Fantasy: What To Do If You Are Too Rich

Chapter 13: Ye Chen is stunned [Seeking flowers! Ask for a review ticket! 】

The next day, Ye Chen, who had a sweet dream and dreamed that he inherited the family property, went to Ali Wangwangdan pharmacy with Ye Mengyu in a happy mood.

When he walked to the door of the store, the smile on Ye Chen's face froze, and his expression gradually disappeared.

Why so many people?

Have you started queuing yet?


Ye Chen.

An ominous premonition rose from Ye Chen's heart.

Eyelids jumped, Ye Chen hurriedly ran into the store, and then he saw something that made Ye Chen's face dull.

I saw that Zhang Yan was constantly taking out the medicinal pills, and the people in the queue kept taking out the spirit stones to Zhang Yan.

Pills sold?

This thought flashed through Ye Chen's mind, and Ye Chen's face became unbelievable.

How is this possible, how can anyone buy it so expensive?

To dream, he must be dreaming.

"Sir, you are here."

Seeing the smile on Ye Chen's face, Zhang Yan, who was selling medicinal herbs, quickly walked out of the counter and ran to Ye Chen's side to give a respectful salute.

"How is this going?"

Ye Chen pointed at the people in the queue and said blankly.

"My son, our shop is on fire. We made tens of billions of low-grade spirit stones from the pills we sold in three days!"

Zhang Yan said excitedly, of course, the second half of the sentence was transmitted by Zhang Yan to Ye Chen and Ye Mengyu. After all, the amount involved was too much.


Ye Chen.

Tens of billions...

Tens of billions...



Ye Chen shook his body and almost fainted.

It's scary.

Why is it so popular, what the hell, how could it be possible to sell the medicinal pills at such an expensive price? These people are fools, and they are still rushing to ask for such expensive medicinal pills? ? ?

"Tens of billions..."

Ye Mengyu opened her mouth.

For Ye Mengyu himself, tens of billions of low-grade spirit stones are nothing, but for Ye Chen, who has just started his career, this number is a bit surprising, not to mention what is the situation, can Ye Mengyu not know, Yipin Why did the medicinal pills sell for so much money? This can only be done with a lot of money, and why should they buy medicinal pills so expensive?

"As expected of the son, he is so calm in front of such a large number."

Seeing Ye Chen's expressionless face, Zhang Yan's eyes flashed with admiration.

Although his bloodline is strong, he was not born too high after all. Even Zhang Yan himself was shocked by such a large number, but what about Ye Chen?

Still calm!

Well, actually Ye Chen was frightened, and the whole person was stunned.

Crack clap!

Ye Chen seemed to hear his heartbroken voice, as if he saw that his family property was moving away from him.

"Do you still sell medicine pills, hurry up?"

The guests in the queue began to complain and urge.

"Sell? Sell shit, don't sell it anymore."

Ye Chen, who was angry when he heard what others said, said angrily.

f*ck, his family property can't be inherited anymore. Selling a pill of Jill, the more you sell, the more difficult it is to inherit the family property, and Ye Chen still wants to find out what it is. The situation, why did it suddenly fire.

"Everyone, our son is out of the customs today, and we won't sell medicine pills today, everyone will come back tomorrow."

Zhang Yan shouted loudly.

Hearing what Zhang Yan said, although it was a pity that he couldn't buy the ancient elixir, the others could only helplessly leave, what else could they do if they didn't sell it.

"What exactly is going on."

Ye Mengyu couldn't help but ask.

This thing is too dreamy, Ye Mengyu still can't figure out what's going on.

"The pills that Young Master Qiqi gave me are all ancient pills, and the pills I made are all perfect grades and the pills are not expensive, but they are only 100,000 low-grade spirit stones, so they sell so well, or The son has foresight, and the price is just above 100,000."

Zhang Yan said with emotion.

Originally, he thought that 100,000 low-grade spirit stones were a bit cheap, but now it seems that he is completely resourceful, with small profits but quick turnover. In this way, more people can buy and earn more.


Ye Chen.

Ancient Danfang?

Isn't that just an ordinary Danfang?


"I see."

Ye Mengyu was stunned, and gave Ye Chen a deep look. Could it be the ancient formula that was given to Ye Chen by his adoptive mother?

Of course, this is not important, what is important is Ye Chen's intelligence, able to calculate so accurately, even Ye Mengyu can't help but sigh with emotion, brother Chen has grown up, even Ye Mengyu's vision and eyesight can't help but sigh Heart palpitations.

"System, what's going on."

Ye Chen frantically communicated the system in his mind.

What's the matter, the feeling is that the system is playing him?

That's how your spicy chicken system made him lose his family? ? ?

"Ding! The three ancient pill recipes that this system gave you were originally intended for the host to use by yourself, but I didn't expect that the host would actually sell it. This pot system is not reputable."

The system is quiet.


Ye Chen.

So, what is his reason?

Does he play himself?

Ye Chen's mentality exploded.

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