999 Times Training System

Chapter 20: Jiang Yuexin is here

In the ancient city of Chaoyang, in front of the gate of the Lin family mansion, a luxurious carriage approached slowly.

"Second Miss, we are at the gate of Lin Mansion."

The coachman driving the carriage seemed to be talking to the people in the carriage.

A small head emerged from the carriage curtain, and he looked around strangely. This person was Jiang Yuexin, the second lady of the City Lord's Mansion.

At the same time, the Lin Mansion Conference Hall.

"What are you talking about? The second lady from the City Lord's Mansion came to our Lin family?!"

A middle-aged man with extraordinary temperament said in surprise.

"It's true, Patriarch!"

The man on the other side is an old servant.

That middle-aged man is obviously the head of the Lin family today, Lin Zhanshan.

Hearing what the old servant said, Lin Zhanshan couldn't help but fell into a thought.

Why did the second lady of the City Lord's Mansion, who had never visited his Lin family before, suddenly come here today?

Did something happen?

Without paying attention to so much for the time being, Lin Zhanshan immediately told the old servant: "You quickly send someone to prepare, and I will go out to meet Miss Jiang in person."


The old servant was ordered to leave.

Lin Zhanshan quickly walked out of the discussion hall.

The second young lady of the City Lord's Mansion actually came to his Lin's house, which was a very serious matter.

Although their Lin Family is one of the three major families in Chaoyang Ancient City, there is another power with a transcendent status, that is, the City Lord's Mansion.

The City Lord’s Mansion controls the entire Chaoyang Ancient City, and their Lin Family dare not offend.

Otherwise, how could his dignified Lin Family Patriarch personally come forward to meet a little girl?

Soon, Lin Zhanshan came to the gate.

He looked at Jiang Yuexin who just got off the carriage, and smiled flatteringly: "Why did Miss Jiang suddenly come to my Lin's house today?"

"Are you Lin Zhantian, the head of the Lin family?"

Jiang Yuexin was not at all polite.

"It's under."

Lin Zhanshan still kept smiling.

Although the other party didn't give him face, he did not dare to complain.

"This lady came to your Lin's house today to meet someone."

Jiang Yuexin said calmly, but there was a hint of arrogance in her eyes.

Lin Zhanshan was taken aback for a moment, he had no idea that Jiang Yuexin would come here this time to find someone.

Then he asked, "Who would Miss Jiang want to see?"

Jiang Yue thought for a while, and replied: "Who was the first day of martial arts in your Lin family? The person I was looking for was him."

"Our Lin family's first martial artist? Miss Jiang is referring to my son Lin Qitian?"

Lin Zhanshan asked in surprise.

"Well, it should be him."

Jiang Yuexin nodded without hesitation.

She thought for a moment, with the strength of that bastard, she must be the first martial artist in the Lin family.

But the name Lyn Qitian didn't sound very nice to her.

Lin Zhanshan was immediately overjoyed, "Please come to our Lin Mansion for a seat, my son, Lin Qitian, he hasn't come back temporarily after he went out, and he will probably be back soon."

The second lady of the City Lord's Mansion wants to see his son Lin Qitian, which is a good thing for their Lin family.

In his opinion, this Miss Jiang probably fell in love with Lin Qitian's talents, and was interesting to Lin Qitian, so she came here specially.

If Lin Qitian and this Miss Jiang can be paired together, their Lin family can climb the giant mountain of the city lord's mansion, and then their Lin family will be soaring.


Jiang Yuexin followed Lin Zhanshan into the Lin Family Mansion, and several black guards followed her.


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