999 Times Training System

Chapter 21: He is much handsomer than you

Just shortly after Jiang Yuexin walked into the Lin Mansion, Ji You returned to the Lin Mansion, but he happened to not see Jiang Yuexin and walked straight towards his residence.

Although he offended Lin Qitian, the young master of the Lin family, he didn't take that Lin Qitian to heart. He still came and left when he loved him.

After a long time, Ji You arrived at the residence.

As soon as he entered the room, he sat on the bed and took out a Li Yuan Dan and a Qing Xuan Dan from the ring.

He couldn't wait to eat the Qingxuan Pill, very much looking forward to how much this first-grade pill would increase his cultivation.

However, Ji You still intends to take the unranked Liyuan Pill as an appetizer first, and then the main event of Qingxuan Pill.

After taking this Li Yuan Pill, Ji You did not feel the significant increase in his cultivation.

This is because he is now at a higher cultivation base, and the strength element pill that even does not have a rank naturally cannot have much effect on him.

But he didn't care much. After all, this Li Yuan Dan was just an appetizer, and the next Qing Xuan Dan was the point.

"Ding! Master took a ‘Qingxuan Pill’, and gained experience points for ‘Martial Dao cultivation base’: 3000*999 times!"

"Ding! Congratulations, Master, the'Budo Cultivation' successfully broke through to the eighth peak of Body Tempering Realm!"

"Ding! Congratulations, Master, the'Budo Cultivation' successfully broke through to the Eighth Level Consummation of Body Tempering Realm!"

Feeling the surge in his own cultivation base, Ji You was immediately satisfied, and the effect of this Qingxuan Pill did not disappoint him at all.

"Now that the cultivation base has reached the eighth level of Body Tempering Realm, it is only one step away to break through to the 9th level of Body Tempering Realm, and Chen Yan’s dog thing is the cultivation level of the 9th Level Consummation of Body Tempering Realm. I will refine two Qingxuan Pill Go down, you can almost crush him."

Ji You thought to himself, and then took out a pill furnace and some alchemy materials from Najie.

This pill furnace was the one in the alchemy class, and it was also given to him by You Shuyun, and the alchemy materials were the two materials needed to refine the Qingxuan Pill.

Without wasting much time, Ji You immediately began to refine the pill.


At the same time, in the meeting hall of Lin Mansion.

Jiang Yuexin seemed to be a little impatient in waiting, and asked Lin Zhanshan unceremoniously: "What the **** did that guy do, why hasn't he returned after so long?"

"Miss Jiang, I only know that Qitian went to the Chaoyang branch to attend the alchemy class. I don't know why he hasn't come back."

The smile on Lin Zhanshan's face already seemed a little reluctant. In any case, he was also the head of the family, but he was treated with this attitude by a younger generation, and it was really shameless.

Had it not been for the second lady of the City Lord's Mansion, he would have been angry.

He forcibly endured it and continued: "But he has been away for more than an hour, and he should be back soon."

Lin Qitian walked back to the Lin Mansion without a thought, when he suddenly saw an old servant running towards him.

"Master! Master! Go to the meeting hall, the second lady of the City Lord's Mansion is looking for you!"

Just listen to the old servant hurriedly shouted.


Lyn Qitian was stunned.

The second lady of the City Lord's Mansion...that Jiang Yuexin?

Why did she come to me suddenly?

Could it be that... is this young master?

Apart from this, Lyn Qitian couldn't think of any other reasons.

Because he had never met Jiang Yuexin before, nor had any intersection.

Thinking that Jiang Yuexin might have fallen in love with herself, Lin Qitian's low mood quickly disappeared.

Although he has never met Jiang Yuexin, he has met Jiang Yuexin's sister Jiang Yuechu.

Jiang Yuechu's peerless appearance, as a sister Jiang Yuexin, shouldn't be much worse.

Anyway, as long as he is a beautiful woman, he is happy.

Lin Qitian speeded up his pace and headed to the conference hall, he couldn't wait to see how beautiful Jiang Yuexin was.

Before long, Lin Qitian came to the meeting hall.

Apart from his father, there was a girl in pink skirt and some people in black in the hall.

"Father, I'm back."

Lin Qitian first said to Lin Zhanshan.

"Qitian, you are finally back."

Lin Zhanshan said with a smile.

Then he introduced to Jiang Yuexin: "Miss Jiang, this is my son, Lin Qitian, the first martial artist of our Lin family."

As soon as Lin Zhanshan's words came out, Lin Qitian's eyes immediately fell on the girl in the pink skirt.

This is Jiang Yuexin?

The beauty is not bad!

An imperceptible color of greed flashed in Lin Qitian's eyes, and it would be great if he could get this Jiang Yuexin in his hands.

However, Jiang Yuexin seemed to catch Lin Qitian's eyes, with a trace of disgust on her delicate face, and she said: "The person this lady is looking for is not this erotic."

"not him?"

Lin Zhanshan looked surprised and puzzled: "But he is indeed the first genius of our Lin family's martial arts, there is no one else."

After speaking, he gave Lin Qitian a look.

Ms. Jiang will say that she is a **** man when she meets, and it must be that Lin Qitian is ill again.

Lin Qitian's neck shrank slightly, but Jiang Yuexin's eyes were so sharp.

But this is not the point, the point is what is going on right now?

It sounds like this Jiang Yuexin is the first genius who came to the Lin family to find martial arts, but isn't he the first genius of the Lin family?

"This lady remembers clearly, it must not be him, and even though that guy is a bit asshole, he is at least much handsomer than him."

Jiang Yue didn't stop her words, she said whatever she wanted.

She couldn't help wondering whether that **** had deceived her at first, and was not the Lin family at all?


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