999 Times Training System

Chapter 55: Three martial arts sacred sites gathered, the assessment began

Everyone from Qianyuan Wufu Mansion arrived, and Chen Wuheng, the head of the Chen family on the high platform, immediately stood up and said politely: "Everyone, please take your seat."

The woman in the purple skirt nodded slightly and led the people of Qianyuan Wufu to sit on the high platform.

Not long after the talents of Qianyuan Wufu were seated, there was another sensation on the court.

"Look, it's Canglan Empire Academy and Qing Xuanzong, and the remaining two martial arts sacred land-level forces are also present!"

"The gathering of the three martial arts holy places in the Chen Mansion is an unprecedented grand occasion. The Chen family is really going to make it to the sky this time!"

"After all, Chen Yan has awakened the acquired spirit body, and all those who can awaken the spirit body are the peerless Tianjiao who led the Canglan Empire for an era, and all the martial arts must be rushing wildly."


Two groups of people appeared on the square.

On one side are people wearing tulip badges on their costumes. Tulips are the symbol of Canglan Imperial College. These people are obviously from Canglan Imperial College.

On the other side, they all wore blue robes, each of which was extraordinary, and they belonged to Qing Xuanzong.

When the people from Canglan Imperial College and Qing Xuanzong took their seats, the banquet was officially held.

"Canglan Empire students, Qing Xuanzong and Qianyuan Wufu, the three most prestigious martial arts sacred sites in the Canglan Empire are here!"

Everyone present was excited.

The Canglan Empire has a vast geography, and there are many forces such as the Academy of Wufu Zongmen, and these three are the most.

The three martial arts sacred places will come to Chen's house together, nothing more than Chen Yan who is awakened from the heavenly spirit body.

The other forces all know themselves, knowing that they can't win Chen Yan, basically they just can't come.

Although the banquet has already begun, the enrollment assessment has not yet begun.

Ji You came this time to meet Chen Yan during the enrollment assessment.

The enrollment assessment hadn't started so soon, so Ji You started to practice on his own.

Ji You could feel the continuous improvement of martial arts cultivation, but it was still far from breaking through to the triple level of the Royal Profound Realm.


I don’t know how long it has passed. The leaders of the three major forces finally came to the forefront of the high platform. One of them spoke to the audience indifferently: "The time has come, and the enrollment assessment now begins."

With the sound of this voice, there was a lot of silence in the court, and almost everyone looked serious.

There are many young talents from all sides of the Canglan Empire, and they are all gathered here to participate in this admissions assessment.

There is no genius in the entire Canglan Empire that is not impressed by the enrollment assessment jointly held by the three martial arts holy sites.

"The bone age is less than eighteen, and the martial arts cultivation base is above the eighth level of the body tempering state. As long as these two conditions are met, you can participate in the enrollment assessment. Now, those who meet the requirements and are interested, please come on stage."

The man on the high platform continued.

As soon as these words came out, the court suddenly became restless.

However, many people regretfully shook their heads. Talents under the age of eighteen and above the eighth level of the body tempering stage are eligible to participate in the admissions assessment.

This condition is not something that everyone can achieve. Almost all that can be achieved are geniuses. Most of the people present are not even qualified to participate in the assessment.

At the same time, there are young men and women waiting to come to the stage one after another in the square, each with extraordinary temperament.

At this moment Ji You was thinking of getting up, and suddenly heard Jiang Yuexin next to him asking in a low voice: "Ji You, are you going to participate in the enrollment assessment?"

"I have this plan."

Ji You nodded slightly.

In fact, he was not very interested in the enrollment assessment itself, just to be able to meet Chen Yan during the enrollment assessment to facilitate the settlement.

While talking, Ji You got up and walked towards the three major forces.

"Then I will try it with you."

Jiang Yuexin immediately got up and followed Ji You happily.

Palace Master Jiang glanced at Jiang Yuexin, and then said coldly: "Jiang Yuechu, you will also go there."

Jiang Yuechu sat behind Palace Master Jiang and nodded after hearing the words.

"Yes, father."


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