Zhang Beichuan paid the original price to buy donuts in the boy's hands, and then left, checked the time, it was almost ten o'clock, he immediately got on the tram and went to Miyamori Aoi's house.

Aoi Miyamori had already sent the address from her mobile phone. She got on the tram and arrived soon after.

This is a typical apartment building. Walking up the stairs, Zhang Beichuan came to a room on the second floor.

"That's it? It should be right." Zhang Beichuan used his mobile phone to confirm that he was not wrong, but at this juncture, for some reason, Zhang Beichuan felt a little nervous.

There is no way. From the beginning of junior high school to now, Zhang Beichuan has been single for many years, and has visited many others, but he has never been a guest at a girl's house. Naturally, he is very nervous. He took out the camera of his mobile phone from his pocket. When he was in the mirror, he looked at his hair carefully to see if it was messy. Seeing that he was still so handsome, Zhang Beichuan nodded with satisfaction.

Eh, of course, Zhang Beichuan selectively forgot that the camera has a slight beauty, and ignored the faint dark circles under the eyes.

Taking a deep breath, Zhang Beichuan rang the doorbell.

After a while, the footsteps of 'dengdeng' came from the door, and the door was opened with a creaking sound, and Miyamori Kwai opened the door. She was wearing just an ordinary home clothes today, but she looked very beautiful when she was wearing it. shoot.

"Beichuan-kun, you are here."

"Miaosen, here, this is the Pekka donut I brought." Zhang Beichuan handed the donut to her.

"Thank you, please come in." Aoi Miyamori invited in with a smile.

"excuse me."

Walking inside, the space here is undoubtedly very large. The decoration of the apartment is also very beautiful, neat and clean. There is no trace of sloppyness at all. Instinctively compared with his own cabin, Zhang Beichuan couldn't help shaking his head. , this is not comparable at all, his broken house is very small just by letting him live alone.

"You sit on the sofa for a while, and I'll make you some tea."

"Don't be so troublesome."

"It doesn't matter, after all, if you come here, I can't even say hello to hot tea." Miyamori Aoi smiled cheerfully and took out a box of tea leaves from a drawer, but there was still some dust on the lid.

Miyamori Aoi said embarrassedly, "I'm sorry, because I don't usually have many people here, and I don't use much tea."

"It's fine." Zhang Beichuan didn't mind

Gong Senkui went to make tea. Zhang Beichuan had nothing to do, and looked at the surrounding furnishings at random.

There were some documents on the table in the living room. Zhang Beichuan knew from a distance that it was the script of the second chapter that Aoi Miyamori was reading. It seemed that she was working before he came.

In the most conspicuous place on the table, Zhang Beichuan also saw a photo frame. The photos in it were a group photo of five different girls, all wearing school uniforms, looking youthful and beautiful, each with their own characteristics.

Zhang Beichuan saw Aoi Miyamori in the middle at a glance, and even Ema Yasuhara was in it.

"This is a group photo of our high school animation club. Ema Yasuhara and I are in it." Miyamori Aoi came over with two cups of tea.

"It's really youthful." Zhang Beichuan sighed.

"Yeah, it feels like it's been many years." Aoi Miyamori said.

"Haha." Zhang Beichuan turned his head, saw two dolls on the closet, and said, "These two dolls are so strange."

Two rag dolls, one is a female doll wearing a blindfold, and the other is a white furry bear, placed in the most conspicuous position.

These two ragdolls are a bit strange in shape, but they look a little cute after looking at them for a while.

"The white bear is called Lolo, and the female doll is called Mimki."

"These two ragdolls have been with me for a long time, and they were there when I was a student, so I have a name for each of them." Miyamori Aoi was a little embarrassed when she said this, after all, she was already in her twenties. Still like a little girl, especially in front of boys.

Zhang Beichuan smiled: "What's so embarrassing about this, we are so good that we are also insiders in the animation industry. Don't I still like animation and Gundam now, don't I? Occasionally buy a peripheral or something."

"Here, Miyamori Kui handed a cup of tea to Zhang Beichuan.

"Thank you." Zhang Beichuan took it and took a sip.

"By the way, Miao Sen, can you show me the animations you made before?" Zhang Beichuan was a little itchy, and he was really curious.

"I found it yesterday, and I'll get it for you." Aoi Miyamori took out a bag from the house and showed it on TV.

"Seven Lucky Gods" is a short animation. Zhang Beichuan finished it soon, and Aoi Miyamori asked curiously, "What do you think? Forget it.. You better stop hitting me."

After a moment of silence, Zhang Beichuan said, "It's really strange from my current point of view, but..."

After a pause, he continued: "But considering the period of your production, I can only say this, it's amazing!"

The Seven Lucky Gods were produced and broadcast by Aoi Miyamori and their animation friends during the school festival during their school days. From the current perspective, there are many bugs in the plot, and many parts of the original painting are broken. Mistakes in the lines and stuff like that, but more than that... the dubbing is great to read.

Zhang Beichuan could even hear Aoi Miyamori's original voice clearly, which was too inconsistent with the image.

The meaning of bang read is to describe the voice actors who read the lines without expression when dubbing the characters, and describe the poor dubbing of the characters.

But I understand that they are just students and have never studied dubbing.

If the animation company produced such a level, it is estimated that it is not enough to deal with it, but if this animation is produced by only five people, and on the premise that there is no professional production equipment during the student period, Zhang Beichuan only I can say one thing - awesome!

Animation is always something that a team can do. There is basically no big guy who can complete an animation by himself. Of course, it is possible to get an episode or a short story, and the cycle of doing it will be ridiculously long.

"What content are you in charge of?" Zhang Beichuan asked curiously.

"Similar to a supervisor's position!" Miyamori Aoi thought for a while.

Speaking of which, Miyamori Aoi recalled a promise that the five of them had made. In the future, they will make a real animation together in the future.

But...is there really a chance in the future? Miyamori Aoi was very worried.

"Sister Xiaokui, are you at home, senpai?" A voice came from outside.

"It's Xiaolu here." Miyamori Aoi stood up and went to open the door.

From the living room, Zhang Beichuan could clearly see that there was a very cute girl standing outside the door. She was a little shorter than Aoi Miyamori, with slightly purple hair and a ponytail.


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