999 Times Training System

Chapter 43: Damn Chen Yan, and Damn Lin Qitian!

"Ji You, you are so courageous, Sa Ye dared to spread it on my Lin Mansion!"

Lin Qitian looked at the miserable situation before him and scolded angrily.

At the same time, his eyes are full of incredible colors. Isn't this kid a triple trash body tempering realm, why is his strength so terrible? !

Even the captain of the guard disappeared, which seemed to be more ill-fortuned.

From this position where Lin Qitian stood, he could not see the captain of the guard lying in the pit in the wall.

Ji Youjiang threw the body of the guard in his hand casually, tilted his head and looked at Lin Qitian coldly, "You have to die too!"

Ji You came to Lin Qitian in an instant, clenched his right fist and smashed at Lin Qitian with a "Stone Fist".


Lin Qitian was shocked, he didn't see Ji You's movements clearly.

Even before he had time to react to what happened, Ji You had already appeared in front of him.

Lin Qitian, who has nine levels of perfect cultivation in the Body Tempering Realm, subconsciously crossed his hands to protect his head even if it didn't help.


With a sound, Lin Qitian suddenly felt a sharp pain in his arms.

Only then did he realize that the bones of his two arms seemed to be about to break.

At any rate, he was also the cultivation base of the Ninth Level Consummation of the Body Tempering Realm, only one step away was the Imperial Profound Realm, and there were few opponents in the entire Chaoyang Ancient City Imperial Profound Realm.

The strength of this kid in front of him was obviously above the Imperial Profound Realm, and he was simply not an existence he could resist.

He was scared, his eyes were full of fear, and at this moment he truly realized what kind of monster he had provoked.


Just listened to Ji You's cold voice, "It's not bad, you actually took a punch, so can you resist the second punch?"

Hearing this voice, Lin Qitian suddenly trembled, especially when he heard the other party giving him a second punch.

He couldn't take one punch, so wouldn't the second punch directly kill him?

No way!

Lin Qitian felt that he had to stay away from this monster!

He gritted his teeth fiercely, resisting the pain in his arms and tried his best to use his body skills to flee towards the house.

Upon seeing this, Ji You sneered, "Do you think you can escape?"

Before the words fell, he caught up with the opponent at a speed far surpassing Lin Qitian.

Lin Qitian had just heard Ji You's voice, thinking about looking back to see if Ji You had chased him, and suddenly realized that Ji You had appeared behind him.

He was so scared that he staggered and fell to the ground, sitting on the ground and retreating in embarrassment.

"You... don't come over!!!"

Lin Qitian looked at Ji You in horror and exclaimed.

Ji You didn't stop in his footsteps, walked over and grabbed Lin Qitian's Tianling Gai with his hand, and only twisted his head with one hand to make Lin Qitian's feet float.

"Ding! The master casts the'Shadow Claw', and the'Shadow Claw' gains experience points: (20*999 times)!"

Ji You's hands were so strong that Lin Qitian only felt that his head was about to burst, and the pain was unbearable.

He frantically grabbed Ji You's hand that was twisting his head, trying to break away from Ji You's iron hand, but he could only leave a little scratch on the back of Ji You's hand.

"Ding! The master's body has been hurt, and the Yellow Tier's inferior mysterious skill'Thick Earth Armor' gains experience points: 1*999 times!"

"Ding! The master's body has been hurt, and the Yellow Tier's inferior mysterious skill'Thick Earth Armor' gains experience points: 1*999 times!"


"Ding! Congratulations, Master, Huang Tier's inferior mysterious technique "Thick Soil Armor" successfully broke through to the realm of "Integration and Transcendence"!"

Although Lin Qitian's scratches made Ji Youlian's defensive mystery "thick soil armor" break through the realm, but in fact these scratches felt like scratching in Ji You, with almost no pain.

His hand strength gradually increased, making Lin Qitian feel unbearable pain.


Lin Qitian kept screaming.

There were many Lin Family children and servants all around who saw this scene, but no one dared to get closer.

They all only watched here from a distance, and only a few people secretly ran to report to the top.

"Invite truthfully, did you want to attack me or listen to others' instructions?"

At this moment, Ji You suddenly spoke.

"Yes... Chen Yan instructed me, ah, ah, please let me go!"

Lin Qitian was so painful that his five senses were twisted together, making him very ugly.

"Okay, then you can die next."

Ji You let go and put Lin Qitian down, but at this moment, he immediately hit Lin Qitian's chest with a punch.

The reason why he didn't kill Lin Qitian directly at the beginning, but tortured Lin Qitian, was because he wanted to torture Lin Qitian's spirit to collapse, so that Lin Qitian would be recruited truthfully.

Unsurprisingly, Lin Qitian really followed Chen Yan's instructions. It must have been when he was trapped in the underground world with Jiang Yuexin. Lin Qitian and Chen Yan colluded with the two dogs.

Damn Chen Yan, and Damn Lin Qitian!


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