Machine Storm

Chapter 24: our time

Whether it is Mars or the live broadcast room on Earth, it is quiet, obviously it has been stunned by the puppet's play.

The armored dragon fighter looked at the front at an angle of forty-five degrees, and stepped on the sparkling Sirius fighter. At this moment, Zhuang Zhou and the others felt their hearts were hot.

This is what they are infinitely longing for, the domineering they should have as the earth and as the origin of mankind.

Puppet wins!

"Brothers, cheers for the puppet god, he can realize everything we can imagine!" Zhuang Zhou roared with open arms, too handsome, too cool, too cool, this is the way he can only feel but can't imagine victory.

Most of Zhuang Zhou's live broadcast rooms are virtual players. At this moment, they have been completely ignited. The battle is very fast, and it feels that there is no technical content, but it is very cool, and I can't tell where it is.

"I can assert that the puppet **** is a human being from the earth. I will sell the reason first, and there will be a detailed explanation. I want to say here that although Torres is not well-known, he is very powerful. He is a strong representative of the new generation of ROM, and recently He has won thirty-five consecutive victories, but he has met our puppet god, to put it simply, at this level, it is not worthy of our puppet **** to use a knife and solve it empty-handed, please let me shout - awesome!"

Zhuang Zhou roared loudly and released it to his heart's content. Although it was the first time, he fell in love with this kind of public expression, especially the countless supporters on the barrage.

If Zhuang Zhou in the past was only alive, even if he was admitted to the Tianjing Jiwu Journalism Department, his parents would be happy.

Looking at the barrage of puppet gods and praises to himself, Zhuang Zhou felt that he was no longer an unidentifiable passer-by, but truly felt the meaning of existence.

On the South American side, Robbie could not see the frustration of defeat at all, with a smile on the corner of his mouth. The second brother is the second brother. He thought that time and mecha would limit his skills, but now it seems that he is overthinking it, second brother As soon as I came up, I recognized myself, that was to play with myself, I really had to do it...

Robbie shuddered when he thought of his second brother's past.

This Martian kid probably doesn't know that Li Hao is their ancestor. The reason for this way of handling it is because of what happened back then. Martians have double-edged swords, neutrality and sneak attacks. This is what they hate most.

Huo Nan's live broadcast room was also in chaos. The loss was inexplicable. Obviously, Torres was too careless. What is this, and the opponent's luck was too good and disgusting. It was super unpleasant for this guy to pretend to be successful.

Huo Nan also scolded inwardly, what the **** is this, the information given by the assistant said that this Torres is very fierce, what this strong one is holding, it is simply **** without hair, not as good as the previous Robbie, shame and hair loss Yes, but his expression is still steady and calm. As an anchor, he knows very well how to deal with such a situation, so don't be in a hurry!

Live broadcast crisis?


The lore shot is given.

As the armor dragon retreated, he kicked it out, kicked directly on the claws that were popped out by Sirius, and bounced back and inserted it into his head.

This Nima is also unlucky enough.

Huo Nan scolded stinky **** luck in his heart, "Torres's luck is too bad, he is still young, failure will make him improve, but, what I want to say here is that the puppet is quite unqualified, he treats us badly. ROM fighters are discriminatory, there are many ways to kill the final decisive victory, but he used the most insulting stampede, here, I call on the Martian warrior to come out and defeat him, I, the fire man, will always be here, with this man Never die!"

Huo Nan's live broadcast room was suddenly filled with various gifts, and the number of followers was also rising. I have to say that he hit a considerable number of Martians at once. Is Torres important?

It doesn't matter, but he is a Martian. Martians have the best face in the entire solar system. Let's put it this way, most Martians think that Mars is the center of the universe.

Huo Nan's hand directly makes people ignore everything in front of him. It doesn't matter who wins or loses. He looks down on Martians?

Can such a person still live in EMP?

On the other side, the puppet has already kicked off the opponent. This is a normal operation, but after such a foreshadowing by the fire man, it becomes particularly dazzling in the eyes of the Martian.

The Huo Nan live broadcast room entered the break time, and the Huo Nan lit a cigarette and crossed Erlang's legs. Just now, the five-minute reward exceeded a week's income, and the popularity soared to more than 2.8 million. This is definitely an unexpected gain. He's going to keep targeting!

In the team training hall of the Cougar A-level military academy, Robbie's team members are having a heated discussion. Everyone was training, but when they heard that the captain was defeated, they all came out. I didn't expect this game to be so easy to win. Everyone is happy It's fun, but a bit not too enjoyable, or Robbie's battle in the front is relatively cool, Yan Feihui is really cool compared to the reverse Yan Feihui.

"Boss, is Torres so weak?" Several of Robbie's team members were also there. They were worried that Robbie would be in a bad mood if he lost, but now Robbie seems very happy.

Robbie shook his head, "This Torres is not weak at all. With us, as a rookie, he can probably challenge Nighteye."

Everyone was stunned and felt that it was impossible. Yetong was mainly cultivated by the Nangong family and the Ye family. The new king was scheduled to be this year, but I didn't expect that she would go to Tianjing Jiwu. Her level can be the best at USE, in fact, she can go to NUP for further study, her style is more suitable for NUP, and then bring back the most advanced fighting concept.

"Is there? I feel that this person is sometimes serious, sometimes very big, but luck is really good, the rebounding titanium claws actually stuck into him."

"Loss, how many EMP games have you played?"

"More than 5,000 games, what's wrong?" Ross looked confused.

"Why have you seen such a coincidence?" Robbie said, knocking the other party's head, "Mecha melee combat, what's the most important?"

"A lot, speed, proficiency, mecha countermeasures, stamina..."

Robbie shook his head, "It's the sense of distance, which is also the biggest feeling I have when playing with the NUP people. The light mecha has achieved the ultimate in this aspect, which caused us to consume a lot of physical strength in the battle, but in fact we couldn't fight enough at all. repression.”

Everyone frowned, half understanding, half understanding, distance control must be important, but this is caused by many factors such as speed and agility, and obviously that is not what Robbie said.

What he is talking about is a pure sense of distance, based on "seeing through" the opponent. This is where the second brother is terrifying.

If the second brother was there back then, they might not dare to do it at all.

"This kind of distance control is actually a necessary training for masters in combat, but when it is applied to mecha battles, there are very few people who can do it."

Robbie said that distance control is the real place to show a pilot's enthusiasm. This requires enough experience and talent to form a sense of distance. The pre-judgment of that step back is completely the limit of Sirius' attack, and what he didn't say is, The angle of that kick is the key to the reversal.

This shows that it is not only to see through, but also to be very familiar with the Sirius fighter, to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the size of the two mechas, joint torque, etc. It is not a habitual judgment formed by on-the-spot calculation, and it must be formed with sufficient proficiency.

He didn't say this, because even he couldn't do it.

"Brothers, don't look at it, practice, S11 is definitely the era of our USE, our era, UU reading can't be left behind!"

After S10, Robbie is pessimistic in his bones, let alone NUP, ROM is full of talents, the average level of the earth is not bad, but it has fallen behind in the top training, there is no NUP's high technology, no ROM is ruthless, even In terms of talent, the Titans have begun to show their prowess. S11 blocks NUP?

What to hold back, take Mao?

Even if it is blocked, it is probably ROM. There are a few masters in the whole USE, but they are not enough to lead the crowd. Anyway, Robbie is not convinced by the others.

But now it's different. Since the second brother is out of the mountain, how can he lose face? By the way, those few... Forget it, there is no need to remind them, they will see it sooner or later.

Practice and practice!

Li Hao rested for a while, ready to continue fighting, suddenly glanced at the account in the upper left corner, his eyes suddenly enlarged...


Why do you have 2,500 yuan in your EMP account? ? ?


And such a good thing, someone sent money?

When he opened it, it turned out that he had accepted the paid challenge, and he would get half of the challenge fee. Suddenly, Li Hao felt that he had missed several million, and deeply reflected on his arrogance.

ding dong ding dong ding dong...

The voice that I used to hate and didn't know how to turn off suddenly became pleasant to the ear.

Li Hao screened the challengers, arranged them according to their scores, and chose the top one.

Battle 3: Puppet vs Dark DJ (ROM)

As soon as he accepted the challenge, the other party spoke directly on the public channel:

"Puppet, do you dare to fight me in the Martian cave? If you don't dare, forget about it. Be humble in the future, don't be too self-righteous, the world is big, you are very small!"

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