Principal Li admires Chen Feng at such a young age.

Although Chen Feng's specific situation is not very clear to him, he appreciates such a genius the most.

"Our school has a genius. Today is a good day."

Principal Li's face was flushed with excitement, his voice was hearty, and he was very happy.

Suddenly he looked at Lao Zhou, who had a bad premonition.

Sure enough, Principal Li smiled and said, "Principal Zhou, I may have to go back on what I promised you just now. There are two places in our school, one for Jiang Shiran, and the other is not redundant, so naturally I can't give it to you.

I'm sorry, I'm going to give Chen Feng the place recommended by Wushen University. As for Zhang Hua's quota, let him figure out a way by himself, or be admitted by the exam himself, which is also a way. "


Principal Zhou and Zhang Hua were dumbfounded.

Zhang Hua clenched his fists tightly, and the sense of superiority in his heart was shattered by the blow.

Damn Chen Feng.

If I knew it earlier, I would not challenge him in public. Not only did I give him money, but it also increased his reputation and made the principal notice that the place in Wushen University was also lost.

"If I didn't guess wrong, these people didn't know Chen Feng's potential at all before, but now I shake it out. Instead, I lost my spot! Damn it!"

Zhang Hua had the urge to punch himself to death. So stupid, how could he be so stupid.

Zhang Hua wanted to hammer himself to death.

"Chen Feng was actually recommended to be sent to Wushen University?"

"Amazing, this is the top human race!"

The surrounding students all looked envious and exclaimed.

"Principal Li!"

Principal Zhou wanted to say something, Zhang Hua said, "Principal, needless to say, since I can't recommend it, I will apply for Wushen University by myself."

Zhang Hua looked at Chen Feng and said, "Chen Feng, at Wushen University, wait for me, there are still two months, we will all go to Wushen University. During this time, I will improve my strength, and I will accept Yuan soon. My martial spirit shows its power, I will take everything back today! Wait for me!"

"Waiting to send me money?"

Chen Feng smiled: "I'm very happy, but at that time, this amount of money may not be enough, you should prepare more money, otherwise I may not accept your challenge."

Chen Feng doesn't care at all. Now that Zhang Hua is not his opponent, it will be impossible in the future.

Because Chen Feng will also grow up.

become stronger.

Chen Feng said a few words, and Zhang Hua almost died of anger. Originally, his goal was the Holy Body genius of the human race. It seems that this goal must be put aside now. If even Chen Feng is not an opponent, what can he do to surpass the human race? Ten's Eucharistic genius?

He has now changed his goal to defeat Chen Feng.

And then go to defeat the genius of the Human Eucharist.

Because, this genius will also be in Wushen University in the future.

During this time, I have to work hard.

Zhang Hua and Principal Zhou left here with ugly faces.

After this incident, Chen Feng's reputation suddenly turned into a school genius.

When Mr. Wei Zheng saw that Chen Feng really liked it, he took the initiative to help him adjust the class. Such students should not stay in the general class, but in the special class.

The special class was in Teacher Xu Bing's class.

Teacher Xu Bing knows more and explains more.

After Chen Feng reached his strength, this matter was very easy. In fact, ordinary students want to change classes, but their strength cannot keep up. It is absolutely impossible. Even if they kneel and beg, they will not be able to enter the special class.

Now Chen Feng has entered the special class.

Chen Feng is more grateful to Teacher Wei Zheng.

However, when changing the class, Zhang Kun patted Chen Feng on the shoulder: "Brother Feng, we haven't known each other for a few days, you are leaving, I really can't bear it. Originally, I prepared a bottle of nutrition before. I'm going to give you some liquid, but you can't use it now."

Zhang Kun took out a bottle of one-decimeter-long transparent water pipe from his pocket, which contained green plant nutrient solution, a highly concentrated nutritional product.

After drinking it, it can increase people's stamina, which is good for strength.

"This thing is expensive, isn't it?"

In Chen Feng's eyes, this thing is a luxury. He didn't expect Zhang Kun to take such a valuable thing and give him a share.

"It's not too expensive. My dad came back from outside and bought me a bottle of 8,000 yuan. I heard that it contains nutrients from dozens of plants. When you and Zhang Hua competed last time, I I'm going to give you a little bit, who would have thought that you would be so strong."

Zhang Kun shook his head, but after thinking about it, it's not enough to divide it a little, why don't you give it all to Chen Feng.

He handed it to Chen Feng: "Brother Feng, you are leaving the class, so consider this a gift from me!"

Chen Feng was taken aback.

During these days in the class, although Chen Feng was cultivating, the one who communicated the most in the class was with Zhang Kun, that is, he was more familiar with this guy.

Now that Zhang Kun wanted to give him a separate gift, Chen Feng was a little surprised.

This thing is not cheap.

"It's more suitable for you to leave this thing to me. I understand your heart." Chen Feng said.

Zhang Kun was in a hurry: "Don't, we were classmates. You refused to accept my gift. Is it because you have become stronger now and look down on me?"

"Uh...I didn't think so."

"Then why don't you accept it? If you don't accept it, you just look down on me..."

Zhang Kun stuffed something into Chen Feng's pocket.

He can't always say, I want to flatter you, right? Alas, it's not easy to find a backer these days.

Chen Feng admitted this friend, because during the awakening period, no one talked to him, but Zhang Kun was always by his side.

"If you have anything, you can find me."

Chen Feng said something and left.

"Okay, Brother Feng."

Zhang Kun is overjoyed, secretly I have a backer. In the future, the school genius Chen Feng will be my eldest At this moment, Chen Feng has left the school and went to some shopping malls in the JD district. quality medicine.

After arriving at the pharmacy, the waiter gave him a warm reception.

Ask Chen Feng what medicine he wants.

Chen Feng took a look and pointed to a bottle of green water in the glass cabinet, half a decimeter long green water pipe: "How much is this?"

"Sir, this is the essence extracted from an extraterrestrial green thorn flower. It also contains green thorn nutrient solution without side effects that is fused with more than a dozen other plant liquids. A bottle is 10,000."

"Can you tell me the specific effect?"

"Okay sir."

The waitress smiled and said, "If a person with 4th stage of Qi and blood takes five bottles of this nutrient solution, it should be able to be raised to 5th stage."

"Five bottles?"

Chen Feng was surprised in his heart, so, isn't it fifty thousand? 50,000 raises a blood rank, this is really something rich people play, it is too expensive.

"What about this?"

Chen Feng pointed to another red liquid tube.

"This is a kind of blood essence extracted from the body of the Red Sea Whale, this is 12,000."

The waiter laughed.

Chen Feng nodded: "I heard that taking blood essence, a bad person is prone to problems, such as being affected by the negative aura of the blood essence of a beast, this sea whale should be a monster, right?"

Waiter: "Sir, don't worry, the red sea whale is indeed a monster, but this monster is a milder kind, and the blood in their body does not stimulate the human body.

And for each potion, our Green God Company has undergone strict processing, and what remains in it are the most pure nutrients without any side effects. You can buy with confidence. "

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