999 Times Training System

Chapter 48: I just feel your hair feels comfortable

After that, Jiang Yuexin slightly removed her hand from her eyes, and suddenly realized that the wound on Ji You's back was actually a lot smaller than before.

Although it still looks a little scary, it has indeed recovered a lot.

"Those branches are so effective, I'll go fill a bowl again."

Seeing Ji You recovering so quickly, Jiang Yuexin rushed out of the room with an empty bowl.

Soon, Jiang Yuexin came back with a bowl full of medicine and fed Ji You a spoonful of it.

After drinking a whole bowl again, the wound on Ji You's back healed again.

It can be seen that his current wound is half smaller than it was at the beginning, and it no longer looks so hideous and scary.

Before long, Jiang Yuexin brought the third bowl of medicine.

In the end, even Ji You himself couldn't remember how many bowls of soup he had drunk, and his back injury was almost recovered.

He immediately got out of bed, moved his muscles and bones, and realized that as long as he didn't deliberately touch his back, he would hardly have much pain.

Jiang Yuexin suddenly became extremely happy and sad, and she almost cried with excitement.

"Okay, okay, I have almost recovered, this time I really thank you."

While talking, Ji You couldn't help reaching out and stroking Jiang Yuexin's smooth long hair a few times.


Jiang Yuexin rubbed her wet eyes and nodded.

At the next moment, she suddenly realized that her head had been touched again, and then she rebelled: "I didn't say not to treat me like a child, why are you touching my head again?"

"I don't treat you as a child, I just feel that your hair feels comfortable."

Ji You said truthfully.

"Yes... is it?"

A trace of joy rose in Jiang Yuexin's heart, and a blush appeared on her exquisite cheek, and she suddenly stopped resisting, and even bowed her head slightly in accordance with Ji You's technique.

After a while, she felt that this was a bit too cheap for Ji You, and she stepped back to stop Ji You from continuing to touch her.

"Just... just let you touch it for a while, otherwise you guy will definitely get better."

"What are you going to do?"

Ji You asked suspiciously.

"It's nothing!"

Jiang Yuexin immediately wanted to change the subject, "Next you will stay here with me, otherwise you will definitely get hurt again when you run out."


Ji Youqing gave an "um", without expressing any other meaning.

He was also planning to endure it for a while and wait until he became strong enough before going to take revenge.

Now for their own sake, the Lin Family and Chen Family must have already planned to join forces to deal with themselves.

Both the Lin Family and the Chen Family were big families in the ancient city of Chaoyang. The masters in the mansion were like clouds, and there were no lack of experts in the Profound Realm like Lin Zhanshan. With his current strength, he could not shake these two giants.

Not to mention finding revenge on Chen Yan, even Chen Mansion may not even be able to enter.

Although Ji You is definitely not a problem to solve Chen Yan alone now, his background is also part of his strength. Chen Yan has a background like the Chen family, and overall his strength is still much higher than him.

He wants revenge on Chen Yan, which means facing the entire Chen family.

Not only that, Lin Zhanshan's old dog's life, he also wants to take it!

In other words, the enemy Ji You is facing right now is the entire Lin family and the Chen family. Maybe there are some guys who want to take other people's heads for the bounty.

"The back injury should be able to fully recover in a few days. I have to improve my strength as soon as no one finds out that I am still alive."

Ji You murmured to himself.

He was so badly injured that everyone in the Lin family and Chen family should think he was dead.

At this time when those people are most relaxed, this is the opportunity he should grasp most!

At this moment, Ji You took out a pill furnace and a lot of second-rank alchemy materials from Najie.

Seeing this scene, Jiang Yuexin asked curiously: "Are you planning to refine a pill?"


Ji You nodded in response.

While talking, he lit the furnace.

"You are really an alchemist!"

Jiang Yuexin said in surprise.

She didn't believe it very much when she first started, and now she has to believe it is true.

After all, it is not so easy to become an alchemist. People with strong martial arts skills don't have the extra energy to practice alchemy.

But Ji You was not only powerful in martial arts, but also a highly accomplished alchemist, which made her feel surprised.

At the same time, Ji You had put the first material into the pill furnace, which was used to refine the "Su Xuan San".

Juxuan San is a second-rank inferior pill, and it is the most suitable pill for cultivation in the imperial realm.

Although Ji You's martial arts cultivation base hasn't reached the Yuxuan Realm, he takes the pill to give his cultivation experience systematically, so there is no such thing as an inappropriate argument.

"Ding! It is detected that the master has begun to refine the second-grade inferior pill "Juxuan San", the success rate of alchemy is increased by 999 times..."

Even if it was the first attempt to refine the second-grade inferior pill, Ji You's alchemy technique was not unfamiliar.

Coupled with the fact that the system has activated a 999 times success rate of alchemy, he can refine the pill more calmly.

"Ji You, what pill are you refining?"

Jiang Yue, who was watching from the side, asked curiously.

Jiang Yuexin didn't understand the alchemy, so he didn't know that he could not disturb the alchemist who was refining the pill.

But Ji You didn't belong to this range. Not only did he refine the pill with ease, he could even chat with others.


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