Douluo: Rebirth of Ye Lingling

Douluo: Rebirth of Ye Lingling


351 Chapters Ongoing Status
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Ye Lingling, who had returned from the rebirth, stood on the Soul Battle Arena in Soto City and beat Tang San violently.

Ye Lingling immediately disguised herself as a man under the pseudonym Ye Lingxi and kidnapped Xiao Wu in front of Tang San.

the wishes of the people.

Bibi Dong, “Only when the world is unified can true peace be achieved.”

Ye Lingling, “Killing one person is equivalent to saving hundreds of millions of lives.”

Duguyan, “I want to have a baby for my husband.”

Hu Liena, “I want to be with that person.”

Qian Renxue, “Get my mother back from that fox upstairs.”

Zhu Zhuqing, “I just want to get stronger and live.”

A pale pink rabbit raised its paws and said, “My wish is that they all forget the smell of braised rabbits.” After speaking, they quickly hid. As if afraid of being discovered.

Tang San Jie Jie smiled, “You all have a way to die.”

Yu Xiaogang, “My third son! Come and help me as a teacher, they are so bad, they have kept me in prison for many years.”

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