Hunter X Hunter: the strongest corpse

Hunter X Hunter: the strongest corpse

335 Chapters Ongoing Status
Last Update 119 days ago


With the golden finger of a tomb robbery game, Ron crossed to the Meteor Street in the Hunter World, awakening his unique ability.

A wide variety of skills and talents can be found from corpses.

“Get martial arts talent, advanced.”

“Get a ball of pure spirit.”

“Get a hard iron pot, which can be used to fight enemies and stir-fry vegetables.”


The dead residents in Meteor Street are his nourishment, the desperate fighters in the Sky Arena are the capital for him to become stronger, the hunter test with a high mortality rate and the hellish Youkexin City are the heavens for increasing his strength.

And the powerhouses who have died or are about to die: Hua Shi Doulang, Wo Jin, Pike Norda, Yin Beast, Ants…

[There is already a million-word boutique hunter fan novel “Full-time Hunter: Writing Books to Become a God”, if you are interested, you can go and read it]

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