999 Times Training System

Chapter 99: You feed me, loli tempts

Jiang Yuechu ate in small bites like a lady.

Suddenly, there was a flash of inspiration in her beautiful eyes, as if thinking of something.

Jiang Yuechu handed the chopsticks to Ji You.

Ji You didn't understand what Jiang Yuechu meant, and then asked suspiciously: "What are you doing?"

"You feed me."

Jiang Yuechu said without any waves, there was no shyness on her face.

"You have your own hands, why do you want me to feed you?"

Ji You asked speechlessly.

"Of course it is to seduce you, so that you can fall in love with me."

Jiang Yuechu said solemnly.


Ji You was quite speechless, he wanted to complain: "What good is it for you to say it directly like this?"

But he did not say anything.

"Hurry up, feed me."

Jiang Yuechu handed the chopsticks to Ji You again and said stubbornly.

"Yes, I want to see how you can seduce me."

Ji You took the chopsticks in Jiang Yuechu's hand, picked up a vegetable leaf and put it into Jiang Yuechu's mouth.

Jiang Yuechu slowly closed her eyes and let Ji You feed.

Because Jiang Yuechu closed his eyes, Ji You's attention was now completely focused on Jiang Yuechu's vermilion lips.

Ruddy vermilion lips, like two petals with dew.

Ji You hadn't felt anything yet, but when he focused on Jiang Yuechu's lips, he couldn't help but sink in gradually.

Looking at the exquisite facial features, he even had a vague urge to kiss him.

Fortunately, Ji You's willpower was relatively firm, and he immediately suppressed this impulse.

He couldn't help sighing, Jiang Yuechu, this guy is really a confidante, and he was almost tempted.

If he were to be an ordinary person, he would definitely be out of control.

"Ding! The master resisted Loli's temptation, and gained experience points for his'Basic Willpower': (1*999 times)..."

"Ding! Congratulations, Master, the ‘Basic Willpower’ successfully broke through to the ‘Slightly Xiaocheng’ realm..."

? ? ?

Does this work?

Hearing this system prompt, Ji You was almost confused.

This system is getting more and more awkward, and even things like resisting Lori's temptation have emerged.

However, after being reminded by the system, Ji You realized that Jiang Yuechu was indeed a little loli.

Jiang Yuechu and Jiang Yuexin are almost the same height, and the two sisters are much shorter than him.

According to his visual estimation, the height of the two sisters is no more than 1.5 meters, which is a proper Loli sister.

Jiang Yuechu continued to slightly open her mouth and waited for Ji You to feed, just like a little milk cat waiting to be fed.

This lovely look may not have been deliberately made by Jiang Yuechu, but it is extremely lethal to ordinary men.

Fortunately, Ji You's willpower is strong enough, and he hasn't lost his wisdom by Jiang Yuechu's unintentional actions.

"Ding! The master resisted Loli's temptation, and gained experience points for his'Basic Willpower': (1*999 times)..."

"Ding! The master resisted Loli's temptation, and gained experience points for his'Basic Willpower': (1*999 times)..."


"Ding! Congratulations to the master, the ‘Basic Willpower’ successfully broke through to the ‘Climbing the Peak’ state..."

"Ding! It is detected that the experience value of the'Basic Willpower' is full, and it will be automatically upgraded to'Bronze Grade Willpower'..."

Feeding, Ji You's willpower has been strengthened to the bronze level.

During this process, the eyes of everyone around them almost focused on Ji You and Jiang Yuechu.

"I'm not mistaken, Ji You actually fed Ms. Jiang something to eat, and Ms. Jiang did not seem reluctant."

"I thought that there was only the second lady, Jiang Yuexin, but I didn't expect the eldest lady Jiang Yuechu to fall so soon."

"This is really awesome, and I don't know where Ji You learned the skills of picking up girls."


Some old men and women even sighed: "Young people nowadays, there are more and more tricks..."


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