999 Times Training System

Chapter 86: Self-slap a hundred slaps

Especially the three big guys, directly confused.

Before that, how could they think of it, the guy in front of him who was wearing a black robe to hide his face was Ji You himself.

No matter who you change, it is impossible to imagine that, the first day after surpassing the acquired spirit body Chen Yan, he would have breakfast in a small teahouse in this district.

The headed Hushou guy was the first to react, and his attitude was immediately reversed, "Ji Jiji...Ji Gongzi, we...we were all joking just now, but hope that... Don't take it to your heart. !"

When he was speaking, not only did he move back, but his legs were still shaking.

The other two big guys also gradually recovered, and apologized very Chen Ken: "Yes...Yes! We were all joking just now!"


Ji You said indifferently, "You are treating me as a fool?"


The two big men looked terrified and shook their heads quickly.

Seeing that the situation was particularly bad, the stubborn man immediately fled, regardless of the life and death of his two brothers.

"Want to escape?"

Ji You kicked the table in front of him directly with a kick.

"Ding! Master kicked a kick, and Huang Tier's inferior mysterious skill'Greeting Legs' gained experience points: (1*999 times)..."

I saw the table flew towards the big stubble man at a very fast speed, and the big stubble man couldn't dodge at all, and was directly beaten to the blood by the table.

The big stubble man couldn't escape a step, and fell to the ground and passed out in a coma.

Seeing this terrible scene, the other two big men were so frightened that their legs were soft, they knelt directly on the ground, and repeatedly kowtow to Ji You for mercy.

"You two slap a hundred slaps on your own. You have to slap them, otherwise you will end up like him."

Ji You's eyes fell on the two men who were kneeling and begging for mercy, and said coldly.

It was just two **** that didn't even have a cultivation base in the Yu Profound Realm, and he didn't bother to dirty his hands.

"Yes Yes!"

In order to save their lives, the two big men immediately followed suit.



They all slapped themselves with their hands and slapped them very loudly, as Ji You said.

In the face of death, they no longer care about pain, or even their dignity.





In this way, the two kept slapping themselves.

Every slap was very hard, they were afraid that the sound of their slap would not satisfy Ji You.


Seeing that the three big guys were taken care of by Ji You almost in an instant, everyone around couldn't help taking a breath.

The loud slap in the face made their hearts beat, and their hearts were uneasy.

Because most of them had also discussed Ji You before, although they were not as direct as the three big men, they were still a little scared.

Only a handful of people were grateful that they hadn't said a word from start to finish, and didn't provoke the terrifyingly powerful and talented teenager.





I don't know how long it took before the loud applause finally stopped.

At this moment, the faces of the two big men were swollen and uglier than a pig's head.

Ji You didn't carefully count whether these two guys slapped a hundred slaps, only knew that it was about the same.

But even if he didn't count, he didn't dare to be lazy when measuring these two guys.

At this moment, the shop Xiaoer brought two dishes with trembling.

"It just so happens that this gold coin is the compensation for that table."

Seeing Dian Er came here, Ji You immediately took out a gold coin and threw it to Dian Xiao Er.

The shop Xiaoer was panicked and almost missed the gold coin.

I saw him panicked, "Dare not!"

"If you ask your subordinates, you just accept it honestly and get me another table by the way."

Ji You said lightly.

"Yes Yes!"

Xiao Er nodded again and again and hurried to help Ji You move a table.


After eating breakfast, Ji You left calmly under the gaze of everyone around him. As for the fainted stubble man, he left it to the shop owner.

Relying on the "Thousand Illusion Flash" of the lower level of the profound stage, Ji You arrived at the Monster Beast Mountain Range before long.

After entering the Monster Beast Mountain Range, he went straight into the middle area.

A lot of monsters were also encountered on the way, but he solved them easily.

"Ding! The master used the inferior profound technique "Hanshan Fist", and the inferior profound skill "Hanshan Fist" gained experience points: (200*999 times)..."

"Ding! The master used the inferior profound technique "Hanshan Fist", and the inferior profound skill "Hanshan Fist" gained experience points: (200*999 times)..."


"Ding! Congratulations to the master, the inferior profound technique'Hanshan Quan' successfully broke through to the state of'Slightly Xiaocheng'..."

Along the way, no matter what monster beast encountered, it was solved by Ji You with a punch. After all, the outer areas were all vulnerable first-grade monster beasts.

By the way, his "Kanshan Boxing" has also been promoted to the state of "slightly small achievement".

Soon, Ji You entered the inner surrounding area.

As soon as you enter the inner surrounding area, you can feel that the surrounding demon aura suddenly becomes a lot stronger.

If he were to be an ordinary person here, he would be eroded by these evil spirits and go crazy directly.

Fortunately, Ji You's cultivation base is high enough, and these monsters have little effect on him.

"Ding! The master has been corroded by the evil spirit, and the'Basic Mental Power' gains experience points: (1*999 times)..."

At this moment, Ji You suddenly heard a brand new reminder sound from the system.

Mental strength?

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