This instructor, with his own strength, is above the magnetic field. Otherwise, it is not easy to deter these geniuses.

Moreover, he is a soldier, and a soldier has his own strict requirements.

He glanced at each of them.

"Very good, no one of you has left now. From now on, each of you will walk forward to the military camp. According to your own number, you will receive the same defensive armor as your body size and put it on! This is your respective number. Card!"

The instructor man asked his subordinates to issue a lot of tokens with numbers on them.


All students respect the military.

In addition to their gathering point, there are equally outstanding students from other schools. Although their scores cannot enter the top ten, a considerable number of scores are in the 600s.

At this stage, they are eligible to enter Wushen University. Although they are not as dazzling as the top ten, they are also not to be underestimated, and they all focus on training here.

Anyway, the transportation of the human race is very convenient, and people from all over the world can gather together in a short time.

At this time, everyone walked on foot to the green camp in front. According to the number plate, they found their corresponding defense armor.

There are many defensive equipment, such as some defensive helmets, armors, leather boots, shoulder pads, and even knee pads to protect the knees, which can surround people in all directions and minimize casualties.

The meaning of the above is to let them train, but they don't want them to sacrifice.

A lot of defensive equipment is made of metal, giving people a feeling of invulnerability.

Chen Feng secretly said, with this set of equipment, he estimates that he will weigh less than 150 pounds, right?

Ordinary people will be exhausted to death if they carry it!

In fact, in addition to protecting them, there is another benefit, which is weight training.

The armor itself can have the effect of weight training.

Can exercise all parts of the body.

Although they all have certain skills, they don't feel much when they first wear them, but they will be tiring after a long time.

It was the first time that Chen Feng had seen so many defensive equipment.

Buzzing! ...

After a group of people put them on, they returned to their original places one after another. Suddenly, there was a huge roar in the sky, and a spaceship traveling in the sky descended.

Everyone was amazed, this **** guy is the first time many people have seen it. It is very shiny and belongs to the military.

This is the civilization of the human race. A big iron group flew over and appeared in front of everyone.

Countless students are talking about it, after all, there are not many opportunities to see this thing.

Soon, they entered it.

The spaceship departs.

Inside, it was very stable, and it didn't take long to come to the depths of the mountain range.

The door of the spaceship has been opened.

At a glance, the outside was full of tall trees, and a heavy breath swept through them. They could vaguely hear many monsters roaring in the distance.

You can also see the outer periphery below, there is a large circle of white nets, these are power grids, and they surround the entire mountain range for an unknown distance.

The power grid is fifty meters high.

Generally, it is absolutely impossible for monsters to escape from here.

There are no monsters that touch the power grid here, and of course there are those who don't have long eyes and are directly electrocuted. The voltage here is very high, and ordinary monsters are also killed.

"Tsk tsk, this is the first time I have come here. There are many ferocious monsters below. Seeing that this place is surrounded by power grids, it is not open to the public at all, right?"

Li Jian was surprised.

"No, this is the military's territory. Now it is used for our trials. I don't know what monsters we will encounter here. Haha, we can show our skills again!"

Lu Xuan's eyes blinked, but she was full of expectations.

Then, her gaze turned to Yantiandu not far away. In her eyes, it seemed that there was only Yantiandu.

"This place is probably more dangerous than other areas of monsters, but if you can hunt down some strange monsters, you can make a lot of money! Hehe."

Li Jian's eyes were very expectant. He is a commoner, and he is more keen on making money than anyone else.

As for Yantiandu, Lu Xuan and the other two were not very interested in money, because it was only a small amount of money for them, and their families were all rich.

Among them, Huo Kong and Shi Wang are both ordinary families, and they also want to make money.

As for Chen Feng, he has spiritual water, he has his own supply of resources, and he can sell it for money, but he will not despise his money, and this time he will also make a good fortune.

The more money you have, the more things you buy, and the faster you can help your cultivation.

Soon, a group of people came out of the black guy and stood in the mountains. After the instructor came down, he said solemnly:

"Now your training mission begins.

However, I want to remind you that in this training, although you have armor, you must be careful. There are many alien creatures in captivity, not the products of our Blue Star! "

Everyone was surprised, alien creatures?

Blue Star and the others know that it is the name of their continent planet, the base of the human race.

Humans have long been able to travel to other worlds in the starry sky, so they have explored many worlds, and have entered the human race with the inheritance of martial arts.

The human race is strong, and it was only later that it had contact with the outside world. It is precisely because of this that the foreign race has a strong interest in the fertile land of the human race and humans, and also wants to annex the human race.

"Yantiandu, come out!"

The instructor man glanced around, and Yan Tian walked out lazily.

The instructor suddenly punched him, and with a bang, Yan Tian also punched, but he was not knocked back, and his body was very stable.

"You are in the initial stage of the magnetic field, and your strength is good!

Everyone pays attention, even if the strength of Yantiandu is in the mountains, if you are not careful, you will be injured or die. This is the case with him. The rest of you, remember to be careful in it. Do you understand? "


The rest of the students nodded, knowing that the instructor was telling them not to take it lightly. Deliberately take out all summer days as a benchmark.

"Yantiandu, you go back first!"

The instructor man continued: "Your mission is to train everyone here for half a month and come out alive! Only after completing this training mission can you be qualified to become real students of Wushu University!

Also, some of the alien creatures inside are very ferocious, and if they are defeated, they can escape. You can also make a rescue exit.

But once you quit and the mission fails, even if you can still enter Wushen University, it will affect your evaluation after graduation.

In the future, if you enter the military world, foreign legions, or internal affairs agencies, you will all be affected.

Of course, you can make up for it through the later stages, but in short, if you can pass the pre-exam training, you will be a qualified student of Wushen University! "

the instructor said.

"Instructor, can we just live in it for half a month?"

Li Jian asked.

Instructor: "Not just living for half a month, from here to another restricted area entrance ~ there is a distance of 200 kilometers, you have to walk to another entrance on the map within half a month, I The distress aids and maps will be handed out to you."

"Besides that, all your students should not get together or act in groups, otherwise the training will lose its meaning. There are volley cameras above us, and your every move is being monitored!

At most, two people are allowed to act in a team. Of course, there is an exception, that is, if you encounter a powerful monster, you need to join hands to kill. At this time, you can unite.

Or, you just need to press the distress device, and the flying equipment in the sky will rescue you. You don't have to worry too much, just hunt and improve yourself.

The purpose of this mission is to prepare you for the battlefield in the future! "

Next, the instructor gave the map and a small pager to all the students.

However, Chen Feng was taken aback for a moment. He walked 200 kilometers in the mountains. This must be a straight-line distance. If you want to reach this distance, you must have to twist and turn around. I am afraid that you will not have to walk at least 600 kilometers in half a month. ah?

In the mountain forest, even if it is the opposite mountain, if you want to go around it, it is a huge journey.

Chen Feng felt that this mission was not that simple!

"and also!"

The instructor said: "In this mountain range, there is a creature that is your primary target for hunting this time. The first place in the beheading can get a million-dollar scholarship for admission!"

Everyone took a deep breath.

A million-dollar scholarship, what's the concept?

Many students are eager to try it.

"Instructor, what kind of creature is this?" Lu Xuan asked.

The instructor said solemnly, "People!"


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