Becoming a Saint by Leisure Reading

Becoming a Saint by Leisure Reading


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Chen Luo’s transmigration story starts at a mourning hall.

This is a world where reading can help you obtain enormous powers.

Reading Confucian classics trains you to the path of righteousness

Studying Taoist doctrines will help you grasp the source of everything and the ultimate principle underlying reality.

Understanding Buddhist Scriptures will make you comprehend the essence of rebirth and karma.

But contrary to what is expected, why does Chen Luo’s cheat only give him books for leisure reading!


What? 《Strange Tales from A Chinese Studio》is now being treated as the bible of the Monster Country?

What? 《The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils》opened the world of martial arts?

What? 《The Plum in the Golden Vase》….

Don’t panic, don’t panic, these are all small details!

This scholar, have you ever heard of the book 《Tales of the Three Kingdom》 where gallant generals and cunning strategists are a dime a dozen?

That Taoist priest over there, ever read 《Investiture of the Gods》? You people from the Taoist sect are outdated!

Hey, please halt high priest, I have a copy of 《Journey to the West》 here, are you interested?

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