999 Times Training System

Vol 2 Chapter 797: Holy Profound Realm

Another year passed.

Ji You sensed something in his body, as if something was calling something.

He walked out of the door, raised his head, and there was a cloud of profound energy in his hands.

At this moment, the sky gradually gathered, as if there was a whirlpool, circling.

"Ji You, God is here to guide you and return to the God Realm."

"From today, you are a servant of God."

"Ding, congratulations to the host, for breaking through to the Saint Profound Realm!"

Ji You's body was constantly shattered, gathered, shattered and gathered.

All parts of the body can be combined freely.


A smile appeared in the corner of Ji You's mouth, it looked like that evil charm, and suddenly a golden light shone in the Temple of Evolution.

A figure appeared outside the Temple of Evolution.

He said angrily: "Ji You, don't you get out to meet the fairy?"


A light and fluttering sentence flew out, as if it was a law followed, and hit the immortal's body. He was only in the Sky Profound Realm, a far cry from Ji You's Saint Profound Realm.

At the moment when his spirit and soul were destroyed, he didn't even think about how a person who has been in the mortal world could possess profound power that surpassed him!

In the sky, it seemed to be destroyed.

Perhaps it was because of what Ji You had done, a broken voice came from the sky.

"Ji You!"

"Offending Tianwei, to be punishable!"

At this moment, Ji You stood up, as if the sky was shattered and walked towards the sky step by step. After a flash of brilliance, he disappeared into the world.

Heaven is born out of countless interfaces.

Ji You tore the guardian of the interface and stood in front of the Tianmen.

Several peaks of the Sky Profound Realm, at this moment, fluttered out, stood in front of Ji You, and said to Ji You in front of the sound of thunder and lightning: "Ji You, dare to come to offend the heavens. , What should be the crime."

"No one can make me a servant, and this includes your God!"


One of the gods roared out.

The body flashed, as if it contained the might of the heaven and the earth, with a casual grasp, it gave birth to infinite power. If in the mortal dust, this grasp would shatter the heaven and the earth.

He waved heavily in the direction of Ji You.

At this moment, that profound energy seemed to be destroying the world. At this moment, a cloud of thunder and lightning appeared in the sky, and it suddenly fell down and boomed.

Three loud noises came again.

Suddenly the world collapsed.

Ji You stood up, his whole body flashed, and appeared behind the immortal that day. The profound strength in his hand turned into a long sword and suddenly plunged behind him.

There was another loud bang.

The sky seemed to be broken, and the gods fell into the mortal dust.

Ji You doesn't have a fixed treasure right now, just relying on his will, that treasure will continue to change.

His body flashed and disappeared into the place in an instant. The next moment, he grabbed one of the people's neck and said heavily, "Death!"

After shouting these words, the power of thunder and lightning suddenly burst out here.

The thunder and lightning continued to fall down, and suddenly burst out toward the surroundings, and there were three loud noises coming out of it.


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