999 Times Training System

Chapter 94: Jiang Yuechu without common sense

"Do you want to cook by yourself?"

Ji You asked somewhat unexpectedly.

"Yes, my mother said that if you want to grab a man's heart, you have to grab a man's stomach."

Jiang Yuechu nodded and said, again with a serious look.

"Your mother is real..."

Ji You didn't know what to say for a while, and a thousand words turned into a "Nice!"

"Where is your kitchen here?..."

Jiang Yuechu immediately got up and looked around the room.

"You come with me."

With that, Ji You walked to the kitchen in this room.

It's not that there is no kitchen in this room, it's just that he doesn't bother to cook himself, preferring to go directly to the restaurant to eat.

But at this moment, he suddenly remembered that he hadn’t prepared the ingredients here, and then he said to Jiang Yuechu who followed him: “It’s okay if you want to try to cook by yourself, but I don’t have any ingredients here yet. I'm going to buy it together?"


Jiang Yuechu nodded expressionlessly.

"Then go."

After speaking, Ji You walked toward the door, and Jiang Yuechu immediately followed.

Afterwards, Ji You took Jiang Yuechu to the food market.

You can see many people setting up stalls in this market.

"This is the market?..."

Looking at all this around, Jiang Yuechu felt a little weird.

This place was far poorer and simpler than she had imagined.

As the eldest lady of the City Lord's Mansion, Jiang Yuechu has always been a servant in charge of food matters.

Moreover, she usually focuses on martial arts practice, and she has barely been exposed to matters other than martial arts.

If she insisted on comparison, she was not as many as Jiang Yuexin had seen in a few days since she was born.

So she has never been to a place like a bazaar, nor has she seen the lives of civilians with her own eyes.

"What kind of food you want to eat, or what kind of food you can, you can buy the ingredients at will."

At this time, Ji You said to Jiang Yuechu.


Jiang Yuechu responded and walked into the bazaar.

When she came to a stall, she squatted down to start picking ingredients.

"What does the guest officer want?..."

The vegetable vendor at this stall was a middle-aged aunt. She had just finished speaking, and then she realized that the girl in front of her was familiar, but she couldn't remember who it was.

Because Jiang Yuechu rarely appeared in front of ordinary people, and only appeared on the street when he went to the Monster Beast Mountain Range to experience.

But her beauty and strength are very outstanding, most people have heard of her even if they have not seen her.

This has led to the fact that everyone in the ancient city of Chaoyang has heard of Jiang Yuechu's great name, but they may not recognize her.

"Let me consider……"

Jiang Yuechu murmured, choosing the ingredients hard.

She has never touched these things before, and it is not easy for her to even choose the ingredients.

It took a while before she chose good ingredients.

This is still Jiang Yuechu constantly recalling the dishes she usually ate, and recalling what ingredients were used in those dishes.

Otherwise, I don't know how long it will take her to choose.

"How many gold coins do these need?"

Jiang Yuechu asked the vegetable vendor.

The vegetable vendor couldn't help being stunned. She hadn't seen anyone buying vegetables with gold coins.

Ji You couldn't help but support his forehead speechlessly. Does this guy lack common sense?

Most people buy vegetables with copper coins. For things like grocery shopping, the denominations of gold coins are still too big.

"Little girl, you only need 80 copper coins for the dishes you picked, no gold coins."

The vegetable vendor suddenly realized that the girl in front of her might be out shopping for the first time, and then smiled and said, "Or you can give me a gold coin, and then I will find you 20 copper coins."

"Oh oh, good."

Jiang Yuechu responded in a daze.

She immediately took out a gold coin from her arms and gave it to the vegetable vendor, who then retrieved and gave her twenty copper coins.


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