999 Times Training System

Chapter 90: Like a humanoid beast, the color of excitement in the beautiful eyes

At this moment, the calm man and the two young men who were watching in the jungle not far away were completely stunned.

Is this still human? !

This is simply an extremely powerful humanoid beast! ! !

Just relying on the strength of bare-handed fists, a violent mad bear was abruptly consumed, and there was not much injury on his body, this young man was too terrifying.

The veiled woman's eyes shimmered, thoughtful.

Ji You did not notice that there were people hiding nearby, cutting the body of the violent mad bear.

After cutting off the most valuable parts of the violent bear's carcass, he was ready to leave.

However, just before he walked a few steps, he suddenly found a purple leaf exposed under a stone at his feet.

this is……

Ji You squatted down and turned over the stone, and dug out a spiritual grass with two purple leaves under the cover of the stone.

"This is twin purple spirit grass?!"

Ji You couldn't help exclaiming in a low voice.

Twin Purple Spirit Grass is an extremely precious and rare spirit grass, which generally only grows under rocks.

Although it has been crushed by rocks all the year round, the vitality of this kind of spirit grass is extremely tenacious and can grow continuously under the rocks.

The most important thing is that twin purple spirit grass is one of the main materials needed to refine the "Seven Profound Spirit Pill".

Being able to find this twin purple spirit grass by chance, Ji You's luck this time was extremely good.

But just when he was about to collect the twin purple spirit grass into Najie and leave, suddenly an ethereal and quiet voice came from not far behind him.

"Wait a minute."

Ji You immediately looked back, and then saw a slender shadow appearing in the jungle not far away.

Then, three more men appeared immediately.

Ji You looked at these four people, his eyes narrowed and said, "What's the matter with you?"

"Our young lady came all the way to the Monster Beast Mountain Range this time just to find the twin purple spirit grass. I wonder if the young man can change the twin purple spirit grass with us?"

The calm man then spoke respectfully.

He just saw the black robe boy, he didn't dare to show no respect.

"No change."

Ji You didn't even think about it, and directly refused.

He wanted to use this twin purple spirit grass to refine the Qixuan Qingling Pill.

If you change with someone else this time, it will be even more difficult to find a second twin purple spirit next time.

So no matter how much the other party paid, he didn't plan to change.

At this moment, the shadow of the veiled woman flickered lightly and came to a place less than ten meters away from Ji You.


The calm man was not relieved, the young lady faced the fierce young man alone, and immediately followed him.

The other two youths remained motionless. They were afraid that the black-robed boy would tear them up with bare hands when they were upset. Where would they dare to approach the black-robed boy?

"I can give you satisfactory terms."

The veiled woman spoke coldly.

"I don't need it, goodbye."

Ji You already felt a little impatient, and directly used her personal skills to leave.

Although the woman opposite was beautiful and mysterious, it was far from shaking his heart. After all, he had never seen a beautiful woman.

Seeing that the black robe boy disappeared instantly, the calm man was relieved.

He was also worried that the black-robed boy would suddenly do something, and with the strength that the boy could fight against the violent bear, he was not the boy's opponent at all.

Most importantly, the lady is also safe.

The veiled woman stared at the direction of the black robe boy's disappearance, and there was a touch of excitement in the depths of her beautiful eyes, as if she was expecting something exciting to happen.


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