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Chapter 69: Would you like to be engaged to my family Yuexin?

At this moment Murong Zili showed a hint of interesting color.

A dishonest girl,

And a teenager who was very slow in some ways,

This match is really interesting~

Behind him, Jiang Yuechu watched Jiang Yuexin and Ji You suppress the good atmosphere like this, and he couldn't help feeling a pity.

She felt that she had to think of a way to make these two guys go further.

Otherwise, with the personalities of these two guys, there won't be any drama in ten or eight years.

No one knows her sister better than her, but her sister is a very dishonest person.

But that Ji Youming was good at everything, but in such a very specific aspect, it was not ordinary dullness. It was really helpless!

Not long after that, all the examiners who passed the examination had joined the three major forces.

Canglan Imperial College accepted ten people, Qing Xuanzong accepted seventeen people, and Qianyuan Wufu only accepted three people. These three people are Ji You, Jiang Yuechu, and Jiang Yuexin.

In this way, the enrollment assessment organized by the three major forces has come to an end.

Originally, Chen Wuheng wanted to do something after the enrollment assessment was over, but Ji You's sudden appearance and many bad things happened completely disrupted his plan.

In other words, he should have been the biggest winner today, but now he has become the biggest loser.

After the enrollment assessment, everyone on the field left Chen Mansion one after another.

Canglan Imperial College and Qing Xuanzong's group also left one after another. They had already recruited new people, and there was no need to stay here anymore.

However, those who have already joined the power of the assessment, did not leave with their respective powers, but went back to each family to find each mother.

Maybe it's because they all want to go back to report the good news first, or make preparations, after all, being able to join the three martial arts sacred sites of the Canglan Empire is a great honor.

At this time, Qianyuan Wufu and others were also preparing to leave.

But Murong Zili still needs to explain to Ji You.

"You go back to rest or prepare for a while. Within a month, you can go to Qianyuan Wufu in the Royal City with this token."

Before leaving, Murong Zili said to Ji You, Jiang Yuechu, and Jiang Yuexin.

While speaking, three bronze tokens suddenly appeared out of thin air in her hand.

She divided the three tokens to Ji You and the others.

After that, Murong Zili left gracefully.

After walking not far, she glanced back at Ji You again, and a smile rose slightly at the corner of her mouth.

Funny boy, how many secrets are there in you?


Afterwards, Ji You also left Chen's house with the people from the City Lord's Mansion.

On the way back to the City Lord's Mansion, Palace Lord Jiang paid attention to Ji You from time to time.

The boy's performance today really shocked him.

Chen Yan, who had awakened the acquired spirit body, was easily crushed by this young man, extremely powerful.

In addition to strength, mentality, will and other aspects are also superior to ordinary people.

Palace Master Jiang didn't know at all, when did his second daughter get acquainted with such a juvenile evildoer, and his second daughter seemed to have a pretty good relationship with this boy.

He thought about it, and it was indeed time for his second daughter to find a man.

But besides that, he still has a lot of questions to ask this young man, but now is not the time.

At the same time, Ji You naturally noticed Palace Master Jiang's sight.

But he didn't care much, he thought about his own affairs.

"Now Chen Yan has been saved by the guys at Canglan Empire Academy, and he can only find a chance to kill him completely. Before that, I still can't relax, the acquired spirit body is still a little way."

Ji You thought to himself.

Although Chen Yan's acquired spirit body is certainly not as powerful as his system, if he relaxes at this point and the Canglan Empire Academy focuses on cultivating Chen Yan, then there may be accidents.

At least after completely killing Chen Yan's dog, he must not relax easily.

Soon, Ji You followed the group back to the City Lord's Mansion.

At this moment, Palace Master Jiang suddenly said to him: "Little Friend Ji, I have something I want to tell you about, can it be convenient for you to come with me now?"

"Of course it's convenient."

Ji You nodded.

Although he didn't know what Palace Master Jiang was suddenly looking for, but Palace Master Jiang didn't hear the slightest arrogance in his tone, he naturally had to show some face.

Before long, Ji You followed Palace Master Jiang to a luxurious house.

"Just sit down."

Palace Master Jiang said to Ji You politely.

Upon hearing this, Ji You found a mahogany chair and sat down.

Then he asked straight to the point: "President Jiang, what's the matter, please tell me?"

"What do you think of Yue Xin?"

Palace Master Jiang didn't talk too much nonsense, and directly expressed his thoughts.

"Yue Xin... Palace Master said Jiang Yuexin?"

Ji You asked with a dazed expression.

"Yes, it is my second daughter."

Palace Master Jiang smiled and nodded.

Ji You was silent for a while. Although I don't know why Palace Master Jiang asked this suddenly, he still answered truthfully: "In general, my impression of her is pretty good."

Otherwise, he didn't know how to answer.


Palace Master Jiang nodded slowly, and continued: "Will Xiaoyou Ji be engaged to my Yuexin?"

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