Another few lions were directly beheaded by Chen Feng in the distance. Now the lions are gathered together, and their number has also decreased by a part. At this time, Chen Feng jumped out: "There are still more than a dozen lions left, the problem is No big, come on!"

Chen Feng controlled the soul needle to continue flying, and after beheading a few more heads, he rushed up, took a sword, jumped up, and one of the lion kings flew up and attacked, and was about to eat Chen Feng, but was hit by Chen Feng's sharp moon blade. Smashed, shattered in half.

The other two also went up and killed the remaining lions. Within a while, these beasts were all killed.

Chen Feng beheaded most of them. It can be said that Chen Feng solved it all by himself!

At this moment, after the elimination, Chen Feng was going to climb the tree and took the dozens of fruits.

"Right now, pick the fruit!"

However, at this moment, Chen Feng was beaten to death and did not expect that two people were hiding in a corner not far away, and suddenly rushed out. Chen Feng was about to climb up to get the fruit, but the two people rushed out, faster than him. .

A boy, a woman in blue.

Yan Tiandu and Lu Xuan, Chen Feng had seen these two before.


Lu Xuan laughed: "It's really fun, Brother Tiandu, let's pick this spiritual fruit!"

Yan Tiandu's body flashed, and he actually jumped onto the branch. He was very agile. After a few jumps, he had already reached the top of the tree. He grabbed the fruit one by one, as if there was a mana shrouded in it. The fruit flew towards his hands, and soon a bag was filled.

Since Yantian had just come out, it almost flew up the treetops, and then packed dozens of fruits into a bag, Chen Feng, Jiang Shiran, Zhang Hua, were all dumbfounded.

This summer is so fast, they want to stop it, but they are too slow.

Especially that Yan Tian waved his hand just now, and the fruit actually flew into his hand. What kind of ability is this?

Oh shit! It was robbed!

Zhang Hua's expression changed suddenly, he suddenly thought of something, gritted his teeth and said: "This summer is in the realm of magnetic field, unlike us, the vitality in his body has reached the point of release, you can see that he just released the vitality and harvested the fruit. The degree of freedom has obviously been in the initial stage of the magnetic field for a long time, and the strength is very strong. This time we were robbed of the spoils by him, and the monsters were cleared for him in vain, but the treasure was taken away by him! What should I do?"

Zhang Hua's face was very ugly. He was very happy just now. After Chen Feng killed these monsters, they could go up and pick their fruits.

Who knows, two people suddenly came out.

Especially that Yantiandu, a jump, they are almost to the top of the tree, looking at their strength, where are they opponents?

They could only watch helplessly as Yan Tian bullied them.

At this time, Chen Feng stared at Yan Tiandu above without saying a word.

And Jiang Shiran said loudly: "Yantiandu, this is the monster we killed, but you took action to **** our spoils, what do you mean?"

Yan Tian took a fruit and ate it. It was very delicious and sweet, and it contained a strong spiritual energy of heaven and earth.

It's really comfortable!

With a relaxed expression on his face, Yan Tian threw it to Lu Xuan.

And Lu Xuan looked at Jiang Shiran: "Who told you that these are your spoils?

You kill monsters, let's go pick the fruit from the spiritual tree, and we won't interfere with each other, right? What does it have to do with you? "

Lu Xuan smiled.

Jiang Shiran and Zhang Hua both felt that this person was shameless.

They went to kill the monsters, and these two went to pick the fruit. This is not shameless, what is it?

Why didn't you come out to pick the fruit before?

It's not because there are monsters here. When others have dealt with the monsters, they will go to pick the fruit. Isn't this robbing?

"You guys are robbing!!!"

Zhang Hua said angrily.

At this time, Yan Tian glanced at Zhang Hua, and said with disdain: "Let's not say, you kill monsters, we pick the fruit, what's the problem, even if it's a clear grab, what can you do?"

Yan Tian has always been high above, and he didn't take Zhang Hua seriously at all. Even Chen Feng was the same. It seemed that he took their spoils, which was an honor for them.


Yantiandu, a dodgy body, jumped down from above, carrying a bag full of fruits, his body was flexible and very handsome.

"Let's go!"

Yan Tian glanced at Chen Feng and the others, as if he was looking at a group of idiots. Even if they robbed him, these people couldn't do anything about him. His strength was not something that these few people could handle.

Hehe, who made you inferior to me.

Yan Tian is about to leave with Lu Xuan.

He is so domineering!

It is your honor to rob you of something.

However, before taking two steps, Yan Tian suddenly turned around and looked at Chen Feng and the others:

"If you want these fruits, it's not impossible, all become my followers, and all these will be rewarded to you! I plan to establish a faction in the school. If you are willing to join, I welcome you at any time!"

Holding the things that originally belonged to them and making them the younger brothers of Yan Tiandu, he also gave me a very grand expression.

Hearing this, Zhang Hua couldn't help it, but he didn't dare to say anything.

Jiang Shiran's teeth were itchy.

Chen Feng, however, was calm and composed, and suddenly said: "Yantiandu, you are a human race's Daohuo spirit body, is it not ridiculous to do such a thing? I advise you to let go of what belongs to us, otherwise , I won't let you leave easily!"

As soon as these words came out, Zhang Hua and Jiang Shiran's expressions changed drastically.

Although they are not convinced, it is absolutely impossible to fight against Yantian.

Jiang Shiran looked at Chen Feng: "Chen Feng, let's endure first, this person is in the early stage of the magnetic field, too strong, we can't afford to provoke him!"

The flesh on Zhang Hua's face was twitching, Chen Feng dared to say such a thing to the first genius of the human race.

I'm afraid, even if he wanted to forget it Yantian wouldn't just leave like this.

Lu Xuan's eyes flashed: "Brother Tiandu, he seemed to be saying just now that he won't let you leave easily?

Giggle, I'm dying of laughter. I remember that most of the people who provoked you in the past were honest. Does this person want to be one of them? "

Yan Tiandu smiled, this Chen Feng not only rejected his kindness, but also dared to threaten him?

Is he afraid of threats in the summer?

It seems that this kid has to be taught a lesson.

Otherwise, he thought he was a champion, and he would be invincible in the world.

Yan Tian thought of this, smiled and looked at Chen Feng: "What did you just say? I'll give you a chance to correct."

Chen Feng heard this and said again, "Can't you hear what I said just now? Are you deaf?"


Yan Tian frowned, then put it down, and handed the bag full of fruits to Lu Xuan.

Lu Xuan took the bag and looked at Chen Feng: "This time, no one can save you, wait and beg for mercy! Brother Tiandu is angry!"

Chen Feng glanced at this Lu Xuan, Chen Feng felt that this Lu Xuan, if he was on Earth, would typically be the type of green tea bitch.

In this scene, the instructors and several soldiers in the barracks noticed that they were surprised that Chen Fenggan and Yantian were both challenging, not only them, but also the principals of Jiangzhou No. Principal Zhou of the university, as well as the higher-ups above Wushen University, pay attention to everything here.

This is a trial of human genius.

received a lot of attention.

Not to mention them, even Jiang Shiran's father Jiang Chen, and Jiang Shiran's brother Jiang Ming, are watching the trial scene through electronic screens and through some channels.

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