I Cut Down the Troubled World Alone

I Cut Down the Troubled World Alone


326 Chapters Ongoing Status
Last Update 18 days ago


A person cut down the road of life in troubled times.

Zombie: Roar.

Lin Fan: “Everyone is a neighbor, so why are you so irritable?”

Lin Fan: “I still have to go grocery shopping.”

Lin Fan looked at Xiaoqing who had turned into a zombie: “Xiaoqing, I bought a few bottles of water and have already scanned the code.”

Lin Fan: “Boss, I want to settle the salary.”

Sunshine Community, where Lin Fan lives, countless refugees flocked to seek shelter.

We have to learn from Lin Fan, abide by the law, work part-time to earn money, strive to buy a house and a car, and be an excellent citizen in a city where zombies are rampant.

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