Machine Storm

Chapter 12: Kepler 22b

With the unexpected surprise of Li Hao, Zhou Naiyi's "stand" can be regarded as a strong one. Apart from their team, Gao Yunfeng's team is still popular. Although the last time's results were poor, it was also a comparison. It is a representative of the level of Tianjing Jiwu, and it is generally believed that he has experienced defeats and accumulated experience.

Of course, with Principal Long's character, eggs are never put in two baskets.

There is an interstellar geography class in the morning.

Li Hao yawned and got rid of three curious babies early in the morning. Men also have a lot of things to do.

It didn't take long for Ma Long to come and sit directly next to Li Hao, "Brother Hao, let's have a deep discussion on yesterday's topic. Let me tell you, here's your chance, Yetong obviously has a good impression of you!"

"Don't talk nonsense, we've known each other before, it's just that old friends meet again, and I'm a little excited."

"What to explain, you are lucky to have a brother like me, I don't know yet, what are you dreaming about? Of course, it's just a little favor. The problem is, what you did back then obviously left her a good impression. Impression, girls, especially beauties, just remember what they care about, otherwise, don't say fake brother, real brother is useless, four brothers in the world, don't blame me for not reminding you, such a beauty, you can't stop it if you don't start It's gone in a month."

Li Hao shook his head.

Ma Long looked anxiously, "You, Musashi, and Zuo Xiaotang are all in trouble, especially you, Musashi is a passive type, suitable for mature women, Zuo Xiaotang is a two-dimensional lover, only you, even me Experts can't figure out the context, but no matter what you like, Yetong is the ceiling of your life, the son-in-law of the Nangong family and the Ye family, wow, I will count on hugging your thighs in the future..."

Li Hao covered Ma Long's mouth, this kind of broken mouth can really squirt anything. Zuo Xiaotang and Musashi both wanted to laugh. Anyway, not to mention Li Hao, I have to talk about the two of them. It would be a waste of eloquence if Ma Long was not a matchmaker.

After getting rid of Malone's entanglement, Li Hao began to doze off. Yesterday, he was really strong enough tossed by Malone. This guy doesn't know where he got so much energy.

Today is Dr. Yan Nan's class. Teacher Yan Nan never calls names and has the best temperament.

"...At present, NUP's total economic volume and technical level are already the first of the Solar System Alliance, but we USE still have the right to speak in many fields, especially the space route rights, including the development rights of several exoplanets, And these are the next steps for the Moon Federation to compete for. From the past history, this situation is often accompanied by war. At present, it is better that ROM's attitude is ambiguous, but they are not for the earth, but just don't want to let the moon It’s the only big one. In recent years, not only the development of NUP, but also the development of ROM should not be underestimated. In terms of background, I am more optimistic about ROM, its superior geographical location, and rich mineral deposits. Of course, the population is one of their shortcomings…” Yan Nan The Doctor took a sip.

"Li Hao!"

"Yes!" Li Hao, who had just fallen asleep, stood up almost completely, the audience burst into laughter, and dozed off in Dr. Yan's class. This was his only share.

"Do you think there is a possibility of a civil war in the Solar System Alliance?" Yan Nan asked. He had an impression of this student, mainly because he was there every time, but there were many cases of dozing off. This time, it was really unbearable.

"Professor Yan, actually, it doesn't matter whether we fight inside the solar system or not. Our main enemy is the outside." Li Hao said.

Yan Nan was slightly taken aback, "Tell me about it."

"We developed Kepler 22b, and the harvest was very rich, but we also encountered an attack from alien creatures for the first time. Those bugs are strange. I think there is a conspiracy. Human beings stepping on Kepler 22b is equivalent to opening Pandora's magic. The biggest threat right now is from the outside.”

Li Hao said that Kepler-22b is the biggest harvest of human interstellar expeditions. Before humans developed the moon, this fertile terrestrial planet was in the minds of many people, and it was finally won by their generation. Kepler was better than expected, but not long after landing, the human advance army almost suffered a devastating blow, and the silicon-based giant swarm emerged from nowhere.

This is a big class, there are more than 200 people, and there is laughter almost as soon as the words fall, especially Li Hao's serious face is even more funny.

Before Yan Nan could speak, someone stood up and said, "Li Hao, I think you are in a daze. Our current technological level is definitely second to none in the Milky Way. It is only a matter of time before we completely occupy the Milky Way. Kepler-22b is for us. The gift of mankind, as for those bugs, they are not our opponents at all, it is only a matter of time before they are wiped out, you are too cowardly."

"That's right, this world belongs to the brave. Outside is the sea of ​​stars and infinite opportunities. What is my effort for, isn't it to realize the value of human beings!"

Everyone talked a lot, and all of a sudden their sense of pride rose. Humans now know what alien civilizations are like, but overall they are still disappointed. If you really want to use the top civilization, you don’t have to wait until now. Where is it?

Is it because of inexplicable fear that you live in a corner? That is waiting to die.

Li Hao's remarks aroused everyone's enthusiasm. After all, this is Tianjing Jiwu, where elites gather.

This is also the mainstream of the entire solar system alliance. Human beings are quite confident in their current strength. Li Hao is not afraid. He also agrees to go out.

Yan Nan smiled slightly and signaled everyone to be quiet, "Li Hao, stay for a while after class, let's continue, put our hearts away, and return to the mecha competition that just ended a while ago. NUP pushed hard, even at the expense of most of the costs, from Now look, they won, but I think it's a good thing, instead of hiding the problem, it's better to throw it out, see yourself, face the challenge,..."

"Brother Hao, you are too cowardly, what is outside? It's an opportunity. I was admitted to the starship department because I hope that one day I can drive my own spaceship and take the crew to conquer the universe. This is every man's dream. Tang, isn't it right!" Malone whispered, "Maybe I can get a fief in Kepler and become a lord, I'm so happy."

"My dream is to see an arths concert, tickets..."

"Okay, look at what you're doing, Musashi, it should be the same."

Musashi glanced at Li Hao, "Brother Hao, what do you think is wrong with my fighting? I've been thinking about it all night, but I still feel that I can't solve it. Is there a flaw in my training method?"

Li Hao touched his nose. How did this happen? Musashi's methods and basics are all very good, but his situation is rather special and there is no analogy, but I can't say this.

"Don't be fooled. Everyone's training methods and styles are different. Your family is professional. If you ask me, it's better to go back and ask your old man."

Musashi nodded. Li Hao might be able to fight, but his pointing was a little off. This required sufficient experience and a high level of vision.

Ma Long was speechless, two fools, nerds, in the age of technology, fighting is useful, that's not the main thing, besides, even if it's a mobile unit, no matter how strong one person is, it's useful.

So he took the starship test. Although the mecha is cool, although it is a hero, it is not affordable. Isn't it handsome to be a captain?

Well, when the time comes, let Manman be his first mate, romantic interstellar travel, life...

ding ding ding...

The bell rang after class, the imagination and passion, everyone was a little unfulfilled, Li Hao was also ready to leave, I didn't expect that Professor Yan Nan still remembered him, and when he clicked, Li Hao could only keep up with it, after all Credit for this course is critical.

In the tutor's lounge next to the classroom.

Yan Nan wiped her glasses and showed a faint smile, "You are young, but you are quite mature. I have read a few of your papers, and there is a strong sense of worry. Is there any reason?"

Li Hao shrugged, "Professor Yan, Kepler 22b, the diameter is 2.4 times that of our earth, the temperature is about 21 degrees, there are seas and forests, a large perfect earth, and several rare elements that are not found on our earth, Even if the solar system is developed, it has not encountered such a perfect place. In the past, the only constraints were the distance of 600 light-years and wormhole technology, but we have just mastered wormhole technology for a few years, and Kepler's flares around the stars are given. The coordinates, let us successfully complete the first wormhole jump, not only that, Kepler is better than we expected, professor, it is all too perfect, the appearance of giant insects is also very strange, and they belong to silicon Life, it's a bit strange, is there something we haven't considered, such as another civilization fishing?"

Yan Nan nodded, "Have you seen the 'Barriers of Interstellar Civilization' I published two years ago?"

"Look, Professor UU reading, I completely agree with this point of view, there may be some kind of space barrier between the star field and the star field, which prevents high civilization from arbitrarily invading low civilization, and wormholes are like fishing rods. In the same way, when we arrived at Kepler, it was also when the human coordinates were opened up, since we have taken this step, we cannot be too optimistic." This is not Li Hao's unfounded worries, but the influence of bleem, because In bleem's dream world, there are many combat trainings about Kepler 22b. Based on the current understanding, bleem is not aimless.

He was deeply impressed by the low-level giant worm-type silicon-based life that could not be called civilization. They were not low-level.

"Actually, there are not a few scientists who hold this view, but Kepler has helped us a lot. I can see some internal data. In other words, it can help us achieve a hundred-year leap in technological transformation. NUP is currently The transformation is the best. The excellent performance of this new weapon is also derived from Kepler's new element K23, which is also called the God element by the material industry. The madness is understandable. You can find any ideas at any time. I communicate."

Professor Yan Nan took a picture of Li Hao. Generally speaking, human beings are in a state of blind optimism and "expansion", which is the mainstream.

Li Hao nodded. If there is an extraterritorial civilization fishing, then the solar system is a fat fish. If not, then human beings are the chosen ones. The video and situation of Kepler 22b are hot spots. Places to go.

If I had to find a suitable word to describe it, it would be - heaven.

(The new book is on the way, my friends, please make a small collection, ps: All the scientific theories in the book are basically nonsense.)

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