How Can I Get Confused with the Top?

How Can I Get Confused with the Top?


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Chu Zhi crossed the parallel world and became the top streamer in China, with hundreds of thousands of comments on Weibo updates.

Because of playing big names, plagiarizing new songs, hidden marriages, and derailing, a series of small fresh meat that has become a paste.

The start of the day is broken, and fortunately [personality system] does what most stars dare not do, and you can get points and draw the blind box.


“Famous singer-songwriter Chu Zhi has a hangover, seeking inspiration for new songs.”

“Being late to the show and playing big names? No! Artists work and rest differently.”

“Chu Zhi’s unrestrained and unrestrained nature has the style of Wei and Jin celebrities.”

Chu Zhi said: “People are too good at making up their minds for talented people.”

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