Douluo See You For a Long Time

Douluo See You For a Long Time


1875 Chapters Ongoing Status
Last Update 1 hours ago


Chengying: “Why chasing me? I gave you all the syrup!”

Little Scorpion: “Tianmeng! Don’t run! I must eat you!”

Chengying: “Fools don’t run away! What age is this!”

This is a story about a long-lived stranger Doubi Teacher Douluo.

Chengying: Who should start first? Is it Dugu Bo or Xueye the Great? Wow! When I was a child, the snake woman was so cute!

What? Tang San’s mother is about to be killed, fast ice emperor! Bring my Armstrong whirlpool to accelerate the jet Armstrong cannon! I’ll teach Wuhundian to be a man!

What is the biggest advantage of being a soul beast? Of course I’ve seen you a long time ago!

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