Fantasy: What To Do If You Are Too Rich

Chapter 18: The fiancee arrives [For flowers! Ask for a review ticket! 】

"Forget it, let's think about how to inherit the family property."

Ye Chen touched his chin and thought to himself.

Isn't it bad to be a second generation who is a jerk and waits to die? It's all about Fuyun, but Ye Chen doesn't have any interest in it. As he is, I'm sorry, how many people in Xuanyuan Continent dare to oppose him? Of course, it is almost impossible for the younger generation to have a few people who are his opponents.

What can Ye Chen do? He is also very desperate. He originally just wanted to quickly defeat the Guang Lingshi and go back to inherit the family property. In the end, the money was not lost, and the cultivation base also reached the level of the younger generation. The most important thing is The only thing is that he hasn't practiced much, so he's very helpless.

"Brother Chen, are you cultivating? Sister Xue is here."

Just when Ye Chen was thinking about it, Ye Mengyu's voice came from outside the room.


Ye Chen was taken aback for a moment.

Sister Snow?

who is this.

No, his fiancee seems to be Meng Ruxue?

Ye Chen's eyes widened, this was his fiancee! ?

Oh yes, it seems that his mother did say that his fiancee would come to him.

Tsk tsk, fiancée, legendary creatures, Ye Chen's mind has a series of novel plots for a while, the saints seem to be indifferent and arrogant in the novels, will they look down on him? It's a little small to think about. Exciting.

According to his predecessor's memory, he seemed to have seen Meng Ruxue when he was a child, and then he hadn't seen him for more than ten years. He was also very curious about what his fiancee, Ye Chen, looked like.


Many thoughts flashed by, Ye Chen stood up and walked towards the door with great interest.

The big sale of medicinal pills made Ye Chen in a bad mood. Fortunately, someone entered the urn, and now the legendary fiancee came to the door, Ye Chen's mood was much better.


"Hello fiance, I'm Meng Ruxue."

A beautiful little Loli who looks about fourteen or fifteen years old said playfully.


Ye Chen.

Isn't this the legendary legal Loli!

My fiancee is so cute!

Ye Chen was startled.

A Loli's soul seems to wake up at this moment.



Ye Chen said enthusiastically.

Originally, he was a little resistant to his fiancée. After all, it was no different from a blind date. It felt weird and twisted. Now Ye Chen just wants to say... Please give me another pile of this kind of fiancée!

"Master told me that you don't want to accept the family arrangement and want to create a force that is not inferior to Tianbao business. Hehe, you have ambition, and you are my fiancé."

Meng Ruxue patted Ye Chen on the shoulder and said with a stern expression.

Well, Meng Ruxue's master is the Holy Lord Ziwei Dijun of the Holy Land of Ziwei. It is rumored in mainland gossip that Ziwei Dijun had something to do with Ye Chen's father Ye Qingtian before. As for whether it is true or not, God knows.

"Sister Xue's younger brother Chen turned the 500 million low-grade spirit stones given by his adoptive father into tens of billions of low-grade spirit stones in less than ten days."

Ye Mengyu smiled.

"Wow, that's awesome."

Meng Ruxue heard that when she looked at Ye Chen, little stars appeared in her eyes.

Cough, Meng Ruxue was also very interested in doing business when she was a child, but in the end, um... So Meng Ruxue still admires people who are good at business, it is really for her that she wants to make money in business It's too difficult, and Ye Chen is not only his fiancé, but also has a great business, how could Meng Ruxue not worship him.


Ye Chen.

You may not believe it, my original intention was just to destroy the 500 million spiritual stones, and Ye Chen himself was very confused after earning so much.

"What's the situation of Sister Mengyu, please tell me."

Meng Ruxue pulled Ye Mengyu's arm coquettishly.

"Is such that......"

Ye Mengyu told Ye Chen all the things after he came to Tenglong City. Meng Ruxue's eyes became brighter and brighter. In the end, Ye Chen's eyes were full of admiration, just like a little fan girl.

"Is this really a saint?"

Ye Chen looked at Meng Ruxue in confusion.

Aren't all saints proud and cold, his fiancee...

How can you be like a sister next door, ah no, a lively and lovely little sister?

But...he loves it!

"Sister Ruxue, when are we getting married?"

Ye Chen asked curiously, he definitely didn't want to quickly marry Meng Ruxue, he was just curious, that's right!

"Originally, Master and Uncle planned to let us cultivate our relationship first and then get married, but brother Ye Chen, you have developed your career now, so you should wait until your career is successful."

Meng Ruxue's cheeks rose with a blush and said shyly.


Ye Chen.

In other words, his career development also delayed his marriage?

Sure enough, to develop a Jill's career is to lose all the money and go back to inherit the family property, so that the marriage can be married earlier.

Ye Chen has another goal for inheriting the family property.

"Brother Ye Chen, sister Mengxue, I want to go to Ali Wangwang Dan Pharmacy to see."

Meng Ruxue is eager to try.

This is her fiance's property, Meng Ruxue expressed her interest.

"Tomorrow, it's not too early today, you just arrived, let's rest first."

After thinking about it, Ye Chen said.

"OK then."

Meng Ruxue nodded pitifully, that cute appearance made Ye Chen want to hold her in his arms and torment her fiercely, and love her! *

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