Lord of the People: My Troops Have Mutated

Lord of the People: My Troops Have Mutated


525 Chapters Ongoing Status
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Ten thousand worlds collapsed and returned to one world.

All the people came to the primitive continent, became lords, and fought for survival.

At the beginning of the advent, everyone will get an initial territory, recruit troops, and a powerful territory.

“It’s over, I randomly went to the territory of the beast department and can only recruit wolf cubs!”

“I’m almost the same, the undead type, the initial arms small skeleton!”

“What the hell is a machinery factory? How can people live if they are given only a mechanism bird?”

“Haha, you’ve done a good job. I heard that the initial units of the plant system are the worst. Some people randomly get a small sapling, and they have no combat power at all!”

Lin You looked at the news that kept floating by, and then looked at the three big characters [Plant Department] on the information on his territory, and cried.

How does this play?

But gradually, he discovered… the little sapling he recruited would mutate!

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