Fantasy: What To Do If You Are Too Rich

Chapter 16: Dream Language Lame [For flowers! Ask for a review ticket! 】

Zhang Yan's body was shocked when he heard the words, and he immediately became awe-inspiring. Looking at Zhang Mang, his eyes became suspicious. Could it be that there is something special about Zhang Mang that he didn't see?

Ye Mengyu also looked at Zhang Mang curiously, but did not find anything special and could only withdraw his gaze in confusion.

Ye Chen's ability has been proved from various things, Zhang Yan and Ye Mengyu never thought that Ye Chen was talking nonsense, maybe they just didn't find it.

"Young master, I will definitely try my best to repay your trust."

Zhang Mang said moved.

"Okay, make more refining, Zhang Yan, you will buy one billion low-grade spirit stones later to buy materials. The two of you will make pills together, so the efficiency will be much higher. By the way, Zhang Yan's spirit stones will also increase every month after that. to ten million."

Ye Chen immediately patted Zhang Mang's shoulder with satisfaction. Practice more, so that he can benefit a little more. After all, Zhang Mang and Zhang Yan are different, so Ye Chen looked at Zhang Yan and asked again.

There is no way, Zhang Yan has made too much money for him. If you don't find a place to spend a little more, you will know how long it will take to spend it, so you don't have to work hard to find a way to spend more every month.

"Brother Chen, I think Zhang Yan's spirit stones can be increased to 100 million low-grade spirit stones."

Ye Mengyu said, Ye Chen is an alchemy emperor, and he worked so hard to make alchemy, he made so much money for Ye Chen, 10 million Ye Mengyu felt a little too little and too exploitative, and he could win over a little more. People's hearts, of course, Ye Mengyu naturally won't say this in public, whether it increases or not depends on Ye Chen himself.

"In the future, you will increase the number of spirit stones to 100 million low-grade spirit stones every month, and 10 million is still a little less."

Ye Chen said decisively after hearing what Ye Mengyu said.

Look at Ye Mengyu, Ye Mengyu was almost crippled by him, and he even helped him raise the price. Ye Chen expressed his satisfaction. In fact, Ye Chen himself would have planned to give Zhang Yan too much money if it wasn't illegal. 100 million, but Ye Mengyu said it for him himself, what else to say, decisive increase, and a large increase in monthly expenses, which is comfortable, and the supervisors have said that this is not a violation, and it is very reasonable.

"Yes, son."

Zhang Yan was moved.

Zhang Mang looked envious, and at the same time determined in his heart that he must work hard to make money for Ye Chen, and one day he will also earn his 100 million low-grade spirit stones every month!

"Well, two people are still not enough. I will recruit another one to show you the store. In the future, the two of you will be specially responsible for alchemy and do not need to receive guests. The new recruits will receive guests, and the third floor of the pharmacy will be given to Zhang Mang. You still have time. The newcomer will be the residence, Zhang Yan, please post an advertisement saying that you are recruiting."

After thinking about it, Ye Chen said.

Is there something wrong with him?


Even his own father can't pick out the problem, and he can spend more money under reasonable circumstances. Sure enough, people are forced out, and his ability to spend a lot of money within the rules has improved!

"Okay son, I'll do it later."

Zhang Yan said.

"Well, then let's do this first, I'll go first."

After Ye Chen finished speaking, he turned and walked out of the store and Ye Mengyu walked towards the secluded courtyard.

When I woke up, I thought that I was about to inherit the family property, but the fire of the drug store that Blind Jill made, who can withstand this? Anyway, Ye Chen's mentality is a little broken. Now he just wants to go back and be quiet and think about whether there is any money to spend. A good way, that is tens of billions of low-grade spirit stones, worry.

"Strange, why does the son feel a little depressed?"

Zhang Mang looked at Ye Chen's back and wondered.

"What do you know, Young Master bears all the pressure by himself, and always encourages us in the face of us. What can you do if you vent your emotions occasionally?"

Zhang Yan scolded.

"Ao, that's what happened."

Zhang Mang suddenly said, thinking of the monthly spiritual stone that Ye Chen gave him, and thinking of Ye Chen's encouragement to him, his heart warmed, and Zhang Mang was moved.

The outside world joked that he was the most useless third-rank peak alchemist, and they all felt that he was an alchemist without a name. If he hadn’t been able to refine medicine pills every time the alchemist was assessed, his title as an alchemist would have been awarded. It was cancelled, but Ye Chen believed that he had great potential when everyone laughed at him!

Only Ye Chen encouraged him like that!

Zhang Mang made up his mind that he must work hard to make pills and repay Ye Chen's kindness.


In the secluded courtyard, Ye Chen shut himself in the room silently, he just wanted Jing Jing now, don't ask him who Jing Jing is!

"Brother Chen has grown up."

Standing at the door of Ye Chen's room, Ye Mengyu sighed.

The little brat who used to follow her buttocks has become so big in the blink of an eye, and her ability is so outstanding. Ye Mengyu was amazed by the methods Ye Chen showed these days. I believe that if the adoptive father knew, he would be very happy. Be happy, um, I'll report to my foster father in a few days.

"How can this happen, how can this happen!"

In the room, Ye Chen was lying on the bed in deep thought.

He just wants to lose money, why is it so difficult?

Not only did Qian Te not lose more and more, but more and more, who can afford this f*ck, the system is still sneering, God Te completed the hidden task, God Te did not only not lose money, but changed 500 million It's tens of billions, listen, is this what people say? It must be satirizing him as a prodigal incompetent, that's right!

Oh, by the way, is there any unknown reward that has not been claimed, or is it doubled? ? ?

"have a look."

Feeling that everything was boring, Ye Chen opened the task page with little interest.

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