Fantasy: What To Do If You Are Too Rich

Chapter 96: Finally starting to lose m1y! [2 Update!]

Ye Chen.

Okay, stone hammer.

What a wasteland.

Ye Chen's eyes almost went black, and he was itchy at Zhang Yanqi's teeth.

What kind of immortal is Zhang Yan? Han Paopao, Ye Tiandi, Huang Tiandi are all recruited by Zhang Yan. Can you believe that one person recruited three sons of luck?

Ye Chen understands why he made money, how can he not make money?

The three sons of luck!


Just how maddened Zhang Yan is, the f*ck, the three sons of luck have all been sorted out for him.

If Zhang Yan hadn't created three sons of luck, how could he make money?

It's all Zhang Yan's fault!

It's all Zhang Yan's pot!

Zhang Yan, the dog day, will find you sooner or later - settle accounts!

Ali Wangwangdan Pharmacy.

Knowing that the new salesman was taken away by Ye Chen again, Zhang Yan couldn't help falling into contemplation.

He seems to be looking for a new elixir salesperson again?

This is the first time I've been looking for a salesperson...


Suddenly, Zhang Yan sneezed.

"Strange, I'm still a cultivator, will I still catch a cold? 99

Zhang Yan rubbed his nose and thought doubtfully.

Cat Cinema.

"Since the son has said it, it's just right, son, I want to take a leave of absence to take revenge after a while, and ask the son to agree.

Shi Ling scratched his head.

"Ask for leave?"

Ye Chen's eyes lit up.

It's good to ask for leave, doesn't this mean that the movie theater can't make money for a while?

"Young master, rest assured, I will leave a sufficient number of photo stones in advance."9

Shi Ling added.


Ye Chen.

You are still dealing with work when you are on leave. How come you never heard of such good employees in your previous life?

"No need.

Ye Chen subconsciously said.


Shi Ling looked at Ye Chen suspiciously.

"Shi Ling, revenge is the most important thing, so let's do it, Dimao Cinema is temporarily closed first, you go to concentrate on cultivation and increase your cultivation level, it's not too late for the cinema to continue to open after your revenge is over.

Ye Chen said gently.

As for revenge, hehe, when you finish revenge, he will lose all his money and go back to inherit the family property.

"You don't need it, my son, I have the Supreme Bone, and I can strengthen myself by refining the flesh and blood of the beasts, and I could have done it along the way.

Shi Lingdao.

Ye Chen.

Why is this unfortunate child so serious, doesn't it feel good to not take a photo of the stone just for pure cultivation?

Really are.

"Well, you are my subordinate after all, how can I not care about your revenge, let me know when you are revenge, and I will accompany you."

After thinking about it, Ye Chen said.

Since you can't let Shi Ling not record the photo stone, then you can delay the time in another way and go to revenge with Shi Ling!

In this way, he can use all kinds of methods to delay the time, and it will be as long as he can delay Shi Ling from coming back. In this way, the cinema can be cut off for several days, and the loss of money is not one or two points.

No way, if Zhang Yan's medicine store or Li Fan's competition arena, Ye Chen wouldn't be so concerned, but the movie theater is too profitable, not even much less than the spirit medicine store, after all, if the movie theater is lucky, it may be able to advertise one day. There are several advertisers, and that's trillions of dollars, Ye Chen can only be forced to serve dim sum.

"This...thank you sir."

Shi Ling bit his lip and said gratefully.

"No need to be polite, there will be a Dao Enlightenment event in a few days, I will go there, you can go together. 99

Ye Chen said.

"Yes, son."

Shi Ling nodded.

"Shi Ling, let's not just make money blindly, we should pay attention to the combination of work and rest, you don't have to be so tired, and you don't need to accept all advertisements in terms of receiving advertisements, you must be careful screening, after all, if something goes wrong, it will also affect Other people's impression of our cat cinema.

After thinking about it, Ye Chen still decided to suggest a wave, and it would be impossible not to imply. Shi Ling made too much money, and Ye Chen couldn't bear it.

Crazy hinting!

"My son, I understand.

Shi Ling thought thoughtfully.

What the son means is that as long as the photo stone remains unchanged, the focus can actually be placed on advertising? After all, advertising is revenue, so in fact, they can also promote the effect of advertising after getting it?

Yes, wouldn't this attract more people to advertise?

Shi Ling felt that she already understood Ye Chen's hint.


Ye Chen.

Why do you feel like you've got something in your head?

Ye Chen's face gradually turned green.

Gan Linniang, why do these people always like to misunderstand him.

"Forget it. 35

Tired Ye Chen chose to give up and continue to hint.

What's so special, this implies that if Shi Ling misunderstood what he meant, what would he do if he made money again? He couldn't stand it, so he might as well just forget about it, at least he could earn a little less.

0 flowers 0...

In order to make less money, Ye Chen is so careful what he can do, he is also very desperate, there are too many subordinates that make him worry, and he has nothing to do.

Time flies, and more than ten days have passed in a blink of an eye. During these ten days, everything was calm, nothing happened that made Ye Chen's mentality explode, not only that, but something that made Ye Chen very happy, that is. .....He! Lost! Money!!

Yes, lost money!

Ye Chen almost burst into tears at that time.

It's not easy, it's not easy, he worked so hard for so long, and finally let himself lose money!

And also lost a lot of money!

The first is the money earned. Zhang Yan and Li Fan have made the same amount of money in the past ten days. They are very stable. One is more than 50 billion top-quality spiritual stones and the other is more than 40 billion top-quality spiritual stones. Because of Ye Chen’s regulations, Rice Hotel It is only open for four days a week, plus the cost of the beast meat for the other three-day dinner party, the spirit stone earned in these ten days has shrunk greatly, and it has only earned more than 3 trillion top-quality spirit stones. It was a little more, it was more than 2 trillion top-grade spirit stones.

As for Zhang Mang and Meng Ruxue, one of the elixir has not yet matured, and the other is that the auction has not yet arrived, so neither of them made any money for Ye Chen Ye Chen, which means that Ye Chen made a total of about 6 trillion yuan.

Then comes the crucial thing.

In more than ten days, Bing Yuguang from the New Oriental Lanxiang Department directly spent 3 trillion top-quality spirit stones for Ye Chen, and the Adverse Wind Array Store Mu Ning Zihua directly spent 4 trillion top-quality spirit stones, Chow Tai Fook Ominous Beast Shop Tan Hanhua spent a little less, only one trillion, adding up to a total of eight trillion top-quality spirit stones!

Eight trillion, a full eight trillion, that is to say, Ye Chen lost two trillion top-grade spirit stones in ten days!

Since the beginning of Dragon City, when did Ye Chen lose so much money?

When is it not time to do everything to make money?

This is the first time for Ye Chen!

And I lost so much the first time!

This huge surprise made Ye Chen elated, and the whole person felt that he was about to sublimate. He had no confidence in inheriting the family property, and he suddenly felt that he had hope of inheriting the family property. Can inherit the family property!

No, three months, as long as you give him three months, he will have the confidence to go back and inherit the family property! 3.

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