999 Times Training System

Chapter 32: Just a drop of water, what are you afraid of

I don't know how long it took, Ji You gradually woke up from his sleep.

The moment he regained consciousness, he suddenly felt a warm and soft radiating from the back of his head, as if lying on a comfortable pillow, but for some reason there was a warm touch.

He slowly opened his eyes, and what led to his eyes was a long jade leg.

At this moment, Ji You couldn't help being stunned, and he couldn't realize what happened.

Then he turned his head and saw that he was lying on Jiang Yuexin's lap.

He frowned slightly and thought about it carefully.

He remembers that he didn't do this at all before he fell asleep?

Could it be that after falling asleep, he climbed onto someone's lap?

Damn it? !

Thinking of this, Ji You couldn't calm down.

At the same time, Jiang Yuexin, who was napping, felt a little itchy thigh, and then found that Ji You woke up.

"Ji You, you finally woke up!"

Jiang Yuexin said with joy.

Ji You's first reaction to Jiang Yuexin's expression was very unexpected.

Logically speaking, when Jiang Yuexin saw him lying on his lap, shouldn't his normal reaction be ashamed and angry?

But Ji You said nothing, and sat up calmly.

Now he can still feel the pain from his waist. It is estimated that he has suffered an internal injury that is difficult to heal, but at least it is much better than at the beginning.

"Speaking of which..."

Ji Yougang asked something, and suddenly saw a dark cave behind him.

He glanced at the gray sky again, and said helplessly: "It looks like we can only spend the night in this cave tonight."

Over...overnight? !

Realizing that he and Ji You, a lone man and a widow are going to spend the night in a dark cave, Jiang Yuexin couldn't help but think about it.

She saw her face getting redder and red, and she soon became like a red apple.

However, Ji You might not have noticed, or she might not care at all, and walked into the cave on her own.

"Let's go in and explore the entire cave, so as not to be attacked by monsters while sleeping at night."


Although Jiang Yuexin was very shy, she could only go in with Ji You.

There is no shining object in the cave. The later Ji You and Jiang Yuexin walk inside, the darker the surroundings will be. In the end, they will lose sight of anything.

"Is there anything on you that can shine? It's too dark in there..."

Jiang Yuexin grabbed Ji You's clothes corner with one hand, and said timidly.

"Why, are you afraid of the dark when you are so old?"

Ji You couldn't help but vomit.

"How, how is it possible, I'm just not used to it."

Jiang Yue said stiffly, but her slightly trembling legs betrayed her.

Ji You shrugged a little helplessly, and said, "I don't have anything shiny on my body. Just follow me and don't spread out."


Jiang Yuexin whispered.

She didn't look anywhere, just like this, holding Ji You's clothes with her hands and closely following Ji You.

Suddenly, a drop of water fell from above.

Ji You's consciousness was very keen, and he immediately noticed this drop of water.

Although he knew it was a drop of completely harmless water drop, but still subconsciously tilted his head, completely avoiding this drop of water drop.


The next moment, I just listened to the sound of water drops falling to the ground.

The sound was supposed to be small, but it seemed very loud in this silent cave.


It happened that this drop of water dripped on Jiang Yuexin's feet. She thought that something was going to attack her, and suddenly screamed.

Not only that, she subconsciously hugged Ji You tightly.

"It's just a drop of water, what are you afraid of?"

Ji You was a little speechless.


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