I Have A Dual World Seal

Chapter 58: Wild Boar Demon

There was no expression on Shen Ying's cold face, she just looked at the two of them coldly, pinching the seal in her hand, the miasma filled the air, and the peach blossoms were flying.

The man in Qingpao was in a virtual shape, dodged a tree root, and then stretched out his right hand. The five blue-black fingernails were long and sharp, and with one stroke, three openings were made in the root, and the brown sap flowed from the tree root. The wound spurted out.


The two peach blossoms silently landed on the Qingpao man's back, instantly turning into two rays of light and submerging into it, causing the Qingpao man to snort, and his figure quickly flashed to the side.

On the other side, Peng Keshan was beaten by countless tree roots, but he stood firm. The two short-edged machetes in his hands flew up and down. His movements were clumsy, but extremely effective.

"Hey, compare your strength with your Grandpa Pig, hehe, your Grandpa Pig is very strong!"

The corner of Peng Keshan's mouth raised a ferocious smile, because he was about to approach Shen Ying.

Unlike the ghost that did little damage to the peach tree, he could knock down the peach tree with one head.

As long as you cut off all these annoying roots, it's very simple, isn't it?

As for those Peach Blossom Demons scattered all over the sky, they did a lot of damage to ghosts, but they couldn't hurt the rough-skinned self at all.

"Hehe, Miss Shen, you are imprisoned by this old peach tree, and you can't leave this peach blossom flat all day, what's the point!

It's better to follow Grandpa Pig and let Yan Jie refine the peach trees. How about you follow Grandpa Pig and I return to Yangzhou?

When the time comes, you will eat delicious food, drink spicy food, and Grandpa Pig will depend on you! "

When the voice fell, Peng Keshan reached out and grabbed a tree root, put it into his mouth, and bit hard.


A cracking sound sounded, and the brown sap spurted out from the broken roots and splashed onto Peng Keshan's face, making the other party look hideous and ugly.


Peng Keshan was suddenly stunned, because from the gap in the branch, he suddenly saw the face of a strange man.


Before he could react, Lu Zheng had already flicked his fingers, and the three condensing cold talismans instantly landed on him.


Visible to the naked eye, Peng Keshan's figure froze in place, and a layer of white frost condensed on the surface of his beard, hair and body almost instantly.

Cold, just pure cold!

"Fu Lu, the other party is an expert!" Peng Keshan was horrified.


The next moment, a knife light lit up, blood filled the air, and the sound of the knife roared, and it slashed towards Peng Keshan's face.

"Blood energy! The other party is still a warrior!" Peng Keshan felt that his mind could no longer turn around.

"This **** has help!"

Lu Zhengdao lighted up, and the man in Qingpao over there found him, "Brother Peng, be careful!"


A pig humming sound came from Peng Keshan's mouth. Before the knife approached, his eyes were red and his muscles were bulging. He carried all the demonic energy in his body, set up a machete, and blocked the opponent's long knife.

However, in Peng Keshan's shocked eyes, the other side's long knife gently gave way to his own machete.

And his body was frozen by the opponent's talisman, but he couldn't react.



As soon as the knife went down, the blood rained, and one of Peng Keshan's left arms flew into the air.

The next moment, the knife walked with him, and the long knife turned into a long snake, white light like training, and smeared straight to Peng Keshan's throat.

Peng Keshan roared angrily, and as his arm broke blood, he also forced a large portion of the cold energy out of his body, and then jumped back with all his strength, avoiding the stab of the Embroidered Spring Knife.


There was an earth-shattering scream from his mouth, and then his body fell, and he turned into a big wild boar that was three meters long.

However, the left front leg of this big wild boar was gone.


Two white lights flashed, and the two machetes in Peng Keshan's previous hands turned into white lights and flew into the big wild boar's mouth, turning into two fangs one foot five long.


The big wild boar shook his head from side to side, his fangs broke a few tree roots, and then ran out of Zhuangzi without turning his head.

"Can you go?"

Lu Zheng sneered, and the next moment, all the tree roots in front of him gave way.

Step down. With a vertical figure, Lu Zheng has already arrived at the side of the big wild boar.


The big wild boar turned back suddenly, and the two fangs rose from the bottom up, poking at Lu Zheng's chest.

Peng Keshan knew that he could not escape. This was to show that the enemy was weak and retreated to advance.

However, Lu Zheng reacted very quickly, and with a long knife in his hand, he got up and his figure was already over the big wild boar.

Then, three more cold talismans shot out, all of them slapped on the back of the big wild boar.


The big wild boar let out a whimper, and immediately began to sway all over.

Lu Zheng's eyes narrowed, his teeth clenched, and he raised his long knife in midair.

His whole body was full of qi and blood, and he blessed the blood qi on the embroidered spring knife, only to see that the bright long knife almost started to glow.

"Forgive me!"


A round of light shone in the courtyard, and the sharp long knife, with the blessing of blood, actually decapitated this big wild boar.

"Bone lulu..."

The pig's head, which was bigger than the washbasin, was rolling on the ground, and blood spurted out from the neck like a fountain.


Pushing the golden mountain down to the jade pillar, the three-meter-long pig body also fell to the ground, feeling that the whole Peach Blossom Village was shaken twice.

Wild boar demon, die!


The jade seal in his mind shook slightly, and the fourteen rays of luck suddenly entered the warehouse.

Lu Zheng turned his head abruptly, staring at the green-robed ghost who was still floating in the air and entangled with Shen Ying.

Just now, when Lu Zheng suddenly appeared and chopped off Peng Keshan's left arm, the green-robed ghost wanted to help.

It's just that Shen Ying wasn't dead either. There were countless peach blossoms and tree roots flying around, blocking the way of the green-robed ghost.

When Lu Zheng took out his knife and stabbed Peng Keshan with a slap in the face, his whole body was filled with blood and energy, the Qingpao ghost couldn't help but exclaimed, "Eighteen styles of Danshan!"

Shen Ying sneered, "Yes, it's your "Eighteen Forms of Danshan", you died, I found a successor for you."


Shen Ying sneered and didn't answer, just besieged the Qingpao ghost with a dense array of peach blossoms.

Of course, Lu Zheng also heard Shen Ying's words. Although he was curious about the relationship between the two, this was not the time to ask questions.

"Mrs. Shen, do you want to keep him?"

Shen Ying immediately replied, "Of course, I also ask the young master to take action! If you can stay, of course it's best, if you can't, don't force it, the son doesn't need to spend his energy and blood to fight him!"

Qing Pao Gui's eyes sharpened, "Your talisman is useless to me! Don't force me to be ruthless, it will ruin your foundation of martial arts!"

Ghosts are inherently yin, and ordinary people would shudder when they approached them. Lu Zheng's current level of drawing a cold spell is not enough to freeze ghosts.

It's just that, without the cold talisman, Lu Zheng still has the exorcism talisman!

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