After Time Travel, I Married the Heroine and Her Brother

After Time Travel, I Married the Heroine and Her Brother


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Dressed as the daughter of a petty official, Ye Ping is very satisfied with her identity. It’s a pity that she soon discovered that she was not just traveling through time, but through a book, and her role in the book was the little follower of the vicious female partner.
As the little follower of the vicious female lead, the original owner’s daily routine is to humiliate the female lead and frame the female lead. In the end, he became the cannon fodder for the heroine and the heroine’s fighting skills, and after death, someone poked at the bones and scolded him that he deserved it.
In order to survive, she didn’t want to go through the plot. So when the heroine pointed out that she loves the hero in public, she hugged the heroine’s brother’s thigh in desperation.
“A good bird chooses a tree to live in. I… I am happy with the king of the county!”
In order to get rid of the plot, she had to pretend to be affectionate and send love letters and gifts to the heroine’s brother. Everyone laughed at her wishful thinking to embarrass herself, waiting for her to be slapped in the face.
Waited and waited, but the news came that King Wen married her.
Everyone: How is this possible?
Wen Yu is a man of unique style, cold-hearted and reticent, with ruthless means, and has the name of the first criminal department in the prosperous dynasty. Everyone in the world knows that he has won the emperor’s heart, and he is the most trusted person around the emperor. In his previous life, he devoted himself to repaying the dragon’s kindness and cutting off love all his life.
After being reborn, he just felt dull.
Unexpectedly, during a certain mission, a little girl rushed over and hugged his thigh, and kept saying that she liked him.
Wen Yu: “…”

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