999 Times Training System

Chapter 61: Pass the second round of assessment in one breath

Before Chen Yan could reply, the instructor of Canglan Empire Academy spoke again: "Although I can't promise you treatment like Qing Xuanzong, our Canglan Empire Academy is the absolute number one power. I hope you are the best. I can think about it."

Chen Yan hesitated for a while, only to see that he bowed slightly to the old man in Qingxuanzong's green robe, "Sorry, Chen chose Canglan Imperial College."

"It's okay, it's your choice."

The old man in Qingpao sighed, but he wasn't particularly surprised, as if he had already guessed the ending would be like this.

It is precisely because they have a gap between Qing Xuanzong and Canglan Empire Academy in all aspects that he has thrown such a big olive branch.

He just felt sorry that he couldn't properly cultivate this peerless genius.

At the same time, the audience blasted the pot, and many people wondered why Chen Yan chose the Canglan Empire Academy without treatment.

"Why, why didn't Chen Yan choose Qing Xuanzong?"

"I don't even think about it. I really don't know what Chen Yan is thinking!"

"Do you really think Chen Yan doesn't know how high the treatment of Qing Xuanzong is? He is not stupid, he must think more comprehensively than us."

"Yeah, let me explain to you why. Canglan Empire Academy is the number one transcendent force. Although Qing Xuanzong has given extremely high treatment, the heights he can reach at Canglan Empire Academy will definitely be better than Qing Xuanzong came high, he obviously wanted to reach that height with his own strength."

"When you say that, I also wake up, and it seems to make sense."

"Yes, Chen Yan has awakened the acquired spirit body. It is not particularly difficult for him to reach that height. Being able to choose Canglan Imperial College also shows that he is different from ordinary people."


The people around nodded, feeling very reasonable.

Especially the instructor at Canglan Empire Academy was extremely satisfied with Chen Yan's reply.

"Speaking of which, why didn't you hear the people of Qianyuan Wufu uttering?"

"Speaking of which, I didn't hear it. Didn't Qianyuan Wufu try to just let it go?"

"It should be. After all, even Qing Xuanzong gave such attractive conditions and was rejected, and the third-ranked Qianyuan Wufu was hopeless."


At this time, many people noticed that the people of Qianyuan Wufu didn't say a word.

On the side of Qianyuan Wufu, the woman in purple skirt headed by her was calm and quiet. She didn't seem to care that Chen Yan was snatched by Canglan Imperial Academy.

The people in the Qianyuan Wufu Mansion behind the woman in the purple skirt looked worried, but no one said anything.

It's as if the woman in the purple skirt didn't dare to speak before they spoke.

Subsequently, the assessment continued.

"Next is the second round of assessment. What is assessed is comprehension."

The person in charge of the assessment said: "In the future, every assessor will have a yellow-level inferior mysterious skill secret book in his hands. If he can initially understand the mysterious skill within an hour, it is deemed to have passed the assessment, otherwise he will be eliminated."

While he was speaking, every examiner present was distributed a book of Huangjie inferior boxing techniques called Gale Fist.

At this time, there are still more than a hundred candidates who have advanced to the second round.

They looked at the secret book in their hands, and many people showed a panic.

It takes one hour to comprehend this "gale fist" to pass the second round of assessment. This difficulty is not generally high.

Although their physique talents are very good, their savvy and talents are not much related.

"It's over, it looks like a lot of people will be eliminated this time."

"One hour, this time is too short."

"It's really too short. It will take me at least a few days to learn the inferior magic skills of the Huang Tier."


Everyone in the audience sighed.

Only Ji You has a relaxed face, because he can learn no matter how profound the skills or the techniques, and no matter how high his grade is.

This round of assessment is simply a piece of cake for him.

Soon, the second round of assessment began.

Every examiner began to read the "Greeze Fist" training secrets. As for Chen Yan already joined Canglan Empire Academy, he didn't need to participate in this round of evaluation.

At this time, Ji You unhurriedly opened the "Greek Fist" practice secrets in his hand.

As soon as I saw it at first glance, the system heard a beep.

"Ding! The master took a look at the inferior mysterious technique of Huang Tier "Greece Fist", which triggered 999 times the comprehension ability..."

"Ding! Congratulations to the master, for successfully comprehending the inferior Huangjie mysterious technique "Greeting Fist"..."

With just a glance, Ji You learned this "gale fist".

In other words, he only took one breath to pass the second round of assessment.


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