999 Times Training System

Chapter 41: Stop talking nonsense, just do it

Along the way, the two encountered a lot of monsters, but fortunately, they didn't meet the second-tier monsters again, and they were all easily resolved by Ji You.

Not only that, but his physical form "Ling Tianbu" broke through to the realm of furnace fire, and his fist "gravel fist" broke through to the realm of fusion.

All the monsters killed were cut off by him with more precious materials, and now his Na Jie was almost filled with monster materials.

After a long time, Ji You and the two returned to the gate of Chaoyang Ancient City.

"Are you sure you won't go to the City Lord's Mansion with me?"

Jiang Yuexin was a little worried about Ji You, and asked again.

"I am sure."

Ji You had already put on a black robe to cover her face.

Jiang Yuexin sighed a little, "Let's do it, but if there is any crisis at that time, you must come to me!"

"I know."

Ji You nodded slightly.

Then he separated from Jiang Yuexin, Jiang Yuexin returned to the city lord's mansion, and he set off for the Chaoyang branch.

It didn't take long for Ji You to reach the Chaoyang branch.

He did not show his face, only showed the alchemist badge, and immediately someone came to receive him.

"What does sir need to do?"

The one who came to receive was a woman she had never seen before.

"I want to sell some monster materials."

Ji You said lightly.

"Sir, please come with me."

The reception woman immediately led Ji You to the trading area.

Soon, Ji You arrived at the trading area.

Throwing out all the monster beast materials in Na Jie shocked everyone present.

"This... how many monsters did this person kill?!"

"This is definitely a master. I have also seen the materials of the first-grade nine-fold monster beast. Maybe it is a master of the Royal Profound Realm."

"This is too cruel. The total number of monsters I have hunted this year is not as large as his."


The attention of the people who were trading around was attracted and exclaimed.

"How many gold coins are these worth in total?"

Even those in charge of the transaction were taken aback for a while, and it was not until Ji You spoke, "Mr. Trouble wait a minute, we have to settle down."

Ji You waited quietly on the side, and after a long time, the man said: "Sir, your monster materials are worth 3800 gold coins."

Ji You nodded slightly and said, "Then score me in this white card."

With that said, he took out a white card from the ring.

This is the white card Jiang Yuexin gave him last time. It is a kind of business card, which is equivalent to a virtual gold coin transaction method.

"Good sir."

Seeing that the black-robed man had a white business card in front of him, his attitude suddenly became more respectful.

After a while, Ji You's white merchant card had 3800 gold coins, plus Jiang Yuexin's previous repayment, now there are a total of 5800 gold coins in it.

These gold coins are enough for him to buy a lot of materials to refine the pill.

"Then please help me choose some alchemy materials, especially the materials specifically used to refine the second-grade and inferior pill. The total value should not exceed 5800 gold coins."

Ji You said.

The man was immediately overjoyed and hurriedly selected alchemy materials.

During this period, people around were constantly amazed, and one shot was 5800 gold coins, really bold!

However, Ji You didn't care about these exclamations around him.

After a while, I saw the man approaching with a lot of materials.

"Sir, these are all the materials needed to refine the second-grade inferior pill. It is worth 5,500 gold coins in total. Please check it out, please."

Hearing what the person said, Ji You glanced at it casually, then took out a token from his arms and showed it to the person.

"The first-grade alchemist badge...then it is the price of 5,225 gold coins for your husband."

The man said immediately.

As long as it is a first-grade alchemist, you can get a 95% discount on anything purchased in Chaoyang Branch, so the talent immediately changed the price.

After deducting 5225 gold coins, there are now 575 gold coins left in Ji You's white card.

He collected the materials of the second-grade and lower-grade pill into Najie, and then he left the Chaoyang branch and returned directly to Lin Mansion.

Just as Ji You walked to the gate of the Lin Family Mansion, he suddenly discovered that the guards of the Lin Mansion today are much tighter than before, and the guards at the gate are twice as many as usual.

"Hey, the guy over there, take off the black robe."

Just when he was about to enter the Lin Mansion, a guard at the head suddenly stopped him.

Immediately other guards also surrounded him, and he couldn't move in or retreat.

The captain of the guard cast a stare at a certain companion, and that companion quickly walked into the Lin Mansion.

Then, the captain of the guards said coldly to Ji You: "The young master has an order, anyone who wants to enter the Lin Mansion is not allowed to cover his face with a black robe, otherwise he will be caught."


Ji You was a little surprised. He didn't expect that Lin Qitian would attack him so soon.

After all, he was the only one who would go in and out of Lin Mansion in a black robe, and these people immediately surrounded him without asking about the situation. There was no other possibility other than against him.

"What are you doing with so much nonsense? You just want to do it to me, so just do it."

Ji You simply took off the black robe and said with a light smile.

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