And never take the initiative to find her.

Just when he took over Chaos, as his eyes shifted, out of the corner of his eyes, he saw that Wang Ying was wearing a purple dress today.

"Is it delicious?" Wang Ying sat on the sofa and turned her head to look at Chen Feng with a smile.

The black and shining eyes are like the big sister next door.

However, she is indeed the eldest sister next door.

It's not easy for Sister Wang to carry the child alone.

Chen Feng said with a smile: "Sister Wang's craftsmanship is getting better and better, it's delicious!"

"Eat more if it's delicious! You're welcome, I'll make it for you tomorrow!"

"No no no, Sister Wang, you still have to bring Xiaoli, so you don't need to prepare it for me."

"It's alright! I'll do it for Xiaoli, and it's not bad for you." Wang Ying smiled: "By the way, don't call me Sister Wang in the future. It's awkward, you can call me Wang Ying!"


"Okay, Miss Wang."

"I said it just now! I have no memory!" Wang Ying gave Chen Feng a white look.

"Wang Ying!"

Chen Feng smiled.

"By the way, the water pipe in my house is broken. You can fix it for me after you eat. You know, I don't have a man in my house, so I'm just familiar with the two people next door."

"no problem!"

Chen Feng assured.

After eating, Chen Feng went to Wang Ying's house.

Wang Ying's house is bigger, with three bedrooms and one living room.

After going in, I saw a little girl doing her homework.

Hearing the sound, Xiaoli turned her head and laughed with two small dimples: "Uncle!"

"Hey, Xiaoli is doing her homework!"

"Well, Uncle Chen, my water pipe is broken again. Mom asked you to fix it, right? It's great to have an uncle. In the past, the lights in the house were broken, and when I moved a table and chairs, Uncle Chen helped me."

Xiaoli smiled sweetly and wisely.

"It's okay, it's all next door. Xiaoli does her homework carefully, and my uncle is going to fix the water pipe."

"Well, okay!" Xiaoli nodded obediently and stuck out her tongue at Chen Feng.

Chen Feng came to the kitchen to take a look.

The kitchen at Wang Ying's house was indeed leaking a bit. Chen Feng helped to fix it, and after tightening it, it stopped leaking.

"Drink some water!" Wang Ying brought a glass of water: "Look at you, you're sweating!"

Wang Ying smiled, took out a towel and wiped Chen Feng's forehead.

A fragrant scent entered his nose. Because Chen Feng was relatively tall, 1.8 meters tall, and Wang Ying was 1.68 meters tall, she stood on tiptoe to wipe Chen Feng's sweat, and her hair was scattered on his ears because of the breeze from the window next to her. The smell made Chen Feng's head dizzy.

But didn't think much of it.

Chen Feng is still relatively simple.

After drinking the water and thanking him, he politely rejected Wang Ying's idea of ​​letting him stay here as a guest.

It is located in Chengnan New District, Qingshui City.

A stalwart building with 33 floors, the door is wide, people come and go, surrounded by guards, with guns in their hands, very strict.

People are not allowed in. unless there is something special.

Chen Feng was riding a bicycle, and an old security guard at the door saw him, his eyes were not very friendly.

After all, Chen Feng came here on a bicycle, and at first glance, he was not a character. The old man glanced at him, too lazy to say a word.

"Hello! I'm here for an interview, can I go in?"

Chen Feng put the bicycle beside him, and then handed over a cigarette.

"Another young man who is not afraid of death!"


The old man looked at the dead man's eyes, he had seen many young people like this. Seeing a cigarette handed over, the old man took it, and his expression softened.

A sympathetic look flashed across his eyes. Although the Demon Suppression Secretary was well-off, not everyone had this fate.

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