A Hundred Times For a New Day

A Hundred Times For a New Day


553 Chapters Ongoing Status
Last Update 16 minute ago


Extraordinary and decadent world.

Individual power determines order.

The family masters knowledge, monopolizes resources, and increases its heritage from generation to generation.

Fate, physique, spiritual consciousness, comprehension, spiritual roots, Taoist tools…

All elements leading to the avenue have been cut off.

Mortals can’t breathe.

For thousands of years, the order is eternal, and only the true immortals overlook the world.

It was not until a modern man who was constantly reincarnated and enhanced his talents came and discovered the mystery of this world that the world was turned upside down!

Let’s see him walking in history, exhausting time and accumulation, breaking this eternal order, and shining brightly.

Going against fate and killing immortals is on the way!

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