Fantasy: What To Do If You Are Too Rich

Chapter 170: The product of the era!

"Ye Chen, there is something wrong with Mu Han's identity. He is not a creature in this world. I will tell you the details later."

Xiao Nannan voice transmission.

"Isn't it a creature from this world? Could it be a reincarnation of a creature from the Immortal Territory? Even the reincarnation of the Immortal Territory powerhouse will not be so lucky.

A hint of doubt flashed in Ye Chen's eyes, but since Xiao Nannan said that she would explain to him later, Ye Chen didn't think much about it. Anyway, Xiao Nannan would tell him the answer, so there was no need to think too much.



Ye Chen looked at Mu Han and hesitated.

Even if he has many children of luck as his subordinates, he has never heard of such an awesome existence. Ye Chen was stunned and didn't know what to say.

"Good job."

After holding it for a long time, Ye Chen spat out three words and patted Mu Han on the shoulder.

"Son, I will try my best.

Mu Han said with a resolute expression.

Others have strange expressions when they listen to what Mu Han said, work hard?

Are you still working hard?

Everyone knows Mu Han's deeds to some extent.

It can make magic weapons give birth to spirits.

It can increase the blood of the beast.

He wanted to send the exercises to Mu Han in various ways.

Can this be done by humans?

This f*ck is just outrageous!

How hard does it take for someone so arrogant?

970 is awesome even if you don't work hard!

"Is there anything you want to do? 35

After thinking about it, Ye Chen asked.

For such a precious talent to let him sell exercises, it would be a waste of talent. Ye Chen, he has already planned to make good money now, and naturally he will not bury Tan Han again. Anyway, the exercises that Tan Han brought back this time are enough, then he meow But there are hundreds of thousands of exercises, in addition to some inherited exercises that can only be used once, there are also more than 100,000 exercises that can be used multiple times. Those exercises are sold enough, and Tan Han can do it again. something else.

"Master, I have a wish since I was a child, I want everyone in our human race to be like dragons, everyone is a strong person, if possible, I want to train our human race mortals.

Tan Han said embarrassedly.

His own cultivation base is not very high, he said to cultivate others, so Tan Han is a little embarrassed, of course, this is only for others to hear words, relying on various opportunities to send Tan Han's current cultivation base to life and death border.


Bing Yuguang.

This is to steal his life!

Dog day!

What the hell are you doing with me!

"Okay, let's do it, ask Sister Mengyu how many spirit stones you need, and then you can set up a sect to train disciples, and the trained disciples will be sent to the New Oriental Lanxiang Department to work for me. Remove the aspect of training disciples, and only accept cultivators who have reached a certain level of cultivation. In this way, you can complement each other, and you can leave the Chow Tai Fook practice shop to others to manage."9

Ye Chen said simply after hearing the words.

This kind of evildoer naturally wants to do what he wants to do. It happens that the things in the New Oriental Lanxiang Department are too complicated, so they can be separated out.

"Yes. 55

"Yes. 35

Ye Chen's order Tan Han and Bing Yuguang didn't have any opinion. Hearing the words, he immediately agreed. Bing Yuguang also breathed a sigh of relief. He thought he was going to be replaced.

"Sir, what is the name of our sect?"

Tan Han asked.

"Technical Institute Zong. 35

After pondering for a while, Ye Chen said.

"Host, I suspect you are joking."

The system's voice sounded from Ye Chen's mind.

Others in the technical college don't know what it is. Can he still not know what it is?

"Then you may be wrong, it's not suspicion, I just picked the name randomly.

Ye Chen said.

Anyway, the name doesn't matter, the names that have been fooled a few times before have become popular, so this time, naturally, I will make a few more fools according to tradition.



"Yes, son.

Tan Han said.

"You start doing it.""

Ye Chen waved his hand.

"Subordinates retire."

Tan Han bowed and left.

"Mu Ningzi, before I asked you to train Master Formation well, how is your training now? 39

Ye Chen looked at Mu Ningzi and said.

"Young Master Qi, my (abad) Adverse Wind Formation Shop now has 400 first-rank array mages, more than 200 second-rank array mages, eighty-nine third-rank array mages, and twenty-six fourth-rank array mages. Eleven fifth-grade formation wizards, four sixth-grade formation wizards, and me, a seventh-grade formation wizard."5

Mu Ning Zi said.

"Isn't there less than 1,000 Array Masters? It's a little short, but it should be enough for the time being. Let Mu Ningzi recruit a little more.

Ye Chen thought to himself.

"Good, keep trying.

Ye Chen encouraged.


Mu Ning Zi said.

"I once said that you should first train the magician with all your strength, and now, the opportunity for the headwind magic shop to make money has come.

Ye Chen smiled lightly and said.

"Sir, please speak.

Mu Ningzi was shocked.

"Mobile phone, in the future, the magician of the headwind array will make every effort to make mobile phones, and use mobile phones to obtain benefits. 39

Ye Chen said slowly.

"Mobile phone? What is a mobile phone?"

Mu Ningzi wondered.

"cell phone......"

Ye Chen pondered the words and then introduced the mobile phone in general. In fact, he introduced the phone's calls, messages and software.

This is Ye Chen's next move!

A chess with a broad layout!

As for why the Array Master did it instead of the Refiner.

The mobile phone is not a magic weapon. It does not need strong attack power or defense power. It is mainly a function. In this aspect, only a magician can do it. For example, the function of sending a message. , There is an array in the array called Void Sound Transmission Array, and software arrays like Kukou WeChat can also be realized, as long as a carrier is used to engrave multiple arrays.

"My God, Young Master, this is a cross-generational product of the cultivation world. If you have a mobile phone that can make the cultivation world take a big step, it will be of great benefit no matter what."

After hearing Ye Chen's explanation, Mu Ningzi said excitedly.

"Well, but how do you realize this, Brother Chen's signal?"

Bing Yuguang nodded in agreement and then asked a question.

Mobile phones are very important in scientific and technological civilization, and it is naturally the same in cultivation civilization. For example, when teaching exercises, there is no need to teach them face-to-face. You can teach them from a distance using mobile phones, such as trading, and many rare things do not need to be spent After thinking about it, you can add a mall software to your mobile phone and hang up the things you need to buy. Some people can just contact them directly. Apart from these, there are many other benefits.

Of course, there is one more critical issue, the signal!

How to solve this?

"This thing can be solved.

Ye Chen flipped his palm, Shen Xuhun Luo Tianjing appeared in Ye Chen's hands, looked at Shen Xuhun Luo Tianjing, Ye Chen smiled confidently.

If this quest reward doesn't have the illusory soul Luo Tianjing, then Ye Chen still needs to find the carrier of the signal, but with the illusory soul Luo Tianjing, the carrier? Just right!.

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