Machine Storm

Chapter 28: ouch

He stretched out his hand and hung A Youyou on the mecha in three steps and two steps. He quickly returned the mecha to its original position in a silent state, and closed the hatch and engine.

At this moment, the door opened, and the light of the flashlight was strafing everywhere. It was the patrolman of the warehouse.

"Hey, could it be an illusion? I heard a sound just now, strange."

"It's probably a rat. Whoever runs here at night can't possibly steal the mecha? Let's go, let's go."

"Yes, this is Tianjing Jiwu."

The two patrolmen walked away with a smile, but the two who were hiding in the mecha were afraid to breathe.

After waiting for a while, it was confirmed that the patrolman had left the two and came out of the mecha, and went back to the original way. Of course, Li Hao wanted to send Ayouyou back. This time, there was obviously a little change on the way back.

"Senior, I seem to have done the most daring thing in my life." Ayouyou said with a slight smile, "Thank you, senior, today is the most special night, and I will always remember it."

Not only thanks for this, but also for Li Hao's courtesy. Although there have been many close contacts, Li Hao is very attentive.

"This is also my happiest night, and life is quite interesting." Li Hao said with a heartfelt smile.

Maybe Li Hao's words were so weird that Ayouyou couldn't help laughing, "Senior, can we take a picture together, the moon today is beautiful."

Ayouyou looked at the night sky and said, although the two deliberately walked slowly and could not even feel the other students coming and going, the destination was still in front of you.


Li Hao and A Youyou stood on the side with their backs to the moon, A Youyou turned on Tianxun, and the automatic imaging mode popped up, 3...2...

The two were just standing together, but suddenly, A Youyou gently took Li Hao's arm.


The light flashed.

A Youyou released Li Hao's arm, "Senior, goodbye."

A Youyou, who was walking towards the girls' dormitory, waved his arms at Li Hao, and Li Hao also waved his hand, watching A Youyou disappear at the end of his sight.

On the way back to the dormitory, Li Hao was also a little excited. He likes A Youyou, but how can he chase him?

As soon as he arrived at the dormitory, Li Hao immediately called Ma Long's Sky News, and answered him after a few rings.

"Brother Hao, what's going on at night, you can easily delay my exercise at this point, haha."

"Ma Long, cough, I want to ask you something."

The opposite Ma Long suddenly became energetic, "Damn it, isn't it, Brother Hao, you are enlightened, why, who do you want to chase, Yetong or Zhou Naiyi, you are right to ask, in this regard, I Ma Long say the first Two, no one dares to be number one."

"No, what nonsense are you talking about? I just met a schoolgirl today. How should I put it... It's love at first sight. How can I ask her tomorrow without being abrupt?"

"Brother Hao, first of all, there is nothing abrupt or unobtrusive about liking a person. You should talk about what happened first, what the other person is like, what kind of personality..." Ma Long is quite positive, and Mr. Ma still likes to impart knowledge very much. .

Li Hao briefly explained what happened. Of course, what should be ignored should be ignored.

"I'm going, Brother Hao, you can really make me die. You have at least 20 chances to kill this way, my God, where can I find such conditions, and they haven't rejected you, as a man, you You have to take the initiative to get closer, otherwise, as soon as that feeling disappears, girls will regard you as a friend, or a 'good person', then you will be completely gameover!" Ma Long hates that iron is not steel, "Anyway, he has been with me for a year. I didn't learn anything at all!"

Li Hao hesitated a bit, "It's not good, this is the first time we met."

"Love is not a marathon, it's a feeling, it's a taste, it's a moment of trembling, understand?"

Li Hao...I don't quite understand it, but I seem to understand, "If she refuses, it's not a chance at all."

"I'll go, listen carefully, this is the truth summed up by Teacher Ma, I won't spread it if I'm not my own, first of all, that girl must have a good impression of you, what is rejection, a girl shows coldness or indifference when you approach Disgust, that is rejection, very serious to tell you no, no, that is really no, if you don’t resist, or shyly say no, no, etc., all, OK! Ok! Quick!”

Malone is a sigh of relief. There are very few opportunities for this kind of stimulation. Although Li Hao praises girls like flowers, Ma Long does not think that the whole Tianjing Jiwu goes up to the seniors, down to the juniors, where is there? Such a person can only say that there is Xi Shi in the eyes of the lover.

The name Ayouyou... It doesn't sound like the name of a Tianjing.

"Then I'll invite her to dinner tomorrow?"

"Okay, since she's an exchange student, take her to a special place in Tianjin, remember not to stay in one place for more than an hour and a half, change a few places, eat, drink coffee, watch movies, Genting Center, Anyway, you have to leave enough memories, and don't be stupid, you must take the initiative to close the distance, of course, it is not a bird's big bite, that is a beast, but to show your love." Ma Long said with a beaming expression, Li Hao Hearing frequent nods.

Ruzi can be taught.

"Do it well, and remember to report the results tomorrow. By the way, feel free to ask me if there is anything you don't understand. Director Ma is here, no surprise!"

Li Hao was lying on the bed and looking at the ceiling. It was easy for Ma Long to say it, but what should he say.

After thinking about it for almost an hour, I sent a message: Ayouyou, do you want to go shopping together tomorrow?

Ding dong.

A photo was taken by Li Hao and A Youyou just now. A Youyou in the photo is so beautiful and pure, and the whole person has a "taste" that particularly attracts him.

"Senior, I have plans for tomorrow. I'm busy in the last few days. I'm sorry. I'll give you the information when I have time, okay?"

"Okay, no problem." Li Hao replied happily.

At this time, two entire floors located on the 69th and 70th floors of Tianjing Genting Center were packaged by mysterious customers.

The only presidential suite on the 70th floor, where you can enjoy a 360-degree night view of the entire Tianjing. A figure surreptitiously opened the room, and as soon as he reached his head, he found a person standing at the door.

"Ayouyou!" There was anxiety and a little anger in the woman's voice.

Ayouyou stuck out her tongue, "Auntie, I know I'm wrong, let's not take this as an example. I'm here for work and looking for inspiration!"

"You don't look at the time, and why did you mute Sky News? I almost called Long Danni!" Su Yu said, looking at A Youyou who was unconscious.

"I'm such an adult, and my makeup is flawless, no one can see it, don't worry, I really found inspiration, I've finished most of that dance, and I'll show you the dance later." Ayouyou pulled Su Yu It is said that the unfavorable act of coquettishness began.

"You can have some snacks, you will be scared to death sooner or later, Tianjing Jiwu can't go anymore, I will tell Principal Long, you also know that your family is against your current career, if anything happens, I will Can't stop it."

"I know, Auntie is the best." Ayouyou smiled and said, "Auntie, come here, or else, how about we hold a small special fan meeting in Tianjin?"

Ayouyou is a nickname, only the family knows that the girl in front of her is the arths. She came to earth to find inspiration for her new album MV. Since the Jiwu Competition, she has been improving, but it is always a little bit worse. Feel.

"I mentioned before, aren't you not interested?" Su Yu asked cautiously.

"I'm not very interested, but my aunt is so good to me, I think I should think more about you, and I will trouble Principal Long this time." Ayouyou said.

Su Yu nodded with a knowing smile on his face, "You have finally grown up, let me make a plan, the number of people is limited to 5,000, but it is impossible to only give it to Tianjing, the Asian region is the main one, and it will definitely let everyone If you have a broken head, give Long Danni two tickets to repay her favor."

"Then can I continue to look for feelings in Tianjing, the oldest place of origin of human beings here is really different..."

"Don't even think about it, someone will follow you wherever you go, and your makeup, you think it won't look good if you paint it like You have a charm that can't be concealed by makeup. As long as the genes are dominant and sensitive, they will still notice, don't make trouble!" There is no discussion on this point, Su Yu is the economic man of arths and the chairman of the brokerage company. To put it bluntly, this company is prepared for arths. , In particular, the old man was originally against it, but the arths always had a way to do it, so it was difficult, but if there was something that the old man was not satisfied with, he still had to go home and inherit the family business.

Sitting in front of the mirror, A Youyou was wiping off her makeup. The slightly gray skin became as white as jade, the freckles on her face disappeared, and her slightly bulging forehead was smooth and smooth...

"Let's rest early, there is still a schedule for tomorrow." Su Yu left after making sure that A Youyou had nothing to do.

After removing her makeup, washing her hair, and drying her hair, A Youyou sat on the sofa and looked at the night scene outside, and couldn't help but smile.

What a silly senior, but when she rushed down to save herself, she was really handsome and warm. If it was arths, she believed that many people would do this, but she was just Ayouyou at that time, and at most she was an ugly Ayouyou .

But this must not be known to my aunt, it would be a big deal.

Even if it was a small meeting, it would take ten days and a half for a month, so I always had a chance to sneak out.

Ayouyou's routine is very regular, but she couldn't sleep tonight, so she opened Tianxun and called her cousin.

"Ayouyou, how is Tianjing? It's beautiful, I haven't been there yet." Tita on the other side of Tianxun obviously had a white towel hanging on her body after finishing training and taking a shower. sexy.

"Sister Tita, I am moved by your figure."

(It's five in the morning.)

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