Merit, no matter what you do in the future, it will be useful.

Even at the merit material exchange office, you can exchange a lot of things.

And the accumulation of merit grades will not be consumed, whichever system you enter in the future can be used as a reference score to be hired.

It is also an honor.

The human race is proud of merit points. Whoever has more is the hero of the human race.

I heard that the final achievement has reached a certain level. Even if someone is killed, the above will handle it as appropriate. On this point, no one has any objection.

Of course, such people can only be manslaughter, not deliberately massacre.

But generally such a human hero would not do such a thing.

In the human race, there is a hero association. Citizens who reach the fifth level can receive a hero badge. This is an honor.

At this moment, Yan Tiandu was the first to enter the mountain range.

"Allow two people to work together as a team, then I'll be with Big Brother Tiandu!"

Lu Xuan smiled and left with a few dodges, very fast.

"Brother Tiandu! Can I come with you?" Lu Xuan followed, shouting from behind, Yan Tian heard the words: "If you want, just follow!"

In the summer, the speed is non-stop, moving forward continuously.

Together with Lu Xuan, they soon disappeared.

"Brother, you are with me!"

Song Xuan, who was sixth in the college entrance examination, smiled at Song Ming next to him, saying that Song Ming was seventh in the college entrance examination. Song Xuan and Song Ming are brothers.

The two are not Martial Soul practitioners, but they are naturally more sensitive to Yuan Qi than ordinary people, so they quickly stepped into Na Yuan. genius.

So, you can still have high achievements.

"Okay, brother!"

Two people also entered.

Xixi whoosh!

Next, more people entered, and soon only Chen Feng, Li Jian, Zhang Hua, and Jiang Shiran were left.

The rest of the people went hunting deep into the mountains.

Although there are many people, the hunting forest is very large, so many people enter it and spread out, it is not so easy to meet together.

"Brother, how about me and you?"

Li Jian held a long sword and said with a smile.

Li Jian was very curious about Chen Feng's strength.

"Sorry, I already have teammates!" Chen Feng and Jiang Shiran looked at each other and smiled.

Jiang Shiran is relatively weak among these people, and Chen Feng's strength is now in the middle of Nayuan, plus he can already summon two martial arts, as well as the sword of the moon blade, the treasure secret low-grade combat skill "Wind Sword". 》

Strength cannot be underestimated.

Only that Yantian was in the early stage of the magnetic field, and his combat power was amazing. Chen Feng didn't know his specific strength, but for the others, Chen Feng had the confidence to defeat them.

Before Chen Feng came, he originally planned to act alone, and two people could be together in the mission. He naturally chose Jiang Shiran from a high school with him.


Hearing this, Li Jian was a little embarrassed.

However, he just smiled, glanced at Jiang Shiran, then at Chen Feng, with a meaningful look in his eyes. Secretly, this buddy, is there a situation?

"Hey, okay!" Li Jian looked at another person beside him, Zhang Hua.

"Brother, together?"

Li Jian sent out the invitation, Zhang Hua glanced at Li Jian, did not invite him before, but now invites him? Hehe, Zhang Hua sneered: "No need, I act alone!"


Li Jian almost fell over when he heard the words.

"Forget it, I'll go alone!"

Holding the long sword, Li Jian dodged and entered the dense forest.

Zhang Hua glanced at Chen Feng. He always wanted to find a chance to discuss with Chen Feng, but now was obviously not the time. He went first to hunt down monsters and try to make more money.

"Thank you!"

Jiang Shiran knew Chen Feng's strength, but he didn't actually need to team up with others.

"We are from a high school, we should help each other, let's go, it's late, the hunting targets may be reduced, but it's safer this way, and now we're just going in!"

Chen Feng said.


Jiang Shiran nodded. It was the first time she had cooperated with Chen Feng, and she knew that he was very strong.

I just don't know what level Chen Feng's combat power has reached.

Jiang Shiran took out a sharp long sword. This sword, and Chen Feng's moon blade, were at the same level as spirit level.

It's also something worth millions.

The two entered the jungle in front, and they could only see the backs of those who entered in the back. These people are wearing more than 100 kilograms of armor, but they walk like the wind, and they are not affected much.

Ordinary people can't walk with such armor on their backs, but these students of Wushen University are very fast.

Soon, no one could be seen around. They had reached the depths and moved quickly.

The forest in front is full of shrubs, weeds, and thorns, which hinder people's movement very much. However, because of the armor, they can ignore these thorns when they travel through these places.

The surface of the armor can prevent water from entering the body, even some poisonous insects in the woods, ants and other small insects cannot get in, which greatly ensures personal safety.

"This armor is very useful! In a place like this, those tiny poisonous insects are deadly. Obviously, the school has considered this very carefully!"

Chen Feng said while walking.


Jiang Shiran smiled and said: "Although we are here to experience, UU reading but the students of Wushen University are more valued in the human race, and one death is a loss."

All the students entered the forest, like a handful of sand, scattered into a sea, and soon disappeared.

At this moment, in a military camp in the back, the instructor just now was with a few soldiers, watching the surveillance screen.

The instructor man smiled and said: "Look at the speed of this Yantiandu, it is worthy of being recognized as the number one genius of the human race. At a young age, it is already in the early stage of the magnetic field. Killing monsters often only requires one face-to-face, and now he has already hunted and killed it. Four or five monsters!"

A soldier man next to him nodded:

"The fire spirit body is no trivial matter. In this summer, there is fire in the body, and every move and every style can sense the flames of the heavens and the earth. Naturally, it is no problem to deal with these monsters.

With such a physique, he is many times more sensitive to the fire element energy than ordinary people. Even if he doesn't take any supplements, he can absorb a large amount of heaven and earth energy to strengthen himself! "

"Daohuo spirit body, this Yantian has stood in front of many people since birth, and the human race will definitely have his place in the future!"

Instructor man: "With such a human physique, and martial arts are both talents, this time Yantian is the strongest!"

"That top student in the college entrance examination is not bad!"

The soldier man smiled and said, "The one called Chen Feng has awakened nine martial spirits, breaking the record for the number of human martial spirits born, and his grades will not be bad."

"That's right, I heard that what he awakened was the Spirit Green Tree, a very rare tree species that could make him better sense the vitality of the world.

If his nine martial spirits are all like this tree, and his cultivation speed is much faster than the average person, this kid also has great potential! "

The instructor nodded.

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