999 Times Training System

Chapter 63: Sorry, my name is Jiyou

"This... what is he talking about?!"

"He, he seems to want to say that Shao Chen is not qualified to be the first?"

"I'm afraid this guy is not crazy, is he questioning Chen Shao?!"


The audience was a sensation.

Jiang Yuexin was worried and anxious, and she couldn't understand why Ji You suddenly wanted this.

It would have been possible to join the three major forces, and Ji You would be safe by then, but Ji You happened to be in conflict with Chen Yan at this moment.

Those of the three major forces frowned, obviously dissatisfied with the doubts of the young man in front of him.

Only the woman in the purple skirt had a hint of doubt in her purple eyes, as if thinking about why Ji You did this.

Chen Yan's expression was slightly surprised, but he quickly recovered, and said with a faint smile: "Do you think Ben Shao is not qualified to rank first?"

"if not?"

Ji You said coldly.

"Hahaha, Shao Ben remembers that your name is Shan Ji, right? It's just that you're lucky to learn a yellow-level lower class mysterious technique a little faster. I really think I can compare with Shao Ben? Don't worry about how many pounds you are ."

Chen Yan immediately laughed, his tone full of disdain.

"Sorry, I'm not a mountain season, my name is Ji You!"

Before he finished his words, Ji You tore off the mask on his face with one hand, revealing his original face.

"I remember him, isn't he the guy wanted by the whole city?!"

"It's really him! He actually appeared here and changed his appearance!"

"This will be interesting. I remember that it was the Chen family who issued the wanted order. It seems that Shao Chen has a lot of grievances with this guy!"


Since the Chen family issued a citywide wanted notice a while ago, most of the people present almost knew who Ji You was.

Jiang Yuexin became more anxious, but she didn't know what to do.

Palace Master Jiang glanced at Ji You, then saw Jiang Yuexin's appearance, and then recalled some things that had happened before, and suddenly realized it, as if he understood something.

Looking at Ji You, who showed her true face, the corners of the woman's lips in the purple skirt raised slightly, and things became interesting.

At this moment, Chen Yan's face finally showed a look of astonishment.

Obviously he never expected that Ji You would dare to appear here, and still appear in front of him as number two.

It took a long time for Chen Yan to relax, her expression still arrogant, "How about you being Ji You? Although I don't know how you got to where you are now, but even the current you is still in my eyes. Waste!"

"It's useless to say more, will you dare to have a life and death duel with me?"

Ji You ignored the noise around him, staring coldly at Chen Yan and said.

Life and death duel? !

At this time, almost everyone on the court had this idea in their hearts.

This kid is really crazy!

Life and death duel, as the name suggests, will never end until one party dies.

This kid dared to fight Chen Shao in a life and death duel, which none of them expected.

Chen Shaojie had awakened the acquired spirit body, and had easily defeated Jiang Yuechu a few days ago, and his strength must be higher now than it was then.

This boy and Chen Shao were fighting a life-and-death duel.

At this time, Jiang Yuechu was also a little unbearable, and said to Jiang Yuexin beside him: "Aren't you going to stop him? Chen Yan's strength is not something he can contend!"

"I know his character very well. Once he decides to do something, no one can persuade him..."

Jiang Yuexin shook her head sadly.

She wanted to stop Ji You more than Jiang Yuechu, but at this time, there would be no effect anymore.

She hadn't expected that Ji Youhui would suddenly propose a life and death duel to Chen Yan, but it was too late to react.


Jiang Yuechu wanted to say something, but was interrupted by a sudden voice.

"Do you want to have a life and death duel with Ben Shao?"

I saw Chen Yan sneer with contempt: "Okay, then I will come with you."

The kid Ji You could take the initiative to propose a life and death duel, he couldn't ask for it.

It just so happens that he can solve this kid now, so as not to wait for this kid to join Qing Xuanzong or Qianyuan Wufu, then he will have no chance.

The people at Canglan Empire Academy didn't say a word, because they didn't think they needed to worry about Chen Yan.

Chen Yan, who had awakened the acquired spirit body, was definitely much stronger than the guy who only had the talent of the seventh rank of the mortal body.

Even the people at Canglan Empire Academy didn't say anything, and the other members of Qing Xuanzong and Qianyuan Wufu had nothing to say.

They just felt a little pity that a genius with some potential was about to die.

The woman in the purple dress was staring at Ji You all the time, the aura gleaming in those mysterious purple eyes.

Ji You boarded the ring without any waves, and Chen Yan stood opposite him.

"I heard that Lin Qitian was beaten badly by you, but if your strength is really only that little, that's all."

Chen Yan looked at Ji You with disdain, "Ben Shao will give you three shots first, so as not to say that Ben Shao bullies you."


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