From White Box To Supervision

Chapter 12: painting begins

"This... what is this?" Seeing such a change in the space, Zhang Beichuan was dumbfounded.

The text just appears for a while and then disappears

"Why is there such a change? Also, is this A-level the level for identifying this illustration?" Zhang Beichuan just thought a little, and roughly guessed something.

"Is there anything above the A-level, or is it the highest?" Zhang Beichuan was puzzled, but there was no other hint in this space, and he couldn't think of it even if he thought about it.

"Forget it, let's go with the flow." Zhang Beichuan shook his head.

After withdrawing from the space, the first thing Zhang Beichuan did was to draw his illustrations in the real world. Fortunately, the inspiration space has a special power that allows Zhang Beichuan to draw it perfectly.

After more than two hours, the painting was finally finished, and Zhang Beichuan carefully placed it on the table.

"Send it to Yuuki Fujimori at night." Zhang Beichuan looked at the time, it was a little late, and his expression changed: "I'm going to suffer."

Just now, Zhang Beichuan threw himself into illustration and didn't pay attention to the time at all. He only came to 'Musashino' for a few days. He didn't want to lose his job just because he was late.

He hurriedly put on his clothes and hurried away without even taking a shower.

After getting on the tram and reaching the finish line, Zhang Beichuan then ran to the place. Zhang Beichuan was in good physical condition. He was not late when he arrived in Musashino, but even so, he was out of breath.

"I'm exhausted." Zhang Beichuan wiped his sweat and went to the bathroom to simply wash his face before returning to his seat.

"What's wrong with seeing you sweating profusely?" Miyamori Aoi laughed from the side.

"It's almost late. As long as I run fast enough, the company can't catch me being late." Zhang Beichuan smiled.


"Huh." At this time, Zhang Beichuan discovered that there were three more CUT bags on his desk, which contained storyboards and some detailed compositions.

Ctu is a term for animation, which is simply a lens, also called a card.

The number of shots in an episode of animation can also be referred to as how many cards there are. Generally, the original painting work will be officially handed over to the original artist along with the storyboard.

The duration of a card varies, from a few tens of seconds long to a few seconds short.

It takes the most time to supervise and draw the storyboards in the early stage, but it seems that Kinoshita Kinoshita has done some storyboards before the planning starts, so this is so fast.

Zhang Beichuan looked at the people around him, and there was also a ctu bag on Miyamori Aoi's table.

"This is from Mr. Honda Feng, because the design draft and storyboard have been completed, and the painting work for the first episode may be officially started today."

"But I remember that the supervisor was worried about the OP's storyboard? This is the beginning of the production of the first episode?" Zhang Beichuan asked.

"The time is still a little tight, so the op and the first episode have to be done at the same time, but the background setting and character setting are almost done."

OP is especially important for an animation, it is equivalent to the card surface of an animation. Sometimes even if the animation is not good, it is necessary to keep the OP excellent.

In the animation industry, there is often such a sentence.

A rotten drama!

Some bad plots are really sloppy, but unfortunately, there are many famous and good music.

Although the production of the first episode of Musashino's "EXODUS" has not yet been completed, the production of ops is also very important, and the company also attaches great importance to it.

At least now Director Kinoshita is in a meeting about what kind of op to draw.

"The ctu bag will be distributed to the painting department in a while. The op and the painting of the first episode should be produced at the same time."

"Let's go together." Miyamori Aoi suggested.


Zhang Beichuan and Miyamori Aoi came to the painting department, and the people in the painting department have not started work yet.

"Senior, this is the ctu explained by the supervisor."

"Did you finish the composition so quickly? I thought it would last for a while?" Iguchi Yumi walked over.

Yumi Iguchi is the chief painting supervisor assistant. She has been in the job for a long time, but she looks like a glasses girl with round eyes.

"This is only the first episode, and the rest of the storyboards are still being created." Zhang Beichuan said.

"After all, it's not an outsourcing job before, it's creating animations, so naturally it takes a lot more effort and thought than before." Akane Uchida, who is also the original painting, came over and took a look at the composition.

"About when?" Akane Uchida asked.

"Uh..." Zhang Beichuan picked up the phone and checked it: "The supervisor didn't say it, but it's better to hurry up. You can notify me if the card is completed."

After handing over the ctu to the painting department, Zhang Beichuan knocked on the door and entered the conference room with tea to change the tea for the people in the meeting. The people in this meeting are the core of the production. Set performances, general affairs Xingjin Yujia and others.

"Supervision here is too general, can you give a clear instruction?"

"There are some problems with the storyboard here, and it needs to be revised. UU Reading"

"It's time for grouping."


It was very noisy, Zhang Beichuan didn't mean to say anything, just replaced everyone's teacups with new tea. The production process can be said to be the most tiring position. Except for the chores of animation, this kind of thing is generally also in charge of them. .

At noon, Zhang Beichuan bought a bento at a nearby convenience store and ate it in a hurry, before returning to work.

"Everyone has worked hard. This is a little snack I made. Let's try it." The president, Masato Marukawa, came over with a dining cart filled with some freshly baked biscuits, which were obviously still steaming.

"Hey, can I do that too?" Zhang Beichuan looked at the biscuits handed over.

"There's nothing wrong with this, I've done a lot, and everyone has a share." Masato Marukawa said with a smile.

Zhang Beichuan took a piece and put it in his mouth. It was very crunchy. When he took a bite, it rattled. It was a little sweet, but it was also very delicious, especially this one that was just out of the oven.

"I want me too." Ko Litaro came over excitedly.

"Wow, delicious."

When Zhang Beichuan saw that Gong Senkui hadn't come over, he thought she might not be remorseful. Zhang Beichuan took two pieces, walked up, and handed it to her.

"This is made by the president. It tastes very good. Would you like to try it?"

"Ah, thank you." Miyamori Aoi took it and took a bite, and muttered softly, "I still want to eat donuts."

"What did you just say?" Zhang Beichuan didn't hear.

"It's nothing, by the way, Beichuan-kun, do you like desserts very much?"

"It's alright, what's wrong?"

"I'll take you to a delicious dessert shop after get off work, do you want to come?"

"Uh, okay."


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