Zhu Tao took out the tool and began to dismantle and smash the mountain iron bull. This iron bull has a strong body surface defense. If the knife starts from a small area in the abdomen and disintegrates the scales from the inside, it will be easy.

Zhu Tao is very skilled.

In this regard, there is a lot of experience. Because she was hunting with her eldest brother, she was not strong enough. Naturally, she had to be a little more professional in this regard, which could save the team some time.

Even if it was Zhang Yang, Tao Min and the others, they were not as young as Zhu Taokuai, who looked young but was very experienced.

Just a little tired.

"Let's analyze it! I just used my soul skill, and I need to recover."

Chen Feng sat up cross-legged and used the Soul Needle continuously. Although it would not shake the foundation of his strength, in such a place, he had to maintain his peak state all the time. Chen Feng knew this.

"There are five bottles of green liquid essence here, you can restore them."

At this time, Captain Beard carefully took out five green tubular glass pieces from his backpack and handed them to Chen Feng.

Chen Feng was stunned for a moment. When he saw this thing, if he read it correctly, he saw this thing in the Green God Company store last time. One piece cost more than 9,000, and five for himself?

"Also, it will be reimbursed in my share! Thank you!"

Chen Feng is not hypocritical either, recovery is the most important thing now.

Uncle Beard said with a smile, "What is the reimbursement? Without you, we would have died long ago. If you regard us as your teammates, you can take these things!"

"And here I have three pieces of recovery nutrient solution. You can take them too!" Zhang Yang also handed over three pieces.

"I have two." Tao Min also quickly took out the nutrient solution for recovery. These things are used for recovery when extremely tired. Of course, they can also be used for breakthroughs in strength.

Now they have to ensure that Chen Feng's strength is fully taken out. Without Chen Feng, they are all dead now, and they don't care about this at all.

Although they are all members of the hunting team, each of them is still worth a little bit, and this is something they can still get their hands on.

Even Zhu Tao took out two.

Seeing everyone's determined eyes, Chen Feng did not refuse.

He saw so many nutrient solutions, including two bottles, which obviously had the effect of nourishing the gods.

if it is like this. Chen Feng thought about it, he could continue to strengthen his physique and increase his soul power while recovering, and he could also grow a small part of the Bodhi tree.

Chen Feng was not polite either. He took these nutrient solutions and drank them all in one go.

At the same time, the Bodhi tree appeared behind Chen Feng's head. The Bodhi tree appeared outside as a vague shadow of a tree, and outsiders could not see anything strange.

Buzz! !

As these nutrient solutions entered the body and merged into the limbs and bones, which also contained strong vitality, Chen Feng hurriedly ran the "Original Gathering Method" to restore his physical strength.

After a short while, Chen Feng's physical strength increased a lot. He was not surprised, because these things are of high value, and in ordinary families, it is very stressful to take out one. What's more, his teammates gave him a total of twelve pipes.

After the body is strengthened, the soul power will also increase.

Chen Feng activated another vitality and merged into his martial soul. He put away his martial soul and nourished it in the depths of his mind.

With the integration of vitality, the size of the Bodhi tree has increased by one-fifth.

However, what Chen Feng didn't expect was that with the recovery, a message passed from the Bodhi tree to his mind.

"The field of dullness!"


The general meaning is that Chen Feng can summon the Bodhi tree, exuding a spiritual aura. It will make the enemy shrouded in aura, slow movement, affect the spirit, and slow response.

"How is this going?"

Chen Feng doesn't know much about the Bodhi tree now. Now that the Bodhi tree has grown a small part, he has such an understanding.

"The field of dullness..."

Chen Feng thought for a while: "I understand!"

Chen Feng was suddenly overjoyed and thought to himself, "The effect of the Bodhi tree on me can improve my understanding, but if it spreads out and treats the enemy, it can reduce people's reactions, which is similar to the effect of reducing wisdom.

It turns out that the Bodhi tree, which can stimulate people's understanding, makes people lower their intelligence, become sluggish, and their thinking is slow. There is no problem at all! "

Having figured this out, Chen Feng was overjoyed.

Even without this domain, Chen Feng believed that the general Nayuan early stage would not be his opponent, because he still had the material and spiritual attacks of the martial spirit, which could pierce and kill the enemy repeatedly.

Now that there is a field of dullness, isn't it the same as the spread of the aura of a master of the magnetic field?

Moreover, such an effect seems to be more effective than the lethality of the aura emitted by the magnetic field.

"Although I haven't reached the magnetic field, and there is a gap with such a master, the efficacy of this field is enough to increase my combat effectiveness by a dozen times. It's an unexpected gain!"

Chen Feng felt joy in his heart.

Think about it, in the face of a powerful enemy coming over, summoning the Bodhi tree by yourself, exuding an aura, covering the enemy, the enemy becomes slow in an instant, how scary is this?

You know, in the UU reading www.uukanshu.com battle, one second of lag is enough to make this person die several times.

In the slaughter, the pause, the slowness, is a huge flaw. This flaw is deadly enough.

With this magnetic field, Chen Feng's strength is invisibly stronger.

After resting, Chen Feng opened his eyes, he wanted to try the effect of his dull field.

He looked at Tao Min, this Tao Min is a very shrewd person, try her.

"Sister Tao Min."

"Ah?" Tao Min, who was cleaning up the body, looked over and asked, "What's wrong?"

Chen Feng smiled and said, "Sister Tao, I want to try my soul skill, you rush towards me, I'll try it."

"Oh? Then what should I do, just rush over?"

"Yes, Sister Tao, just charge with all your strength!"


Tao Min became serious, then stepped back and charged Chen Feng.


Tao Min's speed was still very fast, like a speeding car, heading towards Chen Feng, that is, when she was ten meters away from Chen Feng, suddenly, an invisible breath spread from Chen Feng's body. .

He did not summon martial spirits, but directly diffused the aura of this domain.


The invisible breath, which no one can see, radiates to a radius of ten meters.

Ten meters seems to be the limit.

In an instant, Tao Min felt that he had entered an empty mental state, his brain was affected by something, and everything in front of him became sluggish.

Including her thinking, she also appeared dull for two seconds, and when she forcibly broke through this trouble, a shadow flashed in front of her eyes, Chen Feng had already reached her, and said with a smile: "Okay, Sister Tao!"

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