999 Times Training System

Chapter 74: Meet You Shuyun Again


Ji You nodded and said: "The Qingling Pill can effectively relieve the poison in your mother's body, and it is not difficult to refine it."

When he understood the "Seven Profound Spiritual Pills" in his mind earlier, he saw something about the "Clearing Spirit Pills".

The Qingling Pill is a second-grade medium-level pill. In general, it is a low-profile version of the Qixuan Qingling Pill.

The clear spirit pill is also effective against the black evil deadly poison, but the effect is much worse than that of the seven profound clear spirit pills, and the efficacy is far from enough to completely eradicate the black evil deadly poison.

At most, it can only temporarily alleviate the poisonous potential of Black Sha's Death Poison.

However, he was not only to relieve the poison, but also to buy more time to improve his alchemy level.

Currently Ji You only has the level of second-grade middle-level alchemy alchemist. Refining clear spirit pills is enough, but refining Qixuan clear spirit pills is far from enough.

He occasionally discovered that the 999 times alchemy success rate triggered by the system is conditionally limited. As long as the level of the refined pill does not exceed his alchemist level, the 999 times alchemy success rate will be automatically triggered, otherwise it will not be triggered. .

His alchemist level is the second-rank middle-level alchemist, and the seventh-principal clear spirit pill is higher than the third-rank, it can't trigger 999 times the alchemy success rate, and it is impossible to refining successfully.

Therefore, he has to fight for enough time to raise his alchemy attainments to a third-rank high alchemist.


Even if it hasn't been long before the enrollment assessment is over, Ji You's reputation has already reached the ears of most people in Chaoyang Ancient City.

On the way Ji You went to the Chaoyang Branch to purchase materials, almost everyone recognized him.

All admired and respected him, and no one who didn't have long eyes dared to make trouble for him.

"Ding! Master took a step, the lower-level profound technique "Thousand Illusion Flash" gained experience points: (1*999 times)..."

"Ding! Master took a step, the lower-level profound technique "Thousand Illusion Body" gained experience points: (1*999 times)..."


"Ding! Congratulations, master, the inferior profound technique "Thousand Illusion Flash" successfully broke through to the realm of "Furnace Pure Blue"..."

It didn't take long for Ji You to arrive at the Chaoyang branch, and on the way she broke through to the realm of perfection.

He has been to the Chaoyang branch many times, and he knows this well, and soon began to purchase materials to avoid wasting time.

The person in charge of trading alchemy materials saw that he was a regular customer, and his hands-on efficiency was also very fast. After a while, he helped Ji You find all the materials needed to refine the Qingling Pill.

Looking at these materials, a glimmer of hope ignited in Jiang Yuexin's eyes, and her heart was very excited.

"Thanks a lot."

Ji You gave a polite voice, loaded these materials into Na Jie, and then left.

At this moment, he suddenly found a familiar figure walking towards him not far in front.

The woman wore a pure and flawless white long dress with a cold and beautiful face.

"You Shuyun?"

Ji You recognized this beautiful woman as You Shuyun at a glance.

"Ji You?"

Jiang Yuexin looked at Ji You in confusion.

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