently, Ji You began to control the heat of the pill furnace.

Possessing the soul power of the first-rank mid-level alchemist level, this kind of unranked force element pill has no pressure on him, and he can easily control the fire to the most moderate state.

Seeing that there was a slight change in You Shuyun's beautiful eyes, she, as a second-rank middle-level alchemist, could naturally see that this young man had controlled the fire to a nearly perfect state all at once.

Is this luck?

Or... strength?

Compared with the latter, You Shuyun thinks the former is more likely.

If it is really luck, it still makes sense, it is somewhat impossible to rely solely on strength.

Relying purely on strength, at least an alchemist with a middle or even a first-class grade can achieve this level.

She didn't quite believe that this young man had an alchemy level above the first-rank intermediate alchemist.

Ji You couldn't find that he had attracted You Shuyun's attention, and still focused on refining the pill.

After only a while, he smoothly refined all the materials into the pill liquid, and at the moment when the materials completely turned into the pill liquid, he suddenly made a condensed pill handprint.

This pill condensing mudra was included in the system when he broke through and became a first-rank alchemist. It seems that there is no grade, just a very ordinary pill condensing mudra.

Immediately, a Li Yuan Dan was successfully refined by Ji You, and a system prompt sounded.

"Ding! The master successfully refined a Li Yuan Dan, and the experience value of "Pill Path Achievements": (10*999 times)!"

"Ding! Congratulations to the master, the'Alchemy Achievements' successfully broke through to the first-rank first-class alchemist!"

"Ding! It is detected that the master's alchemy, the gradeless pill, the Liyuan Pill, is completed, and the alchemy success rate is restored!"

A familiar feeling hit, Ji You felt that his alchemy level, soul power and other aspects had been greatly improved.

With such efficiency, he estimated that by refining a few pills, he could break through and become a second-rank alchemist.

At the same time, a fresh fragrance filled the classroom.

The young men and women in the classroom reacted to this fragrance, and they were all startled.

"This scent... is the same as that from You Shuyun just now! This means that..."

"This...Is it impossible? That kid actually succeeded in refining the Li Yuan Dan. How long has it been?!"

"Could it be said that the gradeless pill is really so easy to refine? I will try it later."

"I think so too. It is estimated that this gradeless pill, Liyuan Pill, is easier to refine, so that kid can refine it so easily."


These people didn't want to believe that this was Ji You's true power, but instead believed that it was simply because Li Yuan Dan was easier to refine.

Not only that, but Lin Qitian thought so too.

He originally thought he was going to lose face, and his heart was flustered. After hearing other people's doubts about Li Yuan Dan, he immediately relieved a lot.

Only You Shuyun's expression became a bit solemn in the audience, and the boy's performance in front of him far exceeded her expectations.

Previously, when he was in control of the fire, he could use good luck to explain it. Now the other party directly refines the Li Yuan Pill, it can't be luck.

Because even the best of luck, an ordinary person can't successfully refine the pill.

This young man's alchemy level is absolutely extraordinary!

You Shuyun gradually paid attention to Ji You, and she planned to find an opportunity later to test the true alchemy level of this black-robed boy.

At the same time, she also felt that this alchemy class had become interesting. A young man who was looked down upon by everyone, but his real alchemy level was very unusual.

A faint curve floated on her lips, looking forward to how things would develop next.


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