Fight To the Third Generation

Fight To the Third Generation


702 Chapters Ongoing Status
Last Update 7 hours ago


Also known as: “Casino 1997”

Once, after working hard for several years, I could not save the money for the down payment and the betrothal gift.

Once, eating instant noodles, watching other people’s luxury car villas, holding hands with goddess to go to bars.

Feng Shui turns.

Su Yehao was reborn as the only son of a casino tycoon, the owner of the family business, and the tycoon of the rich.

Confused about the ten-digit family property, it’s also very annoying, and I don’t know what to do all of a sudden.

Opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared.

Don’t get in the way, take your time, set it a bunch of small goals first…

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