Invite family and friends over for a meal.

Those who come also have to follow.

In the past, Chen Feng's family had also done some good things, such as his sister's tenth birthday, but there were not many relatives at home, so there were only five or six tables.

This time, Chen Guoxiang also invited relatives from his family, as well as relatives from his mother's side.

Including the previous neighbors also invited over.

It was held in a hotel near Jingxiu Community.

What Chen Guoxiang didn't expect was that for this banquet, almost all the relatives of the two families were present, and there were two or three more tables than before, and even some relatives who had not had much contact before took the initiative to take the car all the way to the Haofeng Hotel. Come to attend the wedding banquet at Chen Feng's house.

This time, the wedding banquet was not only about the room, but also the wedding banquet of entering Wushen University together with Chen Feng's college entrance examination.

It is two kinds of happy events to do together.

Chen Guoxiang had agreed with the hotel to book six tables, but found that it was far from enough, and temporarily added three more tables.

It was what Chen Feng didn't expect.

The school didn't know how to get the news. The school's Principal Li, Mr. Wei Zheng, Mr. Xu Bing, etc. also came.

The principal also said that Li Zhong, the mayor of the district, would also come.

Chen Feng was a little confused. How did they know that their family had a wedding banquet?

What Chen Feng didn't know was that Chen Feng's movements had been followed by the city guards sent by the mayor of Jiangzhou to protect Chen Feng's safety, so some things about their family were naturally easy to know.

But Chen Feng never expected a big man like the district chief to come here.

Although Chen Feng was recommended to be sent to Wushen University, in the eyes of a person like the district chief, Chen Feng had not grown up after all, but he was so impressed that Chen Feng's parents were flattered.

Although it hasn't come yet.

And Chen Feng's uncle, uncle, aunt, and uncle, uncle, uncle, aunt, aunt, and aunt from the mother's family were all present.

Including Chen Feng's grandfather and grandmother, as well as the grandparents of the Chen family, and even the people from the grandfather's three-brothers family, all of them were present.

Naturally, it also includes grandfather's brothers and sisters, so that the Chen family wedding banquet, which originally only had six tables of relatives, not only increased to nine tables, but now it has increased to eighteen tables!

In the end, Chen Guoxiang had to change to a larger hall.

A hall that can accommodate twenty tables for a wedding banquet.

"Congratulations, congratulations!"

In the hall, there was an endless stream of people talking together. In their words, they could not do without Chen Feng being recommended to Wushen University, as well as Chen Feng's college entrance examination champion.

Of course, it also includes the happy housewarming of Chen Feng's family.

Those former neighbors, whether they got along well or not, all came over.

Facing Chen Feng's parents, he never stopped smiling. There were congratulations, even flattery, and some apology in his words.

The relatives who didn't get along well with the Chen family in the past, both elders and descendants, all came here, and they all changed their faces.

Some cousins ​​from the Chen Feng family didn't like the Chen family very much, but because of Chen Feng's admission to Wuhan University, they were a lot more respectful in front of Chen Feng's parents.

There were so many people suddenly, and Chen Feng couldn't react.

In fact, he was recommended to Wushen University, and he has already made a name for himself. All these people came to chat and make relationships.

For these, Chen Feng did not reject them too much. Among all the people who came, Chen Feng and his parents warmly received them.

"Hahaha, cousin, I really didn't expect you to be sent to Wushen University now, it's amazing!"

A cousin came over, smiled and congratulated, then followed with a smile, two thousand yuan!

This cousin is not tall, he wears all famous brand names, he has his own car transportation tool, and his family is in the clothing business, so he is relatively rich.

And he is also the fourth stage of qi and blood. In the past, when their family did good deeds, Chen Feng and his parents went there.

Zhang Li, the cousin of the third concubine's family, is not very enthusiastic about their family because their family is too poor.

I was afraid that Chen Feng's family would ask them to borrow money, and they would treat wealthy relatives in the family differently.

Chen Feng greeted with a smile: "Cousin, rare guest!"

In the past, when Chen Feng's family had a wedding, this cousin Zhang Li was a dragon without seeing the end, which was not very common.

Now that he came here, Chen Feng also sighed.

What used to be 200 pieces of money has become 2,000.

He knew that if he hadn't been admitted to Wushen University, this would have been impossible.

But Chen Feng didn't mind, the visitors were all guests.

He will be warmly entertained.

Among them, the children of Grandpa's three brothers, many of Chen Feng's uncles, also came to congratulate him.

In the past, they saw Chen Feng with the tone of an elder, but now when they see Chen Feng again, they are pleasant and cheerful, without any pretence of an elder.

Seeing the picture full of friends, Chen Feng knew that their family was indeed developed.

Otherwise, how could such a scene appear in their impoverished Chen family?

"Chen Feng was admitted to Wushen University, and his future prospects are limitless!"

"Yeah! Who would have thought that a character like a dragon would appear in our family. Our family might prosper because of Chen Feng's appearance!"

"Well, Wushen University, among the people I know, no one can be admitted to this top human race institution, our family Feng'er can be admitted to Wushen University, this is a great event!

And You know, it is still recommended. "

Chen Feng's third aunt laughed.

This third aunt, Chen Feng remembered that he didn't have a good relationship with his mother in the past, and her mother lent money to their family. Finally, seven or eight years later, he went to ask for it once.

As a result, the relationship between the third aunt and the mother became very tense. What the third aunt said, all this money was needed, what happened. I don't think my mom should ask for this money.

And now, the third aunt took the initiative to pay back the thousands of dollars she owed, and gave back a thousand and a half dollars.

In Chen Feng's eyes, this is simply a miracle!

Because his third aunt is very stingy.

Take out one thousand and five, huh, it's really generous!

"Our family Feng'er was not only recommended to be sent to Wushen University, but he also got a perfect score in the test himself. Do you know what this concept is?"

A woman, Chen Feng's third aunt, smiled and said:

"Jiangzhou colleges and universities, there has never been a person with a perfect score, but our family Feng'er actually got a perfect score, tsk tsk, what a promising child!

I said before that this kid will have a bright future. I heard that he trained very hard in school. Sure enough, he is not an ordinary person! "

"The son of the Chen family is indeed amazing. The probability of being admitted to Wushen University is extremely low."

The people around said the same.

There are too many things like that.

District Chief Li is here?

At this moment, Chen Feng suddenly noticed someone coming at the door.

A large group of people came in at the door. Qi Yu was proud and strode forward, headed by a tall and burly man, wearing a gray suit with a smile on his face.

It was the district chief and some of his subordinates who were leaders of Jiangzhou District.

Their arrival was very grand, and everyone's eyes focused on this group of people.

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