999 Times Training System

Chapter 46: That is to become stronger!


Ji You's face was a bit dazed, but he really didn't hear Jiang Yuexin's words have any other meaning.

But Ji You didn't care about such trivial matters, as long as Jiang Yuexin's mood could recover a little.

"Stop talking about it, I really want to know what happened to you after you separated from me yesterday?"

At this moment, Jiang Yuexin asked suddenly.

"...The matter is over, so I won't mention it."

Ji You hesitated for a moment and whispered.

The reason why he didn't want to mention what happened yesterday was to prevent Jiang Yuexin from getting involved in the matter between him and Lin Chen's family.

The remarks made by Jiang Yuechu just now, plus Jiang Yuexin's gaffe in the underground world.

Through these factors, he could guess that Jiang Yuexin's own situation seemed unfavorable. Although he did not know the specific aspects, he did not want Jiang Yuexin to be trapped in the whirlpool between himself and Lin Chen's family.

Why... not willing to tell me?

However, Jiang Yuexin didn't say this sentence.


Jiang Yuexin finally groaned, her expression slightly sad.

Although she knew that it was definitely the Lin or Chen family who had acted on Ji You, Ji You didn't reveal the truth, and she couldn't help much, which made her feel very useless.

He... is not at all someone Ji You can rely on.

The atmosphere became extremely heavy. Ji You wanted to ease the atmosphere, and then joked: "This room is really childish and cute. It must be your room."

However, Jiang Yuexin did not react at all, and the atmosphere suddenly became heavy and embarrassing.


You really don't know what to say next season.

The two were speechless for a long time.

Jiang Yuexin seemed to relax a little, she closed her eyes and took a breath, and said: "Your back injury is still serious, you should continue to rest, I will help you get some pills."

"The pill is unnecessary. There are many branches in the ring that I used to grill fish in the underground world. You will try to make the medicine later and it should be effective."

With that said, Ji You took out a lot of branches from his ring.

When he discovered that this kind of branches had a healing effect at the time, he deliberately collected some, but he didn't expect it would come in handy so quickly.

"Unexpectedly, you took these away. It's easier to handle now."

Jiang Yuexin's expression was both joyful and unexpected, and then ran out of the room holding these branches.

Seeing Jiang Yuexin leaving, Ji You began to think about what happened yesterday.

He deeply remembered that Lin Zhanshan had almost lost his ability to resist with just one move, and that move was a unique move of the Tongxuan realm.

Once a martial artist enters the Tongxuan Realm, he can release the profound energy inside his body to form a profound energy channel, which can both attack and defend. It is an extremely powerful ability.

Had it not been for his ultimate explosive potential to break through the limit, he would have died in the hands of Lin Zhanshan.

At this moment, Ji You's eyes instantly became extremely gloomy, his fists clenched until his nails were embedded in his palms.

The strong impulse in his heart made him ignore the blood spilling from his palm, and even the sharp pain caused by being involved in his back.

That is to become stronger!

I will fall to this point, after all, my strength is too weak!

Should not be angry with the tragic and innocent fate, but should strive to become stronger, as long as the strength is strong enough that no one can rival, then all fate is bullshit!

Without the slightest hesitation, Ji Youyi gritted his teeth and forcibly endured the pain in his lower back, and immediately sat up and began to cultivate profound energy.

If he doesn't become stronger as soon as possible, and meets those of the Lin Family and Chen Family in the future, his fate will only be worse than it is now.

Ji You was cultivating profound energy desperately, but he didn't realize that Jiang Yuechu was peeping at everything here secretly outside the window.

Seeing this young man just endure the pain and get up to practice, a touch of movement flashed in Jiang Yuechu's cold eyes.

It was a miraculous thing that this young man was able to survive to this day, and ordinary people would basically never wake up again, and it made her feel very incredible right now.

Such a tenacious willpower shocked her.

Jiang Yuechu stared at Ji You coldly, her eyes shining brightly, thoughtful in her heart.

Soon, she left.


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