999 Times Training System

Chapter 51: Jiang Yuechu lost

"Ding! The master has practiced martial arts for one minute, and the experience value of the'martial cultivation master': (6*999 times)..."

This time it went from 4 times to 6 times, next time it should be from 6 times to 8 times.

Ji You thought.

He spent the whole day cultivating profound energy.

"Ding! Congratulations to the master, the'Buddhist cultivation base' successfully broke through to the first layer of the Yuxuan realm..."

In the middle of the night, Ji You's cultivation base broke through again.

He immediately left the state of cultivation and was about to fall asleep. He suddenly found that Jiang Yuexin had fallen asleep next to him at some point. It seemed that Jiang Yuexin was already used to sleeping with him.

Seeing Jiang Yuexin's lovely sleeping face, he couldn't help but gently scrape the pink little Qiong nose with his hands.

the next day.

Because Ji You slept too late last night, it was almost noon before he slowly woke up.

However, at this moment, several voices suddenly heard outside the house.

"Second lady, the big thing is not good, the eldest lady has been defeated!"

"What are you talking about! Who defeated my sister?!"

"I was... defeated by Chen Yan, the young master of the Chen family... within three strokes."

When he heard the word "Chen Yan", Ji You was completely awake in an instant.

"Be defeated without more than three strokes? How is this possible?!"

Jiang Yuexin's face was unbelievable.

"It's true, second lady, I have to go back quickly."

The servant opposite seemed to have something urgent, and ran away in a hurry.

"How is it possible... how could she..."

Jiang Yuexin whispered, like a dream, incredible.

"Let's go and take a look."

At this time, Ji You appeared behind Jiang Yuexin, his eyes revealed a touch of coldness.

Hearing Ji You's voice, Jiang Yuexin suddenly recovered, "You want to go too?"

She thought about it for a while. Ji You and Na Chen Yan must have had a lot of grudges. The serious back injury of Ji You before must also have something to do with Na Chen Yan.

"Wait a moment, I will find something for you first."

As Jiang Yuexin said, she ran back into the house quickly, not knowing what she was going to get.

About a minute later, Jiang Yuexin was seen walking out of it with a mask.

"what is this?"

In Ji You's eyes, it was a flesh-colored mask, and he couldn't help asking curiously.

"This is the magic mask my mother gave me. It can completely change my appearance after wearing it, and it is difficult for anyone to find out."

Jiang Yuexin explained.

"So you mean you want me to put on such a mask before going?"

Ji You could almost guess what Jiang Yuexin meant.

"Yes, although I don't know what happened next to you, I can see that you have an antagonism with the Chen family. This time Chen Yan will definitely be following a master. If you are seen, you will be in trouble."

Jiang Yuexin said.

"Well, you really make sense."

Ji You nodded.

He took the mask from Jiang Yuexin and tried to slowly put it on his face.

I only felt a refreshing sensation, and then the mask magically adhered completely to his skin.

He walked to a mirror and looked at it, and found that his appearance at this time was greatly changed compared to before, and he could not see the mask on his face at all.

"How about it, amazing?"

Jiang Yuexin walked over and said, "Also, you'd better change your clothes. That way, the clothes will be seamless."

Afterwards, Ji You put on a costume that was in charge of affairs. Jiang Yuexin meant that he would be disguised as the manager of the City Lord's Mansion so that he would not be discovered.

After the preparations were completed, the two immediately set off for the competition arena in the City Lord's Mansion.

Not long after, Ji You, who pretended to be a steward, accompanied Jiang Yuexin to the competition arena.

At this moment, many people gathered in the competition arena.

Ji You first caught Jiang Yuechu's figure, and saw that Jiang Yuechu was being helped by two maids to walk down the martial arts arena. Her pretty face was pale and there was a bloodshot on the corner of her mouth.

It can be seen that Jiang Yuechu was defeated very badly, but he found that most of the people in the city lord mansion around him looked at Jiang Yuechu with all kinds of strange eyes, and only a few people showed sympathy.

Looking at this scene, Ji You suddenly felt very strange.

But soon he was relieved, and it was right to think about it.

As the first genius of martial arts in the City Lord's Mansion and even the entire Chaoyang Ancient City, Jiang Yuechu must be placed with great expectations by the City Lord's Mansion, but this time he lost to Chen Yan of the Chen family in less than three moves.

The greater the hope, the greater the rebound at the moment of failure, the people in the City Lord's Mansion are obviously like this.

At the same time, he was a little surprised. Jiang Yuechu really lost to Chen Yan without more than three moves.

Although Chen Yan's strength is not weak, he is only at the same level as Lin Qitian's kind of guy, and he stays in the Body Tempering Realm with nine levels of Consummation.

But Jiang Yuechu had already broken through to the first level of the Royal Profound Realm, and the strength of both parties was not at the same level.

But Jiang Yuechu lost, and lost facelessly, which is really strange.

Thinking of this, Ji You looked up at the top of the ring, staring steadfastly at the crowd of bright Chen Yan.

After many days, he finally saw Chen Yan again.

"Huh? Very nice look."

Chen Yan reacted quickly and immediately noticed Ji You's gaze.

But because Ji You changed his overall appearance, he did not recognize it as Ji You.

But what he likes to see most is this kind of look, and in the end, he will let this person feel deep despair and powerlessness, that is really refreshing.


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