Fantasy: What To Do If You Are Too Rich

Chapter 26: This wave is stable [Seeking flowers! Ask for a review ticket! 】

In the evening, Meng Ruxue and Ye Mengyu returned home, and Ye Chen, who just woke up, got a huge piece of good news. Meng Ruxue had used up all five billion low-grade spirit stones!

Ye Chen was shocked at the time, what kind of immortal talent is his fiancee, who used up 5 billion low-grade spirit stones in such a short period of time?

Of course, Ye Chen said he liked it very much!

Ye Chen immediately gave Meng Ruxue 10 billion low-grade spirit stones with a big wave, and encouraged Meng Ruxue not to be afraid of insufficient spirit stones and to use more.

So Ye Chen's remaining spiritual stones are less than 10 billion, and Ye Chen is getting closer and closer to his family property. Ye Chen estimates that with Meng Ruxue's ability, he inherits the family property is just around the corner!


In the room, Ye Chen called out the quest page, because Meng Ruxue spent 10 billion low-grade spirit stones, so his quest has been completed!


Mission Type: Main Quest (Quest Completed)

Task Name: Please be a competent prodigal

Mission introduction: As the host of the prodigal system, you do not take prodigal as your own responsibility, but only want to make money. This is a wrong behavior. Please use a reasonable method to destroy all the more than ten billion low-grade spirit stones you have earned.

Mission Penalty: None

Mission reward: unknown


"Receive award."

Ye Chen said silently.

"Ding! Congratulations to the host for obtaining the top-quality holy soldier War God armor."

"Ding! Congratulations to the host for obtaining the best holy soldier war sword."

"Ding! Congratulations to the host for obtaining one billion top-quality spirit stones."

"Ding! Congratulations to the host for obtaining the Kunpeng Technique."

A series of system prompts sounded from Ye Chen's mind, ripples appeared in the void in front of Ye Chen, and a golden battle armor, a golden sword, a space bag and a purple jade slip appeared in front of Ye Chen.

War God Armor, War God Sword, and a combination of magic weapons, both of which are used at the same time to fully revive and be comparable to the extreme imperial soldiers!

The Kunpeng Method, the method of the ancient divine beast Kunpeng, has the ability to reverse space and reverse time. When the cultivation is advanced, the Kunpeng method can be used to move the world in one step and even reverse the long river of time!

"Very good, the safety factor has been greatly increased."

A smile appeared on Ye Chen's face.

As a rich second-generation, what is the most vigilant thing, it must be life safety!

He will soon be able to inherit the family property, so his own life must be the most important thing. With the War God Armor, War God Sword and Kunpeng Law, the protection and safety factor should not be too high.

With a thought, the spiritual power enveloped the four things in the void, and Ye Chen moved them into the space ring.

For the time being, don't rush to refine the War God Armor, War God Sword, and Enlighten Kunpeng Law, just deal with the things in front of you first, and then retreat to solve it at one time, and then it is just in time to improve his cultivation.

"Ding! The main quest is released."

Hearing the system sound, Ye Chen was shocked and called out the quest page again.

Got another mission?


Mission Type: Main Quest

Mission Name: Inheriting the Family Property

Mission introduction: Please spend all the spiritual stones you have earned and return to Tianbao Firm to inherit the family property and become a qualified prodigal son

Mission Penalty: None

Mission reward: unknown


"This task is deeply in my heart."

Ye Chen nodded with satisfaction.

His goal is this, and the system also gave him this task, the best of both worlds, perfect!


The next day, after waking up, Ye Chen leisurely went to Ali Wangwang Pill Pharmacy for a stroll. There were still many customers in the store who wanted to buy pills, but the problem came, the pills refined by Zhang Yan were sold! Finish! !

Oh, no pills to sell!

Ye Chen is happy, Zhang Yan is still comprehending pill recipes, and it's still too early to complete his enlightenment. He still doesn't believe that there are pills for sale?

And Zhang Mang made Ye Chen more at ease. In the past day, Zhang Mang burned more than 100 million low-grade spirit stones or an elixir that has not been refined, which made Ye Chen feel that Zhang Mang's ability is getting stronger and stronger. Well, the number of spirit stones burned is increasing day by day.

Of course, Ye Chen likes it very much. This is what he wants. Ye Chen estimates that with the two talents working together at the same time, he will most likely be able to go back and inherit the family property in less than a month. A little excited to think.

Ye Chen, who was in a happy mood, returned home and gave Ye Mengyu the rest of the low-grade spiritual stones he earned, and instructed Ye Mengyu to declare the retreat in the future when the spiritual stones were used up.

Since it is certain that he can inherit the family property, there is nothing to supervise. It’s good to retreat and organize the harvest and then break through to a cultivation base. Maybe he can go back to inherit the family property when he leaves the customs?

"It seems that this retreat can last a little longer."

Ye Chen Nan Nan Road.

It must be beautiful to see myself going bankrupt and then going back to inherit the family property as soon as I leave the customs, hey, Ye Chen can't wait.

Close the close, start the close now!


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