999 Times Training System

Chapter 22: My lady wants to see him


Lin Zhanshan was speechless and didn't know what to say for a while.

Lin Qitian's face was also a bit ugly, the other party was clearly saying that he was ugly.

Lin Zhantian barely squeezed a smile on his face and asked, "Then Ms. Jiang can elaborate on her appearance. If it is from the Lin family, I can help Ms. Jiang find out."

"In terms of appearance, his face is handsome, he looks sixteen or seventeen years old, the most special thing is that the guy has always been wearing a strange black robe."

Jiang Yuexin thought about it carefully and said.

Lin Zhantian pondered for a while, then shook his head and said, "We shouldn't have such a person in the Lin family."

Lyn Qitian on the side also thought about it.

Sixteen or seventeen...

Always wearing a black robe...

and many more!

At this moment, he almost blurted out, "Could it be that kid?!"

Hearing Lin Qitian's sudden exclamation, Jiang Yuexin immediately asked, "Do you know that guy?"

"I know one, but it shouldn't be the person Miss Jiang wants to find. He is just a talented alchemy, and he can't be the first genius of our Lin family.

When talking about that person, Lin Qitian's expression was very wrong, and his heart was full of resentment.

"The Dan Dao talent is great?"

Jiang Yuexin frowned slightly.

That bastard's martial arts strength is very strong. Normally speaking, the alchemy aspect can't be equally strong, maybe it's really not the same person.

But no matter what, she still wanted to meet first before talking.

Just listen to her saying: "Go and help this lady find him, this lady wants to see him."

"Um... we guess it will take a lot of time to find him. During this time, Miss Jiang you..."

Lin Qitian said embarrassedly.

"This young lady will stay at your Lin's house until you find that guy. Why, do you have any comments?"

Jiang Yuexin said in a cold tone.

"No objection, of course no objection."

Lin Qitian felt very uncomfortable, but he could only laugh with him.

Afterwards, Lin Zhanshan went to arrange a place for Jiang Yuexin and others, and only Lin Qitian was left in the discussion hall.

I saw that his face was almost ugly to the extreme, his forefoot had just been slapped in the face in the alchemy class, and now he had to obey Jiang Yuexin. He only felt extremely humiliated.

As the young master of the Lin family, when did he suffer such grievances?

Since Jiang Yuexin couldn't move, then he planned to vent all his grievances on that kid.

Even without Jiang Yuexin's words, he would find out who the kid was.

After Jiang Yuexin confirmed that the kid was not the one he was looking for, he would make the kid pay a painful price!

At this time, Ji You was still refining the Qingxuan Pill, and had no idea what was happening in the conference hall.

"Ding! The master successfully refined a ‘Blue Profound Pill’, and he gained experience points for his alchemy attainments: 100*999 times!"

It took less than half an hour, and Ji You successfully refined a Qingxuan Pill.

This time his alchemy technique was obviously much more adept than when he made the Qingxuan pills for the first time, and the entire alchemy process was much smoother, and even the time spent was much shorter.

He can guarantee that the next refining of the Qingxuan Pill will go further, one is because the successful refining of the pill will greatly improve the attainments of the alchemy, and the other is that the more the Qingxuan Pill will be refined and he will naturally become proficient.

Ji You was not in a hurry to consume this Qingxuan Pill, but then began to refine the second material. By then, it would be better to take the two Qingxuan Pills together.

This time it took a little less time than the previous time, and Ji You only took about forty minutes to successfully refine the Qingxuan Pill.

In this way, two Qingxuan pills of good quality appeared in Ji You's hands.

He didn't hesitate at all, and directly swallowed these two Qingxuan Pills together.

"Ding! Congratulations, Master, the'Budo Cultivation' successfully broke through to the late stage of the Ninth Stage of Body Tempering Realm!"

As the martial arts cultivation level crossed from the eighth stage of the body tempering realm to the late stage of the nineth stage of the body tempering state, Ji You instantly felt the explosion of profound energy in his body, and all aspects of his physical body were improved again.

It can be clearly seen that the higher the cultivation base, the more difficult it is to break through.

Taking two first-grade Qingxuan pills together, only allowed him to break through three small realms.

"In this way, I still have a long way to go before I break through to the Royal Profound Realm."

Ji You thought to himself, "But with my current cultivation base, it is enough, as long as it is combined with profound skills, it is enough to crush Chen Yan.


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